Monday, 25 May 2009

Green Birdies and Birthday Giveaway!!

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you so much for your supportive comments regarding my last post. I have now sent an email to the editor of Cloth Paper Scissors and will let you know how I get on!

On a more cheerful note I'm finishing off green for "A Year of Colour" with a giveaway at the end of this post!!

One thing I've noticed about the colour green is that there are so many tones and shades of it. In nature, they all blend together and really seem to work in harmony

In my mosaic today I'm combining green for "A Year of Colour" with the theme for this week's Inchy challenge - BIRDS

Created with fd's Flickr Toys for Mosaic Monday and A Year of Colour flickr group and blog

1. ATC "New Home" 2. Birds 3. Vintage image 4. King 5. Sing pretty birds close up 6. Birds::tree 7. ATC - Flightless bird 8. Birds 9. My collaged tag from Out on a Whim 10. Valentines birds 11. Types of bird eggs 12. Blackbird 13. Eyelety 14. Types of bird eggs 15. Paper flower w/ bird stamp collage 16. Bird collage Greenfinch

Thank you to all the talented artists who gave permission for me to use their beautiful pictures in this mosaic - please click on the links to go to the original photos

In my mosaic I included this tag that I got from Out on a Whim. Kath makes gorgeous altered art items and I fell in love with some of her bird tags last year. Too good to use - they are keepers!

My altered art tag - Out on a Whim

A blackbird on some wrapping paper

Today is "Gardening Monday". Not too much to do so I'm hoping the weather will hold and I can sit outside for a little while and watch the birds. The blackbirds in our garden are so funny. Some are nesting and so desperate to get our attention when the food runs out that they sit on the window sill until we go out there to top up supplies. If really desperate, and gone un-noticed, they flap their wings up against the window. They have such comical personalities and some are just more intrested in scrapping with their mates so I do get a regular supply of tail feathers and blackbird fluff

Our cottage garden

Jo and I had Christmas Crow Day last Wednesday. I was making holly ornaments, a holly garland and little birdie tree ornaments. I haven't quite finished them off yet so I will show you soon but here is a little green one I made from fleece with wings made from painted silk

These are my collaged and waxed inchies for this week's challenge - birds

And so this brings me to the giveaway. It is my birthday on Sunday 31st May and to celebrate I wondered if you would like to win one of my green dotty birdie waxed collages (painted with shimmery twinkling H2O paints in Kiwi, Key Lime and Ginger Peach - don't they have great names!)

If you do, just leave a comment here on this post saying which one you would like to win and I will use one of those random number selector thingies to pick a winner

The giveaway ends midnight on Sunday 31st May and I will announce the winner here on my blog on Monday 1st June. Everyone is welcome to enter!

Wishing you all a happy week ahead!


Gez said...

Hi Carolyn

Good luck with CPS hope you hear something soon.

Your year of colour is fabulous. Love the little felt bird with the red ♥

Oooh your little fleece felt bird is so cute. Can't wait to see more. :-)

So are your waxed collages I couldn't possibly choose a favourite but would like to be entered into your random thingy! hehe.

Hope you manage to sit out & the sunshines for you today. Best Wishes. Gez.xx

Donna said...

I like the vintage image.

daisy said...

So much to comment on, I'm sure to forget something. Fabulous mosaic, as usual. I luv these. Great inches & fabulous birds (oh I wish I could draw) & finally, I hope you receive a favourably & prompt response from CPS.

Guzzisue said...

how could I resist a giveway ?

Clevelandgirlie said...

They are ALL amazing. Your talents are so far reaching - now WAX collages???? Geeze girl - is there nothing you can't do?

Now go sit outside and watch the birdies fight!
PS - I'm banning CPS until you hear from them. Shame, shame on them.

meplusmolly said...

Hope you hear something soon from CPS, best of luck.
Lovely work as always, love the colours, lines and marks you make and your subject matter!
V cute little felt bird.
I can't choose a favourite, all so good! but please enter me too ;0 X

Fiona Whitehead said...

What beautiful projects - the inchies are gorgeous - such wonderful birds. I would love to give your collage a good home - I have no preference - they are both lovely.

jilly40uk said...

Both are gorgeous but i think "The Stars...." has the edge. Happy Birthday.

Tally said...

