Saturday, 1 August 2009

Pebbles and Seed Heads

Firstly, thanks so much for your comments and interest in my natural dyeing experiments in the last post

My natural dyeing experiments continue over on Mixed Media Textile Art where I've just posted some vibrant yellows produced from dyeing with orange montbretia flowers and brown onions

I stitched these little hearts using the fabric I dyed with St. John's Wort and machine stitched little seedhead designs on them, one with gold thread and yellow silk I dyed and the other with copper thread

Lots of renovating still going on at home but the fireplace in our bedroom is another job recently completed. Hubby built the Cornish slate hearth which he decorated with pebbles and fitted the Victorian fireplace and mantle

I'm really pleased with it as pebbles now feature in every room of our cottage and it's pulled my decorating theme together

The copper "St. Ives" fishing boat came from The Whistlefish Gallery, St. Ives

So, the bedroom is "nearly" finished except I'm just waiting for a new carpet and some bedroom furniture. I have to wait while there is work going on in the bathroom next door, but the end is in sight!

Well, I just can't believe it's August already, where is the time going?

I only recently discovered that flickr toys have a calendar maker so I made myself a calendar for August using one of my pebble photos, another ongoing monthly project I expect!

Already the month of August is full of things to do, starting with a visit from friends for a week until 10th August, a workshop where I will be space dyeing fabrics and threads and then more visitors at the end of the month. In between I hope to catch up with my usual projects and groups that I haven't mentioned for ages - Gardening Monday, Mosaic Monday, Christmas Crow Day, A Year of Colour, Inchies and Textured Surfaces - all things I will do big catch-ups on soon

I totally missed stripes for "A Year of Colour" so here is a belated picture (as a gesture) to my monthly challenge and there will be a few more in the next post

Hope you have a great weekend despite the weather :o)


silverpebble said...

Carolyn I adore that seedhead stitching. It reminds me of the agapanthus I've just treated myself too. Your pebbly fireplace is wonderful! What a fabulous idea x


Hello Silverpebble - you are spot on - my muse was agapanthus seed heads!

Clever girl!

Art4Sol said...

Love the results of your natural dyeing projects. Also glad to hear that the remodeling is coming along so well.

Pom Pom said...

Love the fireplace! Your cottage must be WONDERFUL!

Julie said...

I have so many pebbles dotted about my house and garden, now I know what to do with them! The fireplace looks great. Beautiful embroidery too.

Lorraine said...

love the pebbles and have a lovely home..I remember visiting St Ives about 20yrs ago..such a lovely artistic place with good . I am enjoying your dyeing projects

Gina said...

Your stitched hearts are gorgeous and what a fabulous pabbly fireplace.

Alice said...

Hi, my name is Alice and I am taking art textiles A-level at my school. For my work this year, i am basing it around beaches- natural objects, coral, shells etc and i have recently been on holiday to Cornwall to take hundreds (quite literally) of photos of the beautiful beaches and villages. I would absolutely LOVE to use you as an artist in my work, and I would love to ask you questions about your inspiring and wonderful pieces of work. Although I am finding it very hard to find your email, I have looked everywhere. I would to most grateful if your would reply to this, I understand that you may be very busy!

Thankyou for taking the time to read this


Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Carolyn...I adore your hearts and seeing your dyeing experiments!

Your husband did a beautiful job on the is lovely and the copper ship looks just perfect. Pebbles and shells are just right for a cottage.

I can't believe it's August either...time is flying by so fast lately!

Enjoy your time with friends! That cat in his striped suit is awfully cute too...~Lisa ;-)


Thanks for all your kind messages. I've had a difficult week but I will be visiting blogs and replying to messages over the next day or so

Alice - please contact me at
and we can talk about your project


Cathy said...

Loved the results of the monbretia dyeing. I love the colour of the flowers - so vivid and pretty. No wonder people use natural dyes for their work. So much more subtle than the comercially produced ones.

Your hubby must be very creative too. That fireplace is wonderful.

Lorie M. said...

I love the post! I love dying, and I would love to more of the natural dying stuff. You seed heads and the hearts are wonderful, you are so creative!

Hens Teeth said...

Beautiful work C.
Your bedroom! Oh, so gorgeous. the fireplace is absolutely beautiful.
Big hug x