Monday, 23 February 2009


It's nice to get away for a little while, but it's always lovely to come home again. I miss my "homey" things around me like carpets, sleeping in my own bed and a "proper" cup of strong tea!!! Since we've been back I've noticed the evenings are staying lighter and there is a definite spring-like feel in the air

We managed "Gardening Monday" this morning - hubby sorted out the wood shed and I planted two dozen freesia bulbs and had a good tidy up. The blackbirds are slowly returning to the garden again. They always get "the hump"when we go away, but hopefully they will come around and forgive us for neglecting them for a week (lol) - I hope to see a few more of them back in the garden soon

In the background, I have had a necessary, and long overdue, major overhaul of my work space. I was thinking about it while I was away, and realised that the reason I haven't been getting on too well lately and dithering about is because I spend so long hunting for the thing I need that by the time I've found it I've run out of stitching time for that day. I juggle so many other things in the background that my precious stitching time is wasted and it's all my own fault! It will be a couple more days of sorting (yes, it was that bad!) but then I hope to be more organised and productive!

I've been posting a few more textile samples on my other blog and I'm nearing the end of that project. I will post more on there tomorrow and will be showing the finished piece - an embroidered bag - this week


Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Red! Glad you are content being back at home. I agree one of the first things I look forwad to upon arriving back home from a trip is a good, strong "proper" cup of coffee! Ahhhhh the simple things in life - isn't it wonderful to take such pleasure in them.

This is a lovely little stitched piece here. What is its destiny?

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Dear Caroline, I'm trying to post a comment on your other blog but for some reason it doesn't work out today. Just wanted to say that those flowers look fantastic: such beautiful stitches, colours, threads ...! Magnificent!


Hi Cleveland and Anneli - Nice to hear from you both!

I think I've corrected the problem with the comment thingy on the other blog, I deleted the word verification doo-dah and it seems to work ok now - Carolyn

Kayla coo said...

You would be shocked at how messy my threads are!
You are quite right re having a creative outlet...Blogs are great for us.
I too have never managed the college thing, I have always wanted to but have never had the finance to.
Hope you had a lovely holiday.
Michala x

Gunnels blog said...

Oh, you have spring there!

Hens Teeth said...

A good cathartic clear out and tidy up really does do you the world of good.
Your holiday pics are really lovely, glad you had a good rest. Looking forward to more of your stunning posts.

Judy Scott said...

Hi Carolyn ~ spring is in the air here too cause Ive started clearing spaces and cleaning and I have a couple of little crocus coming through too :) Hope you get back to creating soon, love the little sample at the bottom. Good to have you back ~ Judy xx


Hi Michala, Gunnel, Viv and Judy - thank you all for your super comments

Yes, the clear-up has helped me to feel more in control and I now have some space on my desk!!

Hope you all have very happy weekends whatever you are up to!
:o) xx