Saturday, 2 May 2009

Pebbles and Fairies

A bit of a [silvery] grey week in several respects - from Saturday to Thursday we had almost non-stop torrential rain and everything has seemed dark and dreary in the cottage most of the week. St. Ives had flooding again down in the town, despite the new and very expensive flood defences being completed, with many shops at the bottom of Tregenna Hill closed due to flood damage. My week has gone a bit like this ...

No "Gardening Monday" because it was too rainy but the cherry blossoms are still looking lovely

No "Mosaic Monday" either because I was busy doing my bead tutorial on the other blog. I've made one for today, though. The theme is pebbles - colours, textures and textiles. I used pictures from my textile work

On Monday I took a piece of my framed work to Penzance & Truro College which will be included in their exhibition at PZ Gallery, 7 Coinagehall Street, Penzance, Cornwall. The exhibition will run from 8th June 2009 for a week

This is nuno felt - felt tops and silver grey organza chiffon wet felted together. On top I added hand stitching, french knots and beads and is part of a large series of work and samples I did on pebbles. Pebbles is a recurring theme I still enjoy, especially pebbles found on Cornish beaches with white quartz and crystals running through them

I had to work but later on I did manage my inchie for this week's bling challenge (see below) and I played around with my blog background too. I discovered Daisy Gray Design's blog. Daisy's blog backgrounds are gorgeous and so easy to use - I chose this lovely primitive crow design - do you like it?

I had my Christmas Crow Day with Jo. We made a little hand made book each. I decorated mine with a seedhead and will use this in my Embroiderers Guild Seed Sketchbook challenge later (show you another time). Then we had a lot of fun making a peg doll fairy. I gathered fabrics, threads, bits n bobs in white, silver and grey - my "snow" colours that I like to decorate my Christmas tree with

This is the first fairy I made from silver/black fabric. Her wild hair is six stranded silver thread and I made her wings from two layers of silver crepe paper. This is a "mantlepiece fairy" - I added a bit of Christmas cake band round the bottom to help her stand up, and I photographed her on top of my sewing machine

Christmas Fairy

She is holding some mulberry paper with a painted Tyvek heart and the word "Christmas"

I've made four fairies altogether, so far

Whirling Snow Fairy

Heart Fairy

Love Fairy

While I've got my silver fairy hat on (now there's an idea!!! mmmmm!!!) I decided to get up in the loft and find some of my other fairies to show you

A silver flower fairy

This one was made for me by a lady from the beading group I used to go to. If you look under her skirt you will see she is made from a silver coloured faux flower

and here's some more little silver ones

and some pale gold ones

and a box of ornies that match

I think I'll make some more fairies soon - they will make nice little tree gifts - and some fairy hats too!!!

The sun finally came out which was lovely, but made everything look really dusty so I had to clean the cottage, then ... I could start stitching. I'm working on several things at the moment ... two stitched collages for my calico journal (remember the lace pictures from earlier), a piece for global warming and a "secret" piece for Cathie (Clevelandgirlie) which I can't show you just yet. Also, I've joined in the new inchy house challenge and I'm working on some new patterns for some stitched stuffies for my new blog

Yes, I have another very new blog but it will be an "occasional" blog and it's where I will post my textile art dolls and textile art embroidered stuffies. I want to keep it separate from this blog, but I will let you know here when I'm posting to it or you can click on the link and "follow" it, if you wish

Stitched Stuffies

The sun is shining today, it is warm and spring-like. I am meeting a friend for lunch and then gallery hopping for inspiration and retail therapy. Sunday I hope to take a spring walk with hubby, to the beach or a National Trust garden, and so hope the weather will remain fine

I will leave you with this gorgeous picture from my Ideal Home calendar for May - this inspires me to try and get back out in the garden on Monday if the weather is kind

Hope the weather is kind to you too
Enjoy the long weekend all of you :o)


Gina said...

For someone who loves stitching red those are some very beautiful greys!


Thanks Gina!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Sorry it's been so dreary for you. I know when you're ready to get out and garden - it's not a happy day when it's raining. But I will say this - Only YOU could make grey sooooo beautiful - in every way. Your entire week is a feast for the eyes.

