Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Gardening Monday

Today I’ve been gardening in the misty Cornish drizzle. I love “Gardening Monday”. Rummaging around in the soil and leaves is good for the soul. I love it when I find new things growing and plants I’d forgotten about. We have a cottage garden with a “woody” area at the bottom, this week we got to the woody area, cleared brambles and pruned roses (my sister told me this should have been done in the autumn, but better late than never!). I am trying to teach myself about the plants in my garden, their natural cycle and keeping a garden diary of what I should do and when. Blogging about it here helps me to keep on track with it …

My favourite winter flowers are white. I especially love snowdrops and hellebores


konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

Lovely to hear of your weekend. I love hellebores too and have a few but they are only just showing green through the soil.
The photos are delightful, Connie.

Judy Scott said...

what a fun time you had up north, the autograph is a lovely idea:) Where is your nearest airport for flying ~ I would love to visit Cornwall but the drive is soooooo long from here.
I love the idea of gardening Monday and you rummaging around in the undergrowth searching for precious 'treasure' ~ hellebores are my favs too. I dont rummage in my garden very often either and I think I missed the autumn clean up with all the excitement of Oz, dont think it will happen today ~ too cold and frosty, anyway you have a good day ~ Judy x