I would be honored to have your "The stars are bright" collage on my wall.
You bring so much inspiration - when I'm on your blog I regret that I can't just hop to my stuff and get going.

Have a very good celebration on Sunday and may the sun shine on you.
Best wishes

Amy said...

WOW!!! My favorite is GREEN and I love all the shades of green here today! It is all splendid! I so LOVE all the bird's..they fit so perfectly with the earthy tones you have displayed! I can see your passion and love in everything you create and share here!

Happy Birthday to!

Ticking stripes said...

Been following your blog for a while and love it all. Green is my absolute favourite colour - it seems to exude life and energy. Keep up the beautiful workl.Oh and I'd love to be entered in your blog please!

Julie said...

I'm with Daisy, there are so many beautiful things here today :o) I hope you get a prompt and satisfactory reply from CPS. I'd be interested to hear how they justify what they did.

Hope you have a lovely birthday on Sunday. I would love to be in the draw but I can't choose, they're both beautiful.

We had a baby blackbird in the garden this morning but I'm not sure where it went. Our garden is very enclosed so not much chance for it to get out. fortunately we don't get many cats.

Art Space Gallery said...

Hi Carolyn
What a lovely post, really like the H20 colours too - please tell me more!

My favourite dotty? 'The Stars are Shining Bright', just seems to reflect pearlescent light, it's luminous and very pretty.

Did you get wet in the garden today? BFN.

Gez said...

Hi Carolyn I was hoping to email you. On your profile page it says contact by blog page. I've got a good crochet website with videos! Finally found it! Feel free to drop me a line if you wish. Gez.xx

PeregrineBlue said...

.... and then i stopped by your blog and discovered you live in Cornwall, St. Ives of all places where I spent so many holidays with my parents when I was little. We used to rent a cottage every season in Cadgewith and travel all around to Penzance and St. Ives. I have the best memories of England.

Love your green birdie creations and would love to go in for a swap rather than a giveaway since it is your birthday and you should be getting something. My daughter is 22 on the 26th.


Digital Misfit said...

Best of luck with CPS.

I adore your wax collages. I would be thrilled to win either one.


Gina said...

What beautiful green birds! Would love to enter your giveaway and love both collages equally... maybe the first one is my favourite? Happy birthday for the end of the week!

Tracy said...

I would be interested to know what response you get from CPS. Looked at the "letter" and it certainly is made to look like one you have sent!!
I love twinkling H20"s and my fav colour is key lime, although they are all just gorgeous, as are your birdie pics!!
Hope your enjoying the warmer weather. It is starting to cool down here, wet and windy and a chilly 18 degrees:)

Maia said...

Green is my favorite color.
I love your work!
That's wonderful!!

Doreen G said...

I love your waxed collages Carolyn and would be honoured to own one if I were lucky enough to win.
I hope that you have a wonderful birthday on the 31st and I will be waiting like everyone else to hear what CPS has to say,

Shannon said...

I love both. Am glad I found this blog!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Have only just discovered this blog and you are oh so very clever to be making such gorg things. I love the crows you and Jo made. And your little wax thingies are delicious. Have a Happy Birthday. You share with 2 friends who are lovely so I know you must be lovely too!

Julia said...

Hello there

Quite serendipitously I am in the middle of designing a bird template for a summer fair Im taking part in (the idea to use it as a theme throughout the labelling/bag type stuff thats necessary), so I was delighted to find your blog today devoted to the dear little creatures - you have such a talent, I am saying 'Wow' quite loudly at your wax pictures, and your little fleecy bird...amazing!!

Have a lovely week, and all the best with CPS!! Cant wait to hear how you get on!

Love Julia xxx

missy k said...

Hi Carolyn

Hope you had a good weekend.... it was HOT here!

I loved reading your post... green is my favourite colour.... the mosaic is wonderful.... you're right - nature is the best example for looking at colours going together...

Your waxed inchies are adorable...

Those H2o's need to be eaten with those names!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your canvases.... if I was forced to choose a favourite, by a feather it would be the bottom one.

Everybody loves them.... you could take orders, start an etsy shop? I'd buy one! My 'room' is green:)

Have a lovely day.... I'm off to trim the edges, cut the grass (more greens!) and have some Vitamin D! Then I hope to have some time to 'play'. :)


Gunnels blog said...