Your little fairies - precious. What fun they look to make. I love the snow flurry fairie the best.
Cheer up darlin' the sun will be out soon. He's just taking a rest.

konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

Grey skies but such a busy and interesting week Carolyn.
I need to read it all again to take it in!
I love your blog background, I'll be taking a look, Connie. x

~daisy said...

Hi Carolyn, ... I wanted to stop by and say thank you for the mention. Your fairies are absolutely beautiful! ..Just the right amount of shimmer for Christmas ;-) I'm looking forward to reading more :-)

Guzzisue said...

adorable angels :-) please can you order some sun for weekend after next? will be down at altarnum, camping! sadly won't be able to get right down to your neck of the woods.

Julie said...

What a beautiful post today :o) And I do like your new blog background. I must admit I have not liked some of the makeovers going around but yours is subtle and does not distract from your blog entries. The fairies are gorgeous and I love the mosaic.

My frined have come down to Carbis Bay for a week today so I hope for them and you the weather improves. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Carolyn, guess what, I was at Art Space today - when you were gallery hopping, having swapped with Annie because she's got her daughter and grandchildren down.

Will be there again on Wednesday (6 May)if you're around. BFN. Lesley.

libbyquilter said...

hi Carolyn~!~

the angels and fairies are so very sweet and you've managed to be quite productive despite the rain~!!~

i hope that your sunday walk is a beautiful one~!!~


Gez said...

WOW! I have never seen grey look soooooo beautiful...x

I love your Whirling Snow Fairy! & your Nuno felt is gorgeous.

Hope the weather fines up soon. Gez.xx

Kayla coo said...

Such a lovely creative week!
I saw the pictures of the flooding in St Ives and thought of you,hope you have plenty of sunshine soon.x

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Hi Carolyn .... I love your fairies and your blog. Here on the east coast we have had sunshine all week, I will try blowing some your way!!

silverpebble said...

What gorgeous little fairies - just lovely, but oh! the pebble mosaic - rather swoony Carolyn - wonderful. I could gaze at pebbles all day long x

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I shall be following your new blog.
I like your blog background. Off to have at that link now.

AngelaC said...

Carolyn, I love your little angels and fairies - they are gorgeous! I don't know why you worry about skinnies, moos and inchies when you have such talent with fabric and thread! I'm completely hopeless with a needle!

jackie said...

The flooding sounds to have been awful from the newspaper reports - pleased that it has cheered up enough for you to get out and about in your flowery pinny.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Carolyn

Thanks for your comments (on art space and sea blue sky abstracts)Love the mosaic, well I love greys and silver full stop and yours are so good!

Please also run a reminder of the PZ exhibition nearer the time as I'd really like to visit. BFN.


missy k said...


Thanks for your congratulations! I feel so lucky!

You've had a busy week.... such a nice long post.... i love your fairies they are beautiful and I love the crow design on your must be so nice to live by the sea:) Thanks for your tip about the tissue paper.. I tried it on 'Feather' but it didn't stick awfully well, perhaps because of the h20s - great tip thou! I love using napkins.

You made a dark dreary grey day sound awfully cosy in your lovely cottage by the sea! Sometimes rain is good! ps I enjoyed your alliteration(?) on 'F'! Have a wonderful week, hopefully not wet!

Art Space Gallery said...

Thanks for popping in today - it was great to meet you. Am looking forward to seeing your work 'in the flesh' when life is a little less hectic in the future.

PS You don't need to reply to this. BFN. Lesley

Jackie said...

not only is it grey and dreary here, its freezing cold too..almost cold enough to be thinking about christmas! I love silvery grey and all your themed things.

Anonymous said...

These things are beautifully made.

Tally said...

I do hope by now you've had some sun to dry off.

I admire your work and your photos. You get managed so much and so beautiful things. They touch my heart.
I had your post open for days but get buried by my payroll job. What a pity, I would like to take this inspiration into my creative live.
But for sure I will come back reading for long time in your great blogs.
Greetings from Hamburg

Amy said...

The handmade fairy's are so pretty..I like them..whimsical and cute too!