Wednesday, 16 September 2009

More blackberry rambles ...

♪ ♫ If I got you singing and dancing all around your hat this week (sorry about that!) - I just hope you've all been singing it in a "wibbly wobbly warbling" voice and having fun ♪ ♫

I had some fab comments on the last post including a suggestion by a dear friend that I book an eye test :o)

Another dear friend said the robin reminded her of "The Secret Garden". I love that idea. I still have my childhood copy of this cherished book, softly handled, nicely ageing, but it's in the attic so I'm going to get up there and find it this week

Last night, I didn't feel so well, so I went to bed really early (8 o'clock) with another favourite childhood book "The Willows in Winter" about ratty, badger, mole and toady

Don't you think the picture reminds you of my inglenook and dresser, although the chairs are in a different place ...

The mole sat toasting his toes in front of the fire. The winter wind howled safely outside, sending occasional flurries of soot down his chimney. He was thinking that things were nearly perfect, but not quite ... but he couldn't bring himself to say what he would like, which was to be left alone and snug in his cosy home, free to potter through the winter evening, not just for this evening, but for every evening to come!

The wind blew suddenly more violently all around the outside of his house, which was snug among the roots of a fallen old oak tree, and the doors rattled, and an ember of the beech log that was burning brightly on his fire crackled and shot onto his rug and smouldered there

"Don't worry!" said the unwelcome guest (his nephew) "I'll move it"

"I can do it myself, thank you very much" retorted Mole in a grumbly way, quite unlike his normal good-natured self

The mole thought perhaps he ought to try and make the best of things ...

"Well, I suppose if you have nothing else to do, you could make me a nice hot sloe and blackberry drink" he muttered ...

I only managed to read two pages before falling asleep. Must have been the thought of that hot sloe and blackberry drink

Speaking of blackberries ...

I couldn't wait any longer to see how the blackberry dye was doing

You can see, with time, that it's turned more purple than red in the tub

Actually, I couldn't have left it any longer as the tiniest spots of white mould were starting to appear. After thoroughly washing and rinsing the fabrics there was no trace of the mould at all

I was really happy to get pinky red mauves

and also heather purples and truer purples with a slight blue tone (think Violet Beauregarde after she's chewed the blueberry pie chewing gum!)

I've left the fabrics drying on the airer. I'll show them again when they are dry. They are such pretty shades :o)

Well, considering this is meant to be a textiley stitchy painty blog it seems just lately I've lost the plot and it's turning into "The Country Diary of a Rambling Person"

So I thought I'd better show some stitchy stuff. I think I've shown this before, probably on the other blog, but it's a mixed media piece I made a couple of years ago called "Copper Leaves"

It's scrim on a calico base with painted Tyvek, heat distressed sheers, leaves and stitch

Thank you for visiting and reading my rambles!

Now, according to Good Housekeeping from the 1950's, I am required to go and lie down for 15 minutes so I am fresh to hear all about my husband's day, touch up my lipstick, put a bow in my hair, tidy the children, have a gin and tonic handy and make the home a calm sanctuary for his homecoming!


libbyquilter said...

omg~!!~ do i love this post~!!~
ramble on, because i enjoy it so very much~!~
i must get that book~!!~ so very sweet ~ read me more, pleeeese~!!~
the dying turned out absolutely beautifully ~ so many gorgeous shades of pink, reds, bluey lavenders, oh yummmmmmy~!!~ (and i had a good laugh at the Willy Wonnka comparison that you made.) makes me want to give it a try~!~
your stitchery pieces are stunning as usual~!~ i so admire the organic quality of your beautiful work~!!!~

a WONDERFUL post~!!~


The White Bench said...

Oh Carolyn, I DO LOVE your mixed media project and that fabulous mauve colour!
AND I I am a great believer in what Good Housekeeping suggested for a marriage to work;)) except for the gin and tonic thing!!!!

Jackie said...

Blackberry juice next to custard is one of my favourite sights!
Yellow next. These pinks an d purples are fantastic.

Julie said...

I like the idea of the gin and tonic :o))

The blackberry dyeing is gorgeous, wish I'd done some now. I think I may be a bit late.

I'm intrigued by how you get the music symbols and the little heart I've seen you use. Is it a special add-on?

I loved Johnny Depp in Willy Wonka, thank you for conjuring up the memory. :o)

Lyn said...

Oh my word, mine will be lucky if I can muster up the energy to do his tea!
Love your home dying, gret colours.

Clevelandgirlie said...

I imagine.......
if angels made art - this is what it would look like.

Diane said...

I think they used to drink a lot of Gin in the 50's !! What a lovely post. I'm inspired to have a go at dying with Blackberries. Hope you feel better today. xxx

Cathy Cullis said...

lovely to see your blackberry results, thanks for sharing Carolyn, best wishes Cathy

mimilove forever said...

Hope you're feeling brighter...and I also hope that on husbands return he will be found gardening and other manly type chores whilst wearing a suit :)

Gorgeous blackberry work!