Hi Carolyn! So very strange about the letter in CPS, I hope they will give you an answere soon. So much lovely things in this post, very beautiful birds and collage and lovely green colours! On sunday we have mothers day here in Sweden, and I will think of you on your birthsday, and of course I will be in your give away drawing :-)

Love 2 Quilt said...

Happy Birthday. I love the Cheerfully sing.....
But they are both so cute!

Jo said...

Hi Carolyn

Thanks for visiting my Open Studio today, good to see you. Hope you get a favourable response from Cloth Paper Scissors as they should have had the courtesy to ask you before printing.

As to the giveaway, they are both beautiful but if I was lucky enough to win one could it be the one about the stars.



Jackie said...

I'm definitely getting my name down for this giveaway. Thanks for alerting me! Lovely birdies.

missy k said...

Hi again Carolyn

Thanks for your comment on my blog, yes, I would love to do a little birdie swap!!!! I made a flock! I just couldn't stop stamping that day.

Here is my email address email me and we can exchange details...

Karen said...

i love them all!!!
but my favorit is "the stars are sparkling bright".
sorry, i can't speak good english.i would like to say more,but i don't find the words. sorry!!!
have a nice birthday, good luck!

OffTheHooks/Crafty Ash said...

hey there! just joined your blog last week! would love the chance to win one of your beautiful collages!
they are both cute- i think the 2nd is my fave!

Lynda/SCDiva said...

I love your blog, Carolyn. It's beautiful and informative, and you give away free stuff! Wowza! :)

I would be thrilled to win either of your lovely collages. Thanks so much!


Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday! I hope its a good one.
Thank you for comments on my wall hanging, I don't know how to get a larger picture, I will have to talk to my son.
I would love to be entered in to your draw to win either of your pieces, I can't choose between them, both wonderful.
Thanks for telling me about your give away, having been away, have not cought up on my blog reading yet.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

oooh...I've been lurking on your other blog and loving reading about all the techniques and such. It was a surprise to read that you have a whole 'nother blog to explore! I can see I have a lot of pleasurable reading ahead of me. Thank you!
Mary Anne

Renee (nayski) said...

what a great blog. love both birds and would love a chance to win. Really love your funky black crow too, made me smile :) I hope you have a great birthday.

Judy Scott said...

Hi Carolyn, another amazing mosaic with such beautiful images ~ and I cant wait to hear how you got on with CPS. I love your art tags and what a lovely thought your give away is, but its you who should be getting pressies, please send me your address as I have something for you!! and if your random thing was to pick me I'd love the stars are sparkling bright. They are here ~ the stars that is! Ive just realised its nearly morning and Ive not been to bed yet:) Night night xxx Judy xxx

Judy Alexander said...

All your little birds are so great. I get CPS so good luck! I am Miss July in the QA 2009 calendar.

jeanamarie said...

happy birthday!!!!!

hope i win - i love them both, but if forced to choose i would pick the starts are sparkling bright!

A bird in the hand said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday in advance! I think YOU should get something for your birthday, and I'd love to send you something ...if you email me your address at colettecopeland at yahoo dot com.

Diana said...

Just discovered your blog from a link... what lovely work you do! I'll be trying to cartch up with some old posts (another hour or two bites the dust...!)
Keep it up!

jackie said...

Thanks for the comment. Happy returns for your birthday. The paints are wonderful colours.I'm in to win anything!


So much lovely green! Thank you for your supportive comments on my blog, and yes, I would love to be entered into your draw, thank you. A very very happy birthday for Sunday too!!

Hens Teeth said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday Carolyn.
Wonderful mosaic and your work is so lovely.
I wanted to e mail you about CPS but could not find an e mail address for you. x

Carol said...

Hi Carolyn, wonderful work, I am in awe of your inchies, I tried them once and they drove me mad,
I think both waxed collages are beautiful, but think number two draws me in a little more.

Jude said...

Many happy returns for Sunday. I love 'the stars are shining brightly' but anything would be wonderful.
Take care

Greedy Nan said...

These are absolutely lovely and I'd be happy to win either.

Anonymous said...

