Thursday, 21 May 2009

Subtle Greens

I'm still thinking about green for "A Year of Colour"
I've been all over the cottage looking for green and come up with hardly anything. I don't really do green in my home (except for the garden) and I gave up on houseplants years ago - I killed so many through neglect that it was time to call it a day!

So here are a few of subtle greens and naturals for
"A Year of Colour"

Garden tea lights from my calendar

"My Bracelet" - a framed collage by Angela Diggle

- stones from a bracelet

Enchanted Soul - collaged hanging by Out On A Whim

Seeds and seedheads I collected

Distressed Honesty

I love the natural colours of honesty seeds and pods. This little seed pod is fragile and distressed but I find the textures, shapes and colours interesting

And, finally, I love these seed heads and pods in naturals and greens by artist photographer Andy Small

How do you feel about the colour green?


missy k said...

Lovely post! I LOVE green.... lots of it! The honesty seed heads are SOO beautiful.

Congrats! Picked up my cloth, paper,scissors today after work, took it out in the garden, sat in the deckchair.... started reading and 'something to crow about' popped out- sounds familiar I thought to myself!!!!

Such a good idea - everyone will be having 'Crow Days' :) How fun to have your letter published!


Kayla coo said...

I love the colour green,it always makes me feel calm and relaxed.
Infact I'm sitting in a green room now!

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Hi,here in the Fens I love the contrast between greens of the land and vast expanses of blue sky. I love the depth of green that comes up after a rain shower.

Julie said...

Ooh! I hadn't seen CPS yet, I've put it away to read on holiday but I shall go and read the letters page :o)

I do often end up using green, especially in dyeing because I like turquoise and gold and they tend to end up in green but I do not have much green at home either. I don't tend to wear green much either although I did have quite a lot of green as a teenager, notably a lime green cape and a chinese style dress that I was very proud of! Wish I'd got that fabric now!

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I wouldn't be able to find any greens either in my home. I love the seed head pics.
Happy stitching!

Gez said...

I feel so relaxed now after looking at your beautiful greens.

Congratulations on being published Carolyn.x

I've just finished stitching something in shades of purples & greens & I was sad to get it finished! I will try & get it blogged!

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Gez.xx

Murgelchen94 said...

Hello Carolyn,

your green mh...

I love green in nature, in my home,
my clothes, fabrics, embroidery....
I thing, I love all colors...Tz, tz, tz...


Fiona Whitehead said...

Green is my favourite colour.

Your pieces are so gorgeous. I have emailed you - hope you got it.

Amy said...

Did someone say 'green'? That is my favorite color!

elena fiore said...

Scusa se non ti ho avvisato di avere messo la foto del tuo bracciale nel mio blog.
Ho comunque detto che era tua e questa mi sembra la cosa più importante.
Ho fatto pubblicità ad una tua creazione perché l'ho trovata bella.
Non credevo di farti un torto, anzi pensavo di farti un piacere visto che il mio blog è molto visitato.
Scusami ancora.

Sorry if I warned you not to have put the photo of your bracelet on my blog.
However I have said that you had, and I believe the most important thing.
I did publicity for your creation, because I thought it was beautiful.
I did not believe to get you an injustice, but I thought I saw you a pleasure that my blog is much visited.
Sorry again.

elena fiore said...

Grazie per avermi rassicurata.
Credimi l'ho fatto a fin di bene.
Sul mio blog pubblico solo le cose belle, e la tua creazione mi è subito sembrata tale.
La prossima volta ti avviserò :-)
Ciao e grazie, elena.

Thanks for giving reassurance.
Trust me I did a fin for good.
On my blog public only beautiful things, and your creation I immediately thought this.
Next time warn you :-)
Hello and thank you, elena.

Judy Scott said...

considering I dont do green in my home either I have alot of art and photos featuring green!!! the honesty seed heads are beautiful and I love the photos by Andy Small, thankyou for such wonderful inspiration always ~ Judy xxx

Cathy said...

Green is perhaps my favourite colour, I love the whole spectrum from lightest pale watery green, through to acid greens perhaps my favourite and into the dark woodland shades.... I love the textures in your work Carolyn, they are fab! have a good weekend x

libbyquilter said...

oh~!~the Andy Small photos are absolutely beautiful~!!~ so dramatically done~!!~

green is beautiful~!!~my bedroom is painted a soft mossy green with overlays of butter yellow leafs and some related yellows sponged on too . . . this is both a relaxing and happy room to be in.

so happy to be revisiting your blog, i feel like i've missed so much over the past few busy weeks~!!~