Saturday, 3 January 2009

Gifts from the Pink Fairy

I was very lucky to receive some gorgeous gifts for Christmas. These are just a few of the lovely pressies I got from my friend Jo. One of them was a voucher for Ceramica in St. Ives - a new studio where you can go along and paint your own ceramics. Jo got a voucher as well, so we are going on Wednesday to paint or stamp our marks on some ceramic pieces. I think I shall choose something so that I can use my fairy rubber stamp and some nice red paint

Marshmallow Sweets

I also got The Christmas Book (by Sheherazade Goldsmith). It's a lovely book, full of gorgeous pictures and fab ideas for recycling and making hand made Christmas goodies from natural materials. I plan to work through it during the year and make Christmas stuff once a month and I'm looking forward to making the marshmallow sweeties (top right)

This is my friend Jo dressed as The Pink Fairy with Father Christmas outside The Glass Tree, Fore Street, St. Ives. She was helping Santa in his grotto that day!

As if by magic, it started snowing in St. Ives too
(thanks to the snow machine!)

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