Monday, 8 June 2009

Tree Art at Trelissick

On our visit to Trelissick Garden I was delighted to discover an outdoor exhibition of contemporary art installations by Contemporary Craft BA(Hons) students from University College, Falmouth. The installations were dotted throughout the gardens and woodlands bringing surprises at every turn of the path. There are too many to show you all of them so here is a very small selection ... the words beneath the photos are the artists' statements

Alaina Kerry - "Framing the Picture"

Artist Statement - Alaina Kerry
Alaina Kerry is using bold, black and white fabrics against contrasting bright colours to emphasize the form of the Rhododendron trunk and branches. Alaina wishes to interrupt the audience's view and highlight the space from it's natural surroundings. Fabrics and ribbon have been meticulously wrapped around the trees to create colourful bandages which are alien to the environment. In this context they have also been used to raise questions about the visitors' expectations when viewing this National Trust garden

Janie Tonkin - "Russellianumb"

Artist Statement - Janie Tonkin

The plant disease "Phythophthora Kernoviae" is specific to Cornwall and related to "Sudden Oak Death". It has inspired this work displayed beneath the canape of the Rhododendron Russellianum. Using a tradionally private, contained way of drying garments, the artist has exposed the use of an enlarged washing line to resemble a natural timeline, with reference to the progression of disease. By redefining the use of tights, new and worn, the artist has recycled otherwise useless or unwanted garments to contain both the fast growing and dead plant matter. From the weight of the plants, the tights resemble large drip-like forms, which conjure up images of fatty deposits and bodily fluids. The nature of a disease generally represents unwanted growth that can be potentially deadly and this installation aims to outline the destructive characteristics of both human and plant diseases

Lucy Shipp - "Clangers"

Artist Statement
- Lucy Shipp
Lucy Shipp is looking at the overlooked. The clang of pots and pans in her installation is an auditory response to the distant chugging of boats, that can be heard around the garden, that may not usually be acknowledged. Although it is a playful act, pressing the pedal is intended to create an overwhelming sound and a moment of confusion from which grows a powerful silence. It is hoped that by creating a consciousness of the silence, visitors become more appreciative of visuals, sounds, aromas and feelings that may have previously gone unnoticed

and last (but not least) - MY FAVOURITE !

Toni Miles - "Tree Portal"

[please click on the picture to view LARGE]

Artist Statement
- Toni Miles
Toni Miles, the artist, wanted to focus on the process of making, working closely with the
Sweet Chestnut tree in her site at Trelissick. Using the reflective quality of mirrors, Toni aims to highlight the natural patterns formed within the bark, whilst creating an optical illusion of cutting out a circular section of the trunk


daisy said...

The Tree Portal is just amazing ... I'm quite speechless!

Ticking stripes said...

Wow - outstanding. Love these!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Thanks for sharing these. I love them. Love the black, white and pink trunks and the portal. Nature alone is breathtaking, nature combined with human creative intuition is magnificient!

Art Space Gallery said...

Wow, I love Toni Miles 'Tree Portal' - it's amazing!

Kayla coo said...

I love them all!
Thank you for sharing.x

Julie said...

I'm with you, the Tree Portal is fascinating. You could spend hours in front of it seeing something different all the time.

Tracy said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely B'day. The tree portal is truly amazing!! Each time I visit your blog I have a yearning to come home - maybe :)

Lalhezar said...

I love the first and third installations - so imaginative. Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Well I'm going to be a real stick in the mud and say that the trunks of trees don't need emphasising and pots and pans belong in the kitchen. Nature doesn't need us messing about with it to make it any more interesting or beautiful than it already is.
I'm glad you had a great day though and I hope you had lots of lovely pressies.

Toni Miles said...


The tree was my peice! haha came across the site when I was looking on nice to read everyones comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the work as much as I enjoyed the project :)



Toni ... I'm glad you've seen my post. I was so impressed with your work. It was fascinating!