Saturday, 12 September 2009

I think I'm losing it!

After our Anniversary on Wednesday, hubby went away working for a week. He's only been gone two days and I find myself talking to a pink cat! But he doesn't answer back, he just sits there grinning at me like I'm a mad thing!

He sits on the stove staring at me with his hands on his hips. He probably thinks I spend too long on the computer!

Must remember to move him before we light a fire!

I sit opposite the inglenook fireplace. This is my corner where I sit with my mug of tea and my laptop talking to you and wasting time watching Roobarb & Custard TV narrated by the witty Richard Briers

In case you are wondering, the pebble art on the wall was made by my clever hubby. We both love pebbles!

I bought a lucky dip lottery ticket for tonight, fingers crossed. I have had a very lucky time since my last post on Thursday. I have won two absolutely gorgeous blog giveaways (more on that later) and I received a really pretty blog award from Pom Pom as well. Thank you Pom Pom - I made it pinky red!

So, now, the blog rules are that I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself and then pass it on to seven deserving bloggers which will be very hard because look at the long list down the right hand side of the blogs I love to visit and keep up with!

Seven Sillies

1. My earliest sewing memory was when I was about 4 years old sewing cards, do you remember these? Cardboard sewing cards with pictures of say, a strawberry, with little holes around the image, you sew in and out of the holes with wool and a big needle and then cut round it. I was in my jamas and Mum was sewing/mending while we were waiting for Dad to come home from work. I was working away with the sewing card close to my legs and I distinctly remember her telling me to be careful about cutting through my jamas .... oh whoooops ...

2. I have been known to sew through my trousers too and to make thin patches on my jeans while sewing in the car. Must be a weird knack I have or something

3. I came second in a baby contest and when I was about 7 years old I won a painting competition for painting a beer bottle label for Bulmers Cider ... nothing like starting early is there!

4. When I was about 5 years old my Dad was washing the car while I was sitting in the driver's seat. The car was parked on the top of a hill and I "playfully" let the handbrake off. The car started to roll down the hill and my Dad (good job he was fit then) had to run after it, open the car door and pull the handbrake up. I was neither shaken nor stirred!!!

5. Following on from the last one, when me and my sister were aged around 6 and 3 we were on holiday in Wales and up Snowdonia about to catch the little train that goes to the top of the mountain. Some of our party was lagging behind a bit but our Nanna egged the two of us to "be good girls and get on the train". We obliged. The train started off up the mountain without parents or grandparents and Dad had to run to catch the train and jump on!!

6. When it comes to cars I should have been blonde! When I first passed my driving test I thought how friendly everyone was. I was pleased to pass and I drove around all evening with a big smile on my face because everyone was flashing and waving at me! I thought to myself how can they know I've just passed my test and I'm feeling happy? I had my fog lights on. Fog lights? What are they?

7. Not all that long ago, just before we moved to the cottage, hubby was putting in central heating in the cottage while I stayed at the other house packing up boxes. The car alarm on our car started going off for no reason. I used the remote key thingy to try to stop it. I opened all the car doors and the boot and made sure they were all shut properly, and the windows, locked the car again. Still the alarm was going off. I didn't know what else to try. I rang hubby and he said he would get the AA out to look at it. They wouldn't come to the car because he wasn't with the car (he was in Cornwall). He had a row with them. Eventually, they agreed to come out and look at the car as a gesture of goodwill. The AA man was very prompt. Both of us walked all around the car wondering what on earth was setting the alarm off. Then the man worked it out! It was next door's car!!!!! I still haven't lived that one down yet!!

If you are still reading this - pleased consider yourself awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award and list seven things about yourself on your blog

Well, must go, I've got lots of new stitchy painty things in the making and blackberry dyeing to blog about

Have a lovely weekend! I'll be back on the sofa again soon! Notice I didn't say "couch"!


maria said...

I love the AA story! Yes it's not a couch and a cushion is not a pillow and colour is not spelt color!!

bad penny said...

When my hubby & I were first together he went off on yacht charters I sent Garfield to look after him. His cook put poor Garfield in all sorts of the freezer ( well it was the Carribean ! ) up the mast & in the bin with fish heads - meanie.

Pom Pom said...

You really are a lifelong artist! Love the pinkie award! xopp

Diane said...

I love the AA story as it is something the I would probably end up doing!! I once brushed my teeth with Immac instead of toothpaste and had to call NHS Direct to find out if I would die!! Don't have a drink with Roobarb watching over you - I think his look may turn sinister after Gin!!xxxxx

Clevelandgirlie said...

