Monday, 18 May 2009


Thanks for following me and coming over to visit me and for all your wonderful comments - I do love to hear from you!

Today all my pictures fit in nicely with the Year of Colour themes for May and June - green and yellow

I've been away for a week to my family and then camping on a farm near Hollacombe, Holsworthy, Devon while hubby was away working!

The weather was very hot and I enjoyed walking through the fields and countryside with my sister. The fields were full of buttercups and rapeseed flowers, hawthorn blossoms and flowering wild fruit trees. The walk brought back a lot of childhood memories of making dens in tree lined ditches, chasing dragonflies and picking and pressing wild flowers

Fields of gold

There were some good charity (thrift) shops and I've had some very lucky book finds this week:

All these for £6:
  • A Field Guide to Wild Flowers
  • Four Seasons - The Life of the English Countryside
  • The Plant Kingdom
  • Botanical Atlas
  • Stumpwork - New Designs in Raised Embroidery
  • The Secret Garden and Countryside in Cross Stitch
  • Minerals and Rocks in Colour; and
  • five Colin Dexter/Inspector Morse paperbacks too!

Today's mosaic has a buttercup theme for Mosaic Monday ...

Do you like butter?

... and my walk inspired this little poem

Meadows and Hedgerows
Buttercups and Daisies
Celandine and Haw
Dragonflies and Cowslips
Dog Rose, Vetch and more
Dandelion and Foxglove
Honeysuckle sweet
Saxifrage and Hearts Ease
Groundsel and Knapweed

Hawthorn blossoms

My sister took these lovely photos of hawthorn blossoms. I was able to use my field guide to wild flowers book to identify them and then on the internet I discovered that they have useful edible and medicinal properties too. Tea can be made from the dried leaves and the autumnal berries can be made into wines and jellies/jams

I also discovered that "hawthorn" means "thorny hedge" in old English and the trees are often planted as agricultural hedges

More buttercups

On Wednesday I went to stay at Headon Farm near Hollacombe, Holsworthy, Devon. The farm is in the middle of nowhere with beautiful countryside all around

It was very quiet and peaceful though and, as the weather turned into torrential rain and gusty gales, I stayed in and got some hand stitching done

Now, I've lots to catch up on again after being away - housework, laundry, work, post, etc. and many blogs buddies and flickr friends to visit ...


konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

Hello! Oh I wish I had shared seeing those lovely meadows and hedgerows. Gorgeous buttercups - pressed nicely too - mine usually fall apart!
And those books .... and your poem .... stitching ..... everything. What a lovely week you had!
My week started well but faded towards the end so sorry I haven't been looking in photostreams and commenting for some days - but I'll catch up. Connie. xx

konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

Just had to tell you something!
I checked out the Stumpwork book on Amazon (Wondering whether I'd get a bargain!) .......
New £49.99
Used £31.47
Does that make you feel even better about spending £6 for them all! LOL. C. xx


Ooooh Connie, that's so exciting!! I am adding the stumpwork to my ever growing list of things to try one day. Crochet is on there too, by the way. I used to crochet a little but have forgotten how I used to do it!

meplusmolly said...

Fab post, loving all the yellow buttercups! glad you had a good break, despite the weather.
I shall be out to hunt the sun down if it doesn't appear sometime soon!
Bargain books by the way ;0 x

daisy said...

Gorgeous photographs & a fab mosaic xx

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

What lovely photos, I love Devon and Cornwall and have may happy memories of holidays spent there as a child and adult. What lucky finds in the Thrift shops, I cant resist looking at their bookshelves when I get toone of those shops.

Judy Scott said...

Wish Id been with you, this is such a glorious post so beautiful and bright, love to you ~ Judy x

Alice W. said...

Just beautiful. Love all the botanical prints...and the photos of nature are so serene!
{Tyepad comments aren't working so I am using my old blogger profile}

Hens Teeth said...

