Sunday, 8 March 2009

Mixed media fabric and paper collage

Getting the old photographs out at Mum & Dad's last week inspired this small mixed media fabric and paper collage. I stitched it on calico with silver scrim, vintage lace, buttons and bows. I don't usually like a lot of bows in my work but this one represents the fact that I was born above a dress shop called "Buttons and Bows"

Mum made the dress, she told me it was dark grey with the buttons down the front all different colours. The light brown buttons were from the actual dress and I had them from Mum's button tin. I stitched the whole thing in silver metallic thread and I added black ivy seed heads because I really love the shape and colour!

I enjoyed stitching this so much I have a new ongoing project to do more collages from my family photos, all on calico. When I've got a collection of them I will make a calico journal and stitch them all in

ps. Thanks for your kind comments about Mum and Dad here and in emails/flickr messages. They are glad to be home and very slowly getting over their ordeal. Dad is slowly recovering physically and finding it frustrating not being able to get about, but all being well he will heal given time - thank you!


Judy Scott said...

what a wonderful collage and what a fabulous place to be born over ~ your were meant to sew :) and what a wonderful relief for you ~ its so distressing when someone you love is so poorly ~ sending a big hug ~ Judy x

Julie said...

How lovely to still have the buttons from your dress. Your collage is a beautiful tribute to your memories and your lovely parents. I'm glad you Dad is making progress. If he's getting frustrated that's a good sign. I think it's a great idea to make more photo collages.

Thank you for the lovely comments you left about my flower pages :o)

Kayla coo said...

A lovely family heirloom.

Feltbug said...

This is so beautiful and such a great story about your birthplace. I was 2 in 1964 and my mum made all my clothes!

Fiona Whitehead said...

Wow - this is gorgeous - I'm hopeless with using fabrics - wish I could learn to use them more

Gunnels blog said...

This collage is so wonderful ! Ireally like it!

Lynne said...

Love that collage. I recently tried to do something similar with some black and white photos - didn't quite work out. That's lovely to have something so personal.

Things Hand Made said...

Did you transfer the photo onto cloth? I want to do that but don't have an inkjet printer. Any ideas?

CAROLYN said...

Hi, thanks for all your comments

Things Hand Made - I use many different methods of photo transfer but in this case I printed the photo onto vellum and stitched it to calico with silver thread

Hope you all have creative weekends!
Carolyn :o)