Monday, 27 April 2009

Tutorial - Making beads with Tyvek

My bead tutorial is here:


Clevelandgirlie said...

What an absolutely fabulous tutorial! I linked over to your tutorial Carolyn (hope that's ok) so people can come visit you and see how you make your delicious little beads! These are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the tutorial and ideas. I added some metallic thread to mine - and I love them. You are such an inspiration!


Thanks Cathie, I'm pleased you liked the tutorial. I've still got part 2 to do and hope to post this later this evening! Now, I'm going to hop over the pond to see you :o)

libbyquilter said...

i have been wondering if i need a heat gun and now i know for sure that i absolutely do~!!~
a great tutorial and thank you so much for sharing as i hope to make a few of these lovely little beads myself . . .
i was also wondering where you get sheets of tyvek and can you re-use tyvek envelopes for this process?

also, as i live in a very rural area and a heat gun will have to wait until i can to "the big city", is there a substitute heating tool that you know of?

thank you again for sharing this fascinating technique~!!!~


Tracy said...

Great tutorial Carolyn, had a load of that nasty tyvek with the little dots / pin holes in it and plenty of acrylic paint so spent an afternoon playing, so addictive LOL. No fancy heat gun here, I use a paint striper on low and very carefully :) I'll put a pic of my beads on my blog tomorrow and a link to your wonderful tutorial.