Saturday, 24 October 2009


Call it a clan
Call it a network
Call it a tribe
Call it a family

Whatever you call it
Whoever you are
You need one

Jane Howard

I enjoy blogging and I've made some really nice friendships through my blog. I feel like we are in our own little world, an upbuilding network of fun, friendship, warmth, encouragement and creativity

It's been a little while since I blogged properly here. In that time, I have achieved most of the things I needed to get done, mostly stuff to do with work

During my blog break I had my first "blind date" with a blogging friend

I met up with Julie, who was down with her husband on holiday in St. Ives, and I knew before we met that we would get on like a house on fire. I was right. Julie is such a lovely lady and we fell into an easy conversation and friendship and I felt like we had known each other for years. We had a nice time wandering through St. Ives and spent a long time having tea and blueberry muffins at Porthgwidden Cafe overlooking the bay

Birds ...

... in all shapes, sizes and degrees of fluffiness ...

... lined up to help finish off the blueberry muffins ...

Julie and I exchanged gifts and we showed each other pieces of textile work and sketchbooks and talked, talked, talked. I will show you Julie's gifts to me separately as part of my celebration of colour I am having here

Afterwards we visited a few galleries and didn't stop nattering all afternoon, ending up drinking more tea in their rented cottage overlooking the harbour!

I met up with Julie and her husband a second time when we went out for a drink to The Sloop. Her DH was delighted because the weather was rough that day and he was able to get some superb photographs of the spectacular waves and surf crashing up over Lambeth Walk. He kindly gave me permission to show you one of his photographs of the waves crashing over but if you want to see more of his stunning photography click here

Thanks Julie's DH!

I have been involved in some lovely swaps with blogging friends recently. I received these lovely pieces of silver fabric, mesh and adorable charms from Cathie

and these silver and white fabrics, yarns and bits and bobs were part of a fab package from Connie

and this lace too

The words are from The Willows in Winter

More silver charms from Cathie on a linen band sent from Connie

A card from Natasha (see below)

I have long admired the art work of Natasha Newton  (A Blackbird Sings). I bought a couple of her postcards/art sticker packs to stick in my sketchbooks. Her artwork is distinctive and always features either trees, landscapes or black birds ... all things I love ...

I think you can see why I love these

This one was photographed on top of a book called "Fabric Art Journals" which I got on ebay. I couldn't believe my luck - I got it for just 99p

Natasha's landscapes remind me a little of the beautiful illustrations in one of my favourite books called "Rook" by Deborah King

I have also had on my wish list for quite a while one of Michala's beautiful stitched tree landscapes. I recently comissioned a small piece from her in grey and silver and I really love it

Silver Tree

I knew it would come beautifully stitched and that the colours would work for me. The white and silver threads perfectly resemble a heavy frost or snow which is what I was looking for. Michala also kindly included some postcards of her work, which I am showing here as part of my celebration of colour series

Beautiful details


Now it's time for a blog giveaway

I am offering some creative textile art/craft inspiration packs put together by me. The packs will be put together with the recipient in mind, therefore I can't show them here just yet, but they will include inspiring pictures, fabrics, distressed sheers, metallic fabrics, craft papers, fibres, threads, yarns, beads, buttons, charms, textile bits and bobs, hand painted textured pieces created by me, Tyvek pieces, Tyvek beads made by me, metal, wire and a crafted item that I will make especially for the winners

Does that sound ok?

This is all you have to do to enter. Leave a comment here telling me:

1. Your favourite colour
2. Your favourite theme
3. Your favourite season

There will be three prizes. All entries will be put in the pointy hat and the winners will be announced on HALLOWEEN - 31st October 2009 - GOOD LUCK!


Lyn Armstrong said...

Hi Carolyn,
Just discovered your blog.
Fave colour green
Fave theme mountains
Fave season autumn

Have added you to my blog list as I am sure the Embroiderers' Guild ladies will enjoy reading it,

Pom Pom said...

I'm hurrying and hurrying but had to stop by and enter this extreme dose of fun-ness!
Favorite color: bubble gum PINK
Favorite THEME: paper dolls
Favorite season: NOW!
More later . . I love the impact you are having on bloggy friends all over the globe. You inspire and encourage! SUCH a lovely mission!

kromosapien said...

kro for miki..."carolyn i think this is the lovliest blog post i have seen, your artistry in your blog is beautiful, i look forward always to your posting and the photo entry just a note...threadstar

Corryna Janssen said...

It is lovely that you put up this blog giveaway.

My favorite colour is dark red
My favorite theme is nature
My favorite season is spring, as I just love the fresh green leaves and the good weather. It brings us out of our houses.

Thank you for all your lovely posts on this blog. I will continue to follow these.


Penny said...

So glad your back with your wonderful blog!Your posts are always so full of little treasures and are an inspiration. Sounds like you had a fantastic time with your blogging friend. Love the spectacular wave photo.

Favourite colour blue
Favoutite season Spring
Favourite theme Sea

marjay said...

Favourite Colour - Beige
Favourite Season - Autumn

Clevelandgirlie said...

I almost feel greedy entering - but who am I to turn away from such a delicious contest!!
Favorite Color - Plum or Green
Favorite Theme - Ocean or Leaves
Favorite Season - oh Autumn!

I marvel at the way you photographed your little trinkets. Those photos in and of themselves are ART. You are one arty little girl!

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Hi Carolyn,
I love all those goodies you got! There are so many creative people out here in blogland.

Thank you for your generous giveaway.
Color: teal
Theme: beach
Season: summer

Diane said...

