Monday, 8 June 2009

Trelissick Garden

It wasn't difficult for my birthday this year to be more relaxing than the last! We went for a Sunday ramble round Trelissick Garden, not far from Truro. I like it there so much because it's got a bit of everything - gardens, woodlands and meadows, an art gallery, tea shop and, of course, a National Trust shop. There was a small craft fair to poke about in and a morris dancing display!!!!!! What more could a girl want on her birthday!

Today in St. Ives it's pouring with rain and cold (and dark in the cottage) so I'm cheering myself up with these photos from Trelissick and hope they cheer you too! If you want to, you can click on the pictures to view them larger

Trees of every colour

I like roses "overblown"

Beautiful colours - this overblown rose looks "vintage"

Magnolia - "Charles Coates"


Patterns inside the foxgloves


Sheltering from the sun under a big oak tree

Meadow full of daisies looking out to Falmouth

The National Trust - Trelissick Garden


daisy said...

Such beautiful photographs. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend all in all & it has been lovely to read all about it xx

Gina said...

Beautiful flower photographs - especially the detail.

Beadyjan said...

What lovely photos - and wishing you a belated Happy birthday

Jo said...

Hi Carolyn

Great photos of Trelissick. I took Steve there yesterday and we had a great day. I also loved coming across the work by the students.

By the way I am typing this on my new laptop - yippee!

Art Space Gallery said...

Lovely photos Carolyn - hasn't it been cold today, I'm happy to be indoors at the moment, with the fire on! BFN. Lesley

Julie said...

Beautiful photographs Carolyn. I had never noticed the beautiful centre of a rose before. I shall have to go and look at mine tomorrow.

Jude said...

We used to walk in Trelissick with our dogs. Gorgeous place, thnks for taking me there again

missy k said...

This sounds like a perfect way to spend the day..... brilliant photos. Much more relaxed than last year!!!