Friday, 24 April 2009

Butterfly Inchies

Yesterday I was really pleased because "Mr X Stitch" featured my textile work on his website! It's a really nice article with pictures:

The Cutting & Stitching Edge - Carolyn Saxby

or go to Mr X Stitch to see the work of lots of other talented artists

There is also a link to my textile work:

If you visit me there on Saturday I will be posting a tutorial on how I make beads from painted Tyvek and metallic threads

Meanwhile, I took a teensy break from the paperwork to make these little butterflies for this weeks inchy challenge. I made them from painted kitchen paper, with shimmering twinkling paints and more copper metallic dust on little tags that I distressed with ink. I added little snippets of butterfly related text printed on tissue paper

My "inchy" is bottom right

The text came from a book of English idioms

Have a good weekend whatever you are doing and
if you are interested and get a moment pop by my
bead tutorial tomorrow - bye for now


daisy said...

Delightful work & a fab inchie.

meplusmolly said...

Beautiful work! love the piece about you and your work on MrXStitch too!
thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog as well.
have a lovely weekend ;0 x

Sarah said...

I am so glad Jamie featured you, as that's how I found you. Your work is SO inspirational to someone like me who is just dipping her toe in the fabric & fibre world

I'm thoroughly enjoying digesting both your blogs

Clevelandgirlie said...

Love these sweet little butterflies. And how funny - I've been making tyvek beads for the last two days. In fact, I was going to send you a note about it and ask you if you've ever made some!!! I wanted to share it with you. You beat me to it! I like the idea of wrapping them with thread. I just heat the tyvek and then paint with Lumiere metallic paint and spray varnish. I was wondering what else I could do to them - metallic threads would be cool.
Off to visit Mr. XStitch!

Fiona Whitehead said...

Oh my they are just so beautiful - so delicate - just like the real thing - and I have butteflies in my stomach as I have an audition coming up soon.


Thank you so much Daisy, Kirsty and Fiona :o)

Hi Cathie - I have Tyvek beads on the other blog and on flickr. They attracted a bit of interest and several queries as to how they were made so I said I would do a little "show you how" when I got a moment. Thought I'd better do it before I forget!!

Welcome Sarah! Nice to see you here and glad you found me through Jamie :o)

Carolyn x

Irish3 said...

Pretty! All the little touches add up to a very cool inchie!

Kayla coo said...

The beads and butterflies look great,and well done for your article, I just popped over.x

Julie said...

Very pretty butterflies, Carolyn. Congratulations on the Article with Mr X Stitch, it reads well. I'm sure it will increase the traffic to your blog too. I shall be looking in on your tute tomorrow.

freebird said...

Nice inchie and tags. I bought some Tyvek and have never used it. Guess it scares me a bit - unknown material and all that. Hopefully I can remember to see what you do on Saturday to make your beads.

Michael House said...

Lovely write up of your beautiful work, and well deserved.

missy k said...

Well done you! I really enjoyed your article. I am looking forward to the tutorial tomorrow! I shall book my seat:) I LOVE your butterflies... they are all so pretty - could you do a mini tutorial on how you made them with the kitchen paper please:)? Hope you have a lovely weekend too..... Karen

Art Space Gallery said...

Congratulations on being featured on MrXStitch. Love the butterflies!

Carol said...

Great write up on MrXStitch Carolyn
Love the tags :)

Lesley said...

beautiful work xx

Amy said...

So CUTE..Love the butterflies you have created!

Jane said...

so cute!I love your art!your blog is very good.sweet butterflies.
happy day