Doreen G said...

Great colours Carolyn.
I would need the gin and tonic to be able to get all the other things done.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I must go blackberry picking, the colours that you have got are to dye for!
Keep up your rambling please, I enjoy reading your blog.
I hope that you are feeling better today

Diva Kreszl said...

Yeah right! Let me know how the Good Housekeeping thing goes...

Jacky said...

I love your rambles too! Often think of Toady and Mole myself..such a wonderful story.

Boy...cant wait for my blackberries to come out this year. LOVE the colours/hues from the blackberry dyeing.

I was wondering, have you ever tried using the stamens etc. from day lillies? I noticed some had dropped onto a cloth at home and stained quite permanently.

Beautiful stitched piece...thanks for sharing.

Great tip from Good Housekeeping. About to log off and freshen up (he hee!).

Jacky xox

jeanamarie said...

the blackberry dyed fabrics came up really well - they look so nice drying there all together too :)

{ps - did you see i posted instructions for watercolour leaf prints yesterday? i did :) }

Pat said...

A perfectly delightful post. all the ramblings are just fine and if you ask me they all go just where they ought. from and to creative minds.

about that 50s admonition. interesting how that sentiment appears in various guises every once in a while. The Total Woman ..... and then alexandra stoddard. and others with their one sided views of male/female roles and lives. what can they be thinking? or do they?

great writing. wonderful rambles. i'll ramble with you anytime.....

bad penny said...

ramble on's lovely ! how funny greeting the husband in a cocktail dress G & T in in bed ..dinner nearly ready...slippers & pipe by his comfy chair !!! doesn't happen in our house hold !

Ticking stripes said...

Carolyn , great post again - I must look up sloes on the internet so I can go and pick some - not sure what they look like! Thanks for the offer re the stamps I'd love them - thats really kind of you. My e-mail is if it owuld be better to take this off line.

Art4Sol said...

I don't think I've ever read the Wind in the Willows...oh my!
The colors look wonderful!

Aida Costa said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog Carolyn! I had no idea about your Love Stitching Red blog, it's terrific too!

I'm in love with your blackberry experiments. Do you use a mordant of any kind?

I noticed on your profile that you're into heavy metal and hard rock too - omg, I don't feel like a lone freak anymore, LOL. It seems rare in the textile and mixed media world :)


Gina said...

That blackberry dyeing is wonderful - what gorgeous colours.

fiona d said...

I loved this - the bramble dyeing - luscious colours, and the sojourn with Mole, and the husband cherishing tips - mine is away for 3 months so I will probably have a dozen bows in my hair when I see him again!

Gunnels blog said...

Beautiful colours, beutiful mixed medai stitching and a beautiful post, as usaul! And I hope you feel better !!!

Dot said...

I love your blog Carolyn and your ramblings :) You are a breath of fresh air in the blogging world! Oooh....I do like the looks of the fabric you dyed. Luscious colors.
Wind in the Willows is one of my all time favorite stories.
Thankyou for sharing your stitched piece. You do such lovely work.
Hope you are feeling much better today. And I like the idea of the gin and tonic!
Dot x

Pom Pom said...

The Wind in the Willows scene is heavenly! I loved the story, especially the snug parts. Mr. Toad is funny and extravagant. All your creativity with the fruits of the earth inspire and encourage me! I'm looking forward to red maple leaves falling soon! xopp

blueberries in the fields said...

love reading your ramblings and i like the image of your storybook. winter is coming soon and even though i love summers best, i love the cozyness of being indoors and knit by the fire.
your fabric turned out really nice, the colors are so rich !
thanks for stopping by and come again, i will be doing a giveway soon ! No worries, no stories to write. :)
happy week end to you xoxo

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Carolyn,

Oh, How I love your rambling on and on and on!!!! VBG

WOW. I absolutely LOVE the amazing results from your Blackberry dying pot. They are ALL my very favorites colors. Love them all.

Your Autumn art piece is lovely too. Wonderful post. I have bought some blackberries and must try dying all kinds of fibers soon. Thanks for sharing bits from St. Ives. Hugs Judy

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Love the natural reds and purples, the glorious leaves and the squirrel pics of these two posts.

Your 'copper leaves' are really lovely Carolyn, well done. Bye for now. Lesley

Sheri said...

Hi, I just found your blog and I loved reading it! I'll be back!
I'm a wool dyer, but can't get any blackberries from our bushes because the birds get them first. Please visit my blog too.

A bird in the hand said...

Love your rambles! And your stitchery.
The Wind in the Willows was a favourite book when I was a child. I must have read it countless times (Toad's adventures used to frighten me, I remember that). I still have a copy somewhere.

Catharina Maria said...

I love this color , its great !
Love , Rini

jude said...

the color is well....delicious. ha!

Barbara Johnson said...

Oh those colors...I'm going to give it a shot (the colors not the gin)!