As always......brilliant.....I love all your birdie art...I would love to win The Stars are Sparkling Bright...I guess I won't be the only one.
Hope you have a really lovely birthday & nestle down & relax!
Best Wishes
Dawn. B.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous post, thanks for all the nice comments about my tags :) I'm following you now, bwahahaha!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

First time visiting your wonderful blog!
And would like to wish you all the best with the CPS!
I L.O.V.E your art!
Debbie Moss

libbyquilter said...

good morning Carolyn~!~

thank you so much for your frequent visits ~ i always enjoy your feedback/comments and am pleased that you like coming by my own little creative space as much as i like to visit yours~!!~

what a fun post this is~!~the green bird mosaic is going to get some of my undivided attention later on as i am able to go through and visit each contributor and you have put all of them together in a lovely way~!~

i found the photo of the lone blackbird in your garden very amusing . . . it seems to be posing for you~!~"strutting the stuff"~!~they are amusing birds~!~

loved looking at your inchies and really like the "irregular" edges . . . would you mind sharing how you did that? i haven't yet given inchies a go but am very tempted . . .especially after seeing yours . . . alas, there really needs to be more hours (and energy) in an art/creative minded person's day~!!~ don't you think we should get some special allotment?

i agree, this is YOUR birthday; shouldn't you be getting the gifts~!?!~ if i were to be lucky enough to win your generous giveaway, i, too, would like to do a swap. and as for which one i like better . . . i couldn't possibly choose~!!!~they are both so "tweet"~!~


p.s. good luck with CPS . . . i too, am anxiously awaiting the next chapter in that story . . .

Ruth said...

Thanks for leaving such a kind comment on my blog. Happy Birthday!

Corinne Phillips said...

Hi there - I've only recently found your blog but I love your birdie collages - I would love to be entered into your random thingymayjig - sounds very technical! Have a lovely birthday!

Purple Missus said...

These are wonderful. I like them both and would love to win either of them.
Hope you have a great birthday.

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Hello Carolyn
Thanks for your comments. I love the colours of your paints! Its my first entry into a blog giveaway so would love to receive anything. Have a happy birthday.

Kayla coo said...

Hi Carolyn,
Birthday wishes to you.
I read all about your magazine letter,I was shocked you were not asked.
How did you find out about it?
I do hope they give you at least a free subscription.
M x
Lovely birds.x

Jane said...

I couldn't choose as all the green birdies are lovely! Please enter me. Also love the little green paint pots. Have never seen these. What kind of paint are they & who makes them?

Happy Birthday!

blueberries in the fields said...

ohlala, lots of fans here who wants to win these gorgeous bird collage. i am not surprised, i wish i can win too ! :) i just discovered your blog and really love it. your birds are the sweetest. And happy, happy birthday ! Mine was the 21st, so we are both May babies. :)
will come visit again.
best wishes,
oh, i am doing a giveaway too, if you wanna peek on my blog :)

Dottie said...

How fun to enter a contest of your work!!! If I win, you pick for me... I love everything you make...hugs,Dottie

konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

Have a lovely birthday on Sunday - we will be celebrating the 31st May birthday of my sister in law Barbara, a bit late, when we visit her and her OH in France next Tuesday. We will raise our glasses to you too!
Barbara is a watercolour artist and enjoys stitching and working with fabrics and I know she will love seeing your work.
I would love either of the green birds so please put me in the draw!
Connie, xx

Jen B said...

Hello there. I found your blog thru the Year of Color flickr group. I love your picture of the green twinkling H2Os--great shades of green! I love both your collages but if I'm picking a fave, I'd say the one with the stars.
Happy weekend to you too!

Jen B said...


silverpebble said...

Gorgeous post - such lovely work

Lovely giveaway Carolyn - best of luck to all who enter


Cath said...

Carolyn I've learnt lots from your blog - and sincerely thank you for publishing such wonderful techniques. I'd love to win one of the beautiful bird collages - but am equally happy if you just carry on updating this blog ... so I can (selfishly!) read and learn!!

Thanks again Carolyn and many happy birthday wishes for the impending big day!

Murgelchen94 said...

Dear Carolyn,

Happy Birthday and a great day with wonderful people.


Diane said...

I'd love to join your giveaway. I'm loving your blog, you are very tlented.

Dotti said...

I have to say, I love green and expecially all your green and waxed projects!


I am overwhelmed by the response I have had to my giveaway! Thank you all so much for entering and leaving a comment here

The winners have been randomly picked and I will be announcing the results here on my blog at tea time today!!