Wednesday, 15 April 2009

St. Ives Collage

Still enjoying the company of my visitors. Yesterday was nice and we had a "potter" in St. Ives and I took some nice pictures which I will show you at the weekend when I will have a bit more time

On my desk - this is a little collage of St. Ives I'm working on. Here I am just arranging the fabrics, lace and bits and playing with the composition

The shells are from Porthminster beach

I used a photo I took in February and printed it out in very pale sepia. The sky was a white grey and it was very bright that day. I love the light in St. Ives

Behind the lighthouse pier you can see what remains of the wooden posts of another pier. You can only see them at low tide but I like the composition of the posts


Art4Sol said...

Love the looks of it so far. The shells are a wonderful addition.


Thank you - might not get much time to stitch for a couple more days

Today I've been enjoying doing the tourist thing where I live and today visited Marazion and spent 3 hours going round the galleries ... very inspiring

Julie said...

The collage looks good so far Carolyn. I'll be interested to see it develop. You have reminded me of some work we saw over on Scilly that incorporated shells and found beach debris into a wallhanging.

The photos changed into sepia are a great idea. My DH likes to do that too but I hadn't thought about it for art work up till now. I shall have to have a play too.

Gunnels blog said...

This collage looks great! lIke the colours and the pictures

Miss Mapp said...

Hi there, makes me realise a little of how much work is involved in what you do, which is so clever. I like the way there are layers of process and so many textures to what you achieve.MM

The White Bench said...

Hi Carolyn!
You know, it is a dream of mine to visit Cornwall and its lights! I love the sepia photograph!

libbyquilter said...

hello Carolyn,

i was excited to see that you had visited my blog as i admire your work so much.

one of my favorite things about blogging is that it allows us all to share our "process" if we choose to and seeing the work coming along is often just as inspirational to me as the finished piece.

i've just begun using my photos in my fiber arts and so was very excited to see this entry of yours~!~ all of the elements in it are equally beautiful and come together in a wonderfully cohesive manner~!!~ i'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves~!~ i often think of my own work process as very "organic" . . . if i allow it to grow freely and one stage at a time . . . it seems to eventually blossom into something beyond my own "vision" which is always interesting~!!~ even though not always predictable~!~

happy to have been able to visit you and am looking forward to looking at more of your beautiful work.


missy k said...

I can already tell this is going to be beautiful......

Looking forward to seeing it progress.

Hope you've had a good week with your visitors. Glad you liked my St. Ives atc:) Karen