Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Christmas Crow Day

I spent the morning painting/stamping all these papers for my stash which I will use as backgrounds for my sketchbook, cards, tags, etc.

[Click on the pictures to see the papers better!]

Christmas Crow Day
My friend Jo and I have "Christmas Crow Day" once a month or so. We get together and "play" with our fabrics, threads, paints, embellisher, stitch, etc., try new things or just have fun making things we wouldn't make at home. We used to call it "professional development" but this changed to "Crow Day" after we had lots of fun making and dressing the crows from "Cloth Paper Scissors" last year

When we got together at Christmas for a pressie swapping day, we both came up with the idea of making things for Christmas at our "Crow Day" and so our day is now known as "Christmas Crow Day". Jo gave me "The Christmas Book" and it's our bible for our days together. We pick a project and plan to make gifts, cards, tags, wrapping paper etc. all through the year instead of leaving it till November and finding it's way too late to make it all in time for Christmas!


Anneli/Bockfilz said...

What a splendid idea getting things made for Xmas once a month, playful and without pressure - wish I could join you!

I like the seaweed project a lot, can imagine it could turn out beautifully ...

Judy Scott said...

I love the idea of getting together and playing ~ you sound like you have fun:) Your papers are fabulous and so vibrant ~ I love to paint papers too somehow mine always end up turquoise though, Judy x

konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

This sounds lovely - great planning ahead too!
I love collecting papers and have colour folders which I look through often. These days I don't seem to use many though! LOL, Connie.

Amy said...

wow, those are some fabulous paper' em' so much!