Oh you do put a bloomin' good post together. x

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Welcome back, Carolyn, thanks for visiting my blog - it was lovely to go to Bristol, even just for one night.

Love your buttercup mosaic - love buttercups full stop, really. Weren't you lucky to get all of those books! BFN.


missy k said...


Sounds like you have had a wonderful week. I loved seeing all your pictures of the buttercups.... I love them and daisys but NOT dandellions! Well done you hunting down such good books at an amazing bargain prize:) Thanks for visiting my blog ...... and leaving such lovely comments.... I posted off my inchies to Fiona today all 9 of them...... ps I have booked up to go on a Creative Felt Workshop at the end of June - really looking forward to it:) Karen

missy k said...

ps! I forgot to say.... I am going to have a close up look at a hawthorn flower - I never knew they were so stunning close up.... brilliant photo by your sister.... re: inchies - yes - exciting -can't wait to get mine sent to me - guess I'll have to thou!!! Karen

missy k said...

Thanks for the warning - I will hold my nose! (re: hawthorns not smelling nice!) Night! Karen

Kayla coo said...

I do love the hedgegrow this time of year, wonderful photo's.
Your books are an amazing bargin!xx

Kayla coo said...

oops!should read hedgerow.x

Diane said...

Thats sounds like a lovely few days - apart from the rain!!! Your photo's are beautiful. We are down in St Ives next week (on Ayr), and for the last 2 years, on Bank Holiday Monday, we have had to sit in the tent holding on to it for fear of it being blown away. We have survived in the past, but some didnt!!! We are praying for hot hot weather. xxx

Julia said...

I have just found your lovely blog after a bit of browsing and Im so glad! I love the colour scheme pics, and your stories - and of course, your textile work!!

Will be back to visit again soon, off to read some more now!

With love
Julia xxx

She's So Chic said...

This is a wonderful blog! When do you find time to create!!

I have a blog on Machine Embroidery (ME). Please do visit me there. I am giving away my "Garden Sayings" as an anniversary gift for my first year as a blogger.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer


Thank you all so much for your comments - it really is lovely to hear from you! xx


Hi Pat, if you are reading this - just to say I tried to reply to you on Avid Embroiderer but couldn't get the comment box to work so I left one on "She's So Chic" instead!

She's So Chic said...

Thanks for checking on my blog. You do have to 'register' at in order to make a comment to me.

It is free and they only have a newsletter (which you can opt out of) so it is not a problem registering.

I just love to see these photos. I am an amatuer photographer and if I figure out how to post some of my best work, I will do so.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

Gez said...

Hi Carolyn. Glad you had a nice time away with your family. You know things didn't feel quite right without you here in blogland. Enjoy your books. Looks like you've got some real bargins. I love stumpwork & goldwork but I can only manage a beginner's level! I can however crochet & will make a note to have a look for some good links for you that I find helpful. Hawthorn tea sounds delicious. All you photos have cheered me up on a dark, cold, rainy evening! Glad you survived the bad weather & had some quality time stitching. Take care & I hope you have a lovely week. Best wishes. Gez.x

Amy said...

aaah, everything is so green and lovely!! Love the lil' ducks and chick' cute!!

Doreen G said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a message Carolyn it is always nice to meet new bloggers.
I love what you do.

Gunnels blog said...

Wonderful pictures!
Tomorrow I will going to the countryside for four days! I like to be in the nature!

Lorie M. said...

oh carolyn, how lovely, like a movie with those fields, I can see Mr. Darcy striding across it now! great inspiration..!

freebird said...

Beautiful pics. Sounds like a fun trip to your family. Are those your bird inchies? They look like the one inch pieces and they folow this week's theme but you didn't say. Very nice ones.

Anjoli Wax said...

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Anonymous said...

I love the buttercups! You really know how to make them super cute! They would make a really cute embroidery design!

Unknown said...

Hey those are very pretty pressed flowers! Do you have any projects using machine embroidery? I would like to learn how to use one. Thanks! - Janie