Friday, 27 February 2009

Think Pink!

Today I'm thinking pink for "A Year of Colour" group

Pink, to me, means hearts, beautiful flowers such as my favourite roses, peonies, freesias, pink overblown double tulips and thrift which grows on the cliff tops here in Cornwall. I had pink roses and pink freesias in my wedding bouquet and it was so pretty

As I put these few photos together I was reminded of how there are so many shades of pink - all beautiful

Cornish Thrift

On my last Crow Day with Jo I made some tea light holders from jam jars decorated with paper, fabric and sequins. These ones had a Valentine's Day theme

This started out as a Bonne Maman jam jar which I decorated with tissue paper, squares of silk fabric, gold threads and Indian sequin motifs!

Jo made this pretty angel for me for Christmas 2007
The box and paper was pretty pink too!

My pink/silver embroidered bag - blogged here

Pink peonies on the front of my little book of special dates

The front cover of one of my inspiration books - inside it's full of beautiful PINK images I have collected from magazines

I thought this one might put a smile on your face. My teddy is called "Johnny" and I've had him since I was a baby! He was pink and fluffy once, now he is completely threadbare

The photo was taken where we used to live. I washed Johnny and my white teddy in the washing machine and hung him up by the ears to drip dry - he didn't look too happy about it :o(

Well, would you?

The white teddy was a ted I had in my pram as a baby and I count myself lucky that I still have these two lil treasures!

This is the band of silk flowers I wore in my hair on my wedding day

Here I was so happy on my wedding day to be marrying my gorgeous husband. I sewed the little pink rosebuds on my wedding dress

It was my Mum & Dad's wedding anniversary on 20th February. Sadly, they were not able to celebrate it at home this year. On 21st January they went on holiday to Cyprus and few days into their holiday my Dad had a couple of bad falls and was in hospital in Paphos for five weeks. He was too unwell to fly home until this week and we were all beside ourselves with worry!! He loves my Mum so much and their wedding anniversary is very important to them, he so much wanted to be home. I couldn't write this before because I was too upset. This weekend, the whole family is getting together for a party to celebrate their homecoming and their 49th wedding anniversary

I'd like to post here a really old picture of me with my Dad that I love. I have a particular one in mind but I don't have a copy, so I will ask Mum for it this weekend and add it on later

I hope you all have very happy creative weekends too! x


Well, here is the photo I mentioned and I found another taken at the same time, around 1964, when I was two years old!

Mum made my dress which had all different coloured buttons down the front!!


Clevelandgirlie said...

I love pink - all shades of pink. And you look absolutely lovely in your dress with your headband in your soft curls.

Julie said...

What a beautiful bride! I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad but glad to hear that he's home. Have a lovely family gathering this weekend.

I hope the teddies have recovered from their ordeal :)

Jo McIntosh said...

Carolyn you looked so beautiful on your wedding day and so happy.

Not surprised your teddies don't look happy, fancy hanging them up by their ears!

Judy Scott said...

oh wow what a wonderful collection of photos here, Ive not been at the computer for over a week so Im catching up on all your news and so sorry to hear about your Dad ~ Ive read that hes recovering slowly in your latest post so do hope that hell get back to his old self soon. You look so lovely in your wedding photo and I love your fav flowers too I love the bit about the thrift on the cliff tops ~ makes me want to come to Cornwall even more.

Your teddy's made me smile too ~ hope you have a wonderful week ~ Judy xxx

Dottie said...

Hi Carolyn... I made your mosaic Monday collage my background for screen on computer... it is so pretty and colorful!!!! How are you doing?... Your pics are so sweet!!!!Dottie from Dotts Corner