Tuesday, 18 November 2008

My artistic journey

I haven't blogged for a while because in September I started College studying Art & Design. I intended sharing my artwork and my journey through College here on the blog but in practice I was so busy keeping up with the work that the blog went out the window!

I have recently had to give up College for personal reasons, so I am continuing my studies at home. I was bereft and heartbroken at first, but I have now had time to reflect. There was an awful lot of time-wasting on the course, which I found very frustrating, and I realised I actually do work better at home where I am not distracted and can work quietly and efficiently. I am really focused, highly motivated and hard working and don't really need College as an impetus

So, my studies are leading me on an artistic journey and also a journey of personal discovery. I have already learnt so much about myself and my priorities have changed completely. Home and family come first! I shall finish off the few jobs remaining after our major renovation of the cottage and concentrate on working in my sketchbooks over the next year. I have loads of ideas that must come out of me and may lead to an exhibition of my work in 2010, which is very exciting!

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