Wednesday, 3 September 2008

My sketchbook cover

Front cover of my sketchbook - I used a heavy textured craft paper which I painted with acrylics. After the paint had dried, I used a hand made stamp with "pebble" images printed on top

On the back of my book cover I used a printing block with a large "dotty" pattern to add texture to the acrylics

The sketchbook I have been working on over the summer is on a Cornish theme. I live in St. Ives, Cornwall and I love the light and colour of the sea here. I also love the fishing boats in the harbour, seaweed and pebbles. I use a lot of found objects in my work - pebbles, shells, bits of seaweed, feathers and things from nature. Pebbles are a recurring theme for me. The workshop suited my theme as there is a lot of blue, grey and silver coming out in my work at the moment

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