Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Not Summer, Not Autumn, Not The Beatles

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for all the lovely comments left on my recent posts. I have enjoyed hearing from you all

We are now celebrating a new month, so I've started by making a calender for September

Our bank holiday weekend started off nicely with an unplanned night out watching "Not The Beatles" in The Lifeboat pub on Friday night. St. Ives is very, very busy at the moment with many holidaymakers. The pub was heaving and there was a great party atmosphere

I've lost count of the number of times I've seen "Not The Beatles". They are a local band who hail from Hayle and so they play St. Ives quite often. We always enjoy watching them every time, it's such a great night out, if you ever get the chance to see them! The fab four will be playing in The Lifeboat again during the St. Ives Festival in September (Friday 18th) - we will be there again!

Last time I saw them I got completely "pickled" and I confess to pinching the band's flyer from the ladies loo and getting the band to autograph it. Here you can see I've got "Not Ringo's" last ever autograph!

On Sunday my sister came to stay for a week. We went for a walk to the top of Knill Monument. The Monument is one of the highest points in St. Ives. Usually, there are some very nice views from the top but the Cornish mizzle blew in shrouding the countryside in mist

On the way, I picked 4 lbs of blackberries, 1 lb of St. John's Wort berries and gathered some seedheads and leaves. I will be using the St. John's Wort berries and some of the blackberries to dye fabrics and threads and will be posting my natural dyeing experiments with the berries soon. Most of the blackberries will be made into blackberry and apple jam, bramble jelly and a mixed fruit crumble


St. John's Wort berries

A lonely berry from the St. John's Wort plant

Our bank holiday weekend weather has been so unstable ... warm sunshine one moment ... very heavy rain the next ..... that it doesn't feel like Summer any more but it's not quite Autumn yet either. So I thought I would post a last burst of Summer inspired photos

Boat made from driftwood

Peeling paint from boats in the harbour at The Lizard

PZ boat

Boat made from driftwood

Watercolour pebbles

I'll be back with the berry dye experiments soon as well as photos from Geevor and Levant. In the meantime, have a good week!


Clevelandgirlie said...

What "holiday" is it for you?

YOU - pickled???? Oh heavens! I can't imagine that (wink!)
I just saw The Beatles Anthology Part I over the weekend. Have you seen it? It starts when the guys were lads, and tells about how they met, and their lives etc. Part II is on next week about the psychedellic years and I'm guessing the sad events that follow. Huge Beatles fan here - JOhn Lennon will always be my number one.

Love the peeling paint pictures - oh so pretty.
Do enjoy your week.

Diane said...

What lovely colours. You see things with a lovely artists eye. I would have loved to have seen the Not the Beatles band - perhaps one year I could be your drinking pal! - although we might get into too much bother!! I think your mate Steve over at Stives cornwall blog has fallen out with me. I left him a comment that he didnt publish!! He basically "rubished" tourists who visit in summer and I took enormous offense.

Julie said...

Lovely post Carolyn and beautiful collage of the PZ boat. I've been dyeing with blueberries after your blog last week and I'll post the results, probably tomorrow.

I was a great Beatles fan in my yoof and we've seen the Bootleg Beatles who were great and brought back lots of memories.

Lyn said...

Lovely post!

Diane said...

I do have an email - diane008@btinternet.com and I do prefer your blog - so much more my cup of tea. Would love to hear from you. xxx

Erica said...

you've made me remember blackberry picking when I was a child, we would come home with buckets full, but now they have been declared a noxious weed (in Australia) and you can't find a plant anywhere...and they were great for dye - my mum could have confirmed that!

Chrissie said...

great post! fancy you getting pickled ...
We picked loads of fruit of the 'noxious weed' at the weekend - scrummy!

Pom Pom said...

Love the boats! Not the Beatles sound like joyful entertainment! Thank you for sharing!
It's still very summer-like in Denver. I am in love with September, though. It's so full of promise. I hope you have lots of sisterly fun this week! Does she know how amazing you are?

jude said...

love all those berries. picking berries is close to my heart!

Gunnels blog said...

Lovely post and pictures as usaul! We have the same weather here, sometimes warm, and sometimes those heavy rain......but I like that it is september now, I feel more creative now, hope for a good creative autumn!
Thank you for your kind words on my blog!!!

The White Bench said...

It is always a pleasure to have you visit, Carolyn!
Love that wooden boat, it is so cute! And blackberries...mmmmmmm!!!!!!
Hope we all have a beautiful September, rich in creativity and (hopefully) pleasant sunny days to enjoy Autumn at its full!

jeanamarie said...

mmmmm! feeling totally jealous over the blackberries!

libbyquilter said...

a great end of summer post~!~
the peeling paint mosaic is lovely and i think would make awesome gift cards~!!~
and the boats are so primitive and wonderful~!!~did you make them~!?!~