Sunday, 7 June 2009


I've been so busy this week I am only just getting round to blogging my birthday which was a week ago! I'ts been hectic and also one of those weeks when I haven't really got a lot to show for it creatively! Oh well!

I had some wonderful cards and pressies from some very good friends - old and new - and here is just a selection of the hand crafted ones that I think you will enjoy seeing

This beautiful card was made for me by Missy K - I absolutely love it! She also sent me some lovely birdie inchies in a swap and I will show you those in the next post - Thank you Karen ♥

I had a lovely parcel from Colette in Canada with beautiful flower stamps

Colette's parcel came by birdie post - she had stamped little birdies all over the envelope so that it would wing it's way to me faster ...

Colette made the prettiest vintage lace butterfly on a stitched collage tag with heavenly blue ribbon. Colette's vintage work and art is so beautiful! Thank you so much Colette ♥

Then I had more birdie post from lovely Judy. I have always loved Judy's work and was so thrilled to receive first this lovely card that Judy made for me when I was feeling a little down about the CPS thing and then some lovely birthday things to treasure

and this wonderful card featuring her amazing artwork!

I was overwhelmed by these beautiful gifts, the "happy birthday" triangle banner is gorgeous and Judy made me a lavender filled heart too! Thank you Judy ♥

I'd also like to thank everyone who sent e-cards, emails and greetings through my blog and flickr!! Thank you all for making my day very special xx


Doreen G said...

Yikes Carolyn all that loot and there is still more.

Judy Scott said...

Dear Carolyn its so wonderful that your birthday was perfect ~ you are such a lovely girl and deserve it totally. Your gifts were all beautiful and show how much we all love you :) Have a wonderful week ~ lots of love Judy xxx

Art Space Gallery said...

Clever MissyK and Judy and what a lovely collection of cards and gifts - all richly deserved! BFN.

Gina said...

Belated birthday greetings Carolyn... so many beautiful presents!

A bird in the hand said...