What a funny little girl you were (are). So I get it now - you have a cartoon in St. Ives that stars "Custard?" Is that right? Have you ever heard of Sponge Bob Sqwuare Pants?? He's my favorite.
Now I must stop and talk about that white couch. I was aghast when I saw it - tears coming to my eyes. A white couch! Oh how I loooong for a white couch! But alas - I have children and white couch + children = yucky couch. We instead have a leather couch that can be cleaned and wiped off every day!! Some day - some day I too will have a white couch - and I will sit on it and drink tea in the quiet. Now go sit on your white couch, drink your tea, gaze at Custard and sew something clean through to your jeans!

Maggie R said...

Love your stories...especially the AA one..
Thanks for the smiles.

Judy Scott said...

Love the stories :) have just shared them all with Rach and Jim ~ we are all laughing.

I love your special corner of your home too I can imagine you now sitting there writing to us all.

Have a fabby creative weekend, loads of love ~ Judy xxx

Julie said...

Custard looks very at home on the fire but I agree, he probably wouldn't appreciate a fire being lit under him. Your home looks beautiful and I am in awe of the white settee/sofa. We don't have children at home or even grandchildren (maybe one day) but we are messy enough on our own not to risk one!

Thank you for the laugh with the AA story. :-)

A bird in the hand said...

First, belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I find the mad pink cat utterly....normal.
I remember your No. 1 silly, and I've been known to do No. 2 silly. The last time I sewed through to my jeans was only last week!

bad penny said...

PS .I remember those sewing cards -Bless ! Mother in law is rather good at sewing and did it as a living. She mended my daughter's rip on her coar sleeve ...and sewed the whole thing together so DD couldn't get her arm through. DD & I did have a good giggle about it after MiL left !

Jackie said...

I enjoyed this. Your dad must have been a fit man.
Now, does Roobarb bear any resemblance to your hubby? Is he a good substitute?
I used to love roobarb and custard.It was a bit hard on the eyes with all the quivering colouring in.


I can tell you that having a pink cat for company has it's compensations. He hasn't hidden the TV remote control, he hasn't supplied me with endless piles of gym and squash kit to be washed, he didn't complain when I had garlic once this week and I've been allowed to stay up late whoooooo hoooooo!!! The only down side is that at night time he is ever so slightly "flourescent" ... a bit glow in the dark ... and that grin looks spooky around midnight!

The White Bench said...

Hi Carolyn,
I felt sooo good for what you said about my journals! Thank youuuu!!!
Love your hubby's pebble creation, such an artistic flair he has...
Love also the pink cat! Ha!

MargaretR said...

I love your cottage inglenook and I have a huge smile on my face after reading your 7 secrets. I dare say you would still be up Snowdon waving at me if your dad hadn't caught the train :)

AutumnSong said...

Hi Carolyn. Thanks for writing such a great, entertaining blog. Indeed a fellow magpie has become hooked. Custard does look at home on your logburner! Hope you had a fruitful weekend.

Are you curious about me? said...

Hi Caroline
Thanks for visiting Mycuriousteaparty, I hope you enjoyed your visit.
I'm enjoying your site so much I have added it to my list to follow, to see your work and to dream of moving to Cornwall, how lucky you are to have got there, I am so envious, enjoy every moment Caroline and keep posting your lovely blog, I shall continue to dream........
Oh and by the way I love the AA story it reminded me of my mum, thank you for sharing it with us, it did make me smile.
Well I hope your weekend was as good as mine
A childrens party complete with a crocodile... it was a baby one
Dinner with all the family..I was cooking.. it was lovely.
Friends 'big' birthday party including a live rock band in her front room.... its a very large room.
And no work done... I'm not sure if thats a good or a bad thing???

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Great post Carolyn : )
Love the look of your wood burner and cosy corner. I find the wood burner is such cheerful company on a gloomy winters day, you know the days when it's just dark and dreary not crisp and bright. I'm saving for a laptop so I can sit by it and read nice blogs instead of freezing my fingertips off in the other room like I did last winter hahaha. Nice to catch up with you again. Aileen.

Amy said...

Your home is gorgeous and it's such a delight that you and your dh love so many of the things..nature and the things in it. I wish my husband would look at the world with a different eye. Love the pebble art.

Morna said...

Your car alarm story is hilarious!