Monday, 20 April 2009

Mosaic Monday and A Year of Colour

Do you have dots before the eyes?
Can you "spot" the theme of my mosaic today?

A few dotty birds and seagulls

Created with fd's Flickr Toys for Mosaic Monday and A Year of Colour flickr group and blog

The theme for April is polka dots!

I love seagulls, honestly I do, but I'm not best pleased with them at the moment. The ones on next door's roof are being extra-territorial just now and dive bombing my washing line every time we go out in the garden ..... and they pooped in my peg bag big time!!!


libbyquilter said...

oh my~!~sorry about the sea gulls. sounds like quite the problem. i've never been around them much but my husband was raised in a more coastal area and has memories of them diving into the school yard and stealing bits of kids school lunches~!~ quite bold, i guess.

love the "dotty" theme~!~especially the dotty feathers~!!~


Gina said...

All the dotty pictures are beautiful and the dotty feathers are just gorgeous.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Eweeeeew Seagull Poop. We lived on the Florida coast for 20 years and had our fair share of seagull and pelican (which is huge!) poop.
Love your little mosaic - I've always loved polkadots as a little girl, and even now. They always catch my attention. My favorite - batik polkadots.
Have a great week. I'll be e-mailing you.

Jackie said...

I was commenting on your previous post while you were commenting on mine. I tried to e mail you but you are a 'no reply'.Thanks anyway.

Julie said...

OOOee! Seagull poop definitely a yuck! My daughter used to call them the Ploppers! lol

The mosaic is lovely and thank you, I've been playing with the Mosaic Maker. It's great fun and much better than Picasa for mosaics.

Jackie said...

This is the only way i can reply nbut here's a link to the way to do it if you want to.

missy k said...


Gorgeous mosaic, I love your birds and I love the polka dots too.... the feathers are stunning - but I wouldn't like the poop in my peg tin! Why do birds always wait till you've cleaned the car as well to 'hit' it?

I have to add - I love birds - we've had loads in the garden in the last few weeks, robins, thrushes (my favourite), blackbirds and even a long tailed tit... I love to see them busying around.

Ps I revealed my dob on my blog entry after yours.. last day of the year.....1962 - good guess!


Art Space Gallery said...

Sympathies re the seagulls - love the dots and spots though and the Guinea fowl? feathers.

missy k said...

Good vintage that year then!


Amy said...

I love all the bird's and black with cool. I am following you now-LOL! I like your is nice to visit and see the picture's! Here, where I live is drab..drab..until finally the sun comes out!

A bird in the hand said...

Watch the birdie?

We have seagulls too, masses of them. They come far inland from Lake Ontario. Some people feed them and guess what happens? I sympathize!

Jackie said...

I think thats the answer. Why don't you set up a seperate e mail for blog comments?

Judy Scott said...

beautiful mosaic :)ahhhh birds and polka dots just perfect ~ hope youre having a fab week ~ Judy xxx

Lisa Cook said...

LoVe your polky dots! Crusing the links from Year of Color blog and I enjoyed stopping by to see your work. Way cool!