Porthgwidden Cafe - my favorite!! we try every year to get the window seat - and fail!! I'll have to try and book it in advance next year!!
Fave Colour - Blue
Theme - Sea side
Season - Summer if its hot, but Autumn never lets me down.

Chris Gray said...

Lovely post again! I really enjoy reading what you like to share with us all...

Fav colour - purply-red
(used to be blue, but I've changed!)

Fav theme - medieval music
(Lots going on with this right now)

Fav season - summer
(just need the warmth these days...)

Hope I'm lucky :-)

x Chris

Tally said...

Your blog is so great!

Color: blueish green / blue
Theme: travel and connect
Season: spring

In Dec. I'm taking part in a month-long "connectness" if you can call it so here in Germany, featured by seelenruhig/eu/sr. The rule is to make something out of only whites. For me it will be of course a fabric page.
So it would be great to win a package from you from which I could use things. They sound delicious and I would love to connect more internationally.

Thanks for all your ideas

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Hi Carolyn,
What fantastic images. I've never heard of Natasha Newton so I'm off to google her. I met up with Julie last night and we had a great time.
I would love to be part of your bloggy give away(I will have fingers and toes crossed for my very first success)
favourite colour - purple
favourite theme (at the mo) - birds
favourite season - Autumn

ger said...

I enjoyed this merry mishmash of a post... - and such a desirable give-away, please count me in... (colour: grey - theme: a nature-poetry-free-form-mix, I guess - season: autumn, of course...)

TheMadHouse said...

I am so glad you are back. I am a long time lurker coming our of my shell!!

Favourite Colour Green (at the moment)
Fav theme starts
Fav season spring

A bird in the hand said...

I don't know if I should enter...but I will (still waiting for the mailman :(
I would love anything you put together, especially in creams and sepias, and a touch of red!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Love the artwork displayed on this post Carolyn and the photos - so much talent!!!

Good luck with the giveaway - I look forward to seeing what the eventual winner creates with such glorious goodies. BFN. Lesley

libbyquilter said...

yahooo~!!~ you're back~!~
and with yet another beautifully fun post . . . love the artwork of Natasha Newton and all of the other lovely bits you've shown . . . the "frosty" trees are gorgeous~!~

and a give-away too~!~yipppeeee~!!!~

fave color: i really cannot say as it just depends on my mood and what i'm working on and what colors happen to be in front of me at the moment . . . i just LOVE color in general~!~
fave theme: hhmmmmm . . . nests, birds, vines, shells, pods, and other organic stuff
fave season: SUMMER (now this one i'm absolutley positively sure about~!!~)


JP said...

glad to see you back in full flood!!!!!!!!
fave colour - blue
fave theme ; the sea
fave season - late spring/early summer

love all the things in this blog - really want to do a ' prper' art journal over these winter months until the daylight returns!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm coming out of long-time lurkdom not only to enter your fun giveaway, but to say how much I enjoyed the pictures you had in this post. Each one is fabulous and such a delight to the eye. Thank you for such pretty eye candy on what is a very dull & yucky day here.
Fave colour: Blue/purple
Fave theme: trees/flowers/sky
Fave season: summer
Mary Anne

Sherry said...

Love your interesting blog and thanks for the opportunity of entering your giveaway.

Colour: Lilac/purple
Theme: Anything vintage
Season: Autumn

lemonade kitty said...

Hi Carolyn, I would love to enter your giveaway
Favourite colour white
Favourite theme fairies
Favourite season winter
Thank you so much...Love lucey xx

Heloise said...

Great photographs at the beginning of your interesting post.
Would love to be included in your blog giveaway.
Favourite colour = bright warm pink
Favourite theme = hearts
Favourite season = early summer when all the wonderful pink, purple, blue and orange flowers appear

jude said...

well truthfully i have no favorite color but i do love indigo and also ochre. and theme, well i do love animals and seasons, well i always love the one i am in at the moment. how's that?

Annica said...

Hi Carolyn,
Of course I'll put my name in your hat. :-)

Favourite colour Orange
Favoutite season Summer!!!
Favourite theme Flowers


Cerejeira said...

Hello Carol,
I love St Ives is just a dream!!!
One thing that i notice is that ervery artist from there nows their color very well all to do with the sun light you get...scientific explanation...rsrsr your blog
take care

Chris said...

I'm relatively new to your blog but have been enjoying it. Nice wave!

Fave color: aqua-green-blue
Fave theme: decay
Fave season: fall


Twyla and Lindsey said...

What a wonderful idea!
My favorite color is blue
Favorite theme is vintage
Favorite season is summer
Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

patstudio said...

here i am.....
favorite color: blue;
favorite season: spring
favorite theme: women

and what a fun idea!

The Garden Bell said...

Fav Colour - Rainbow..ok, raspberrie

Fav theme - garden, mountain wild flowers

Fav Season - Spring

Thanks so much for the sweet comments, I am so glad you let me know about your little giveaway. Just what I needed today to cheer me up on this gloomie Saturday here outside the windy city.

Each and everyone of your pictures and words were adorable today. Did you know that "Rook" is a card game over here. It's taken very seriously much like rummy or gin rummy....

That artist is wonderful. I just love her simplicity. Off to check you links.

xoxxoxo The Garden Bell - Kate

Brenda said...

hi carolyn favourite season is spring, favourite colour is red, favourite theme is love.....
hope I am lucky!
Linda x Aefondkis at my friends laptop!

Menopausal musing said...

What a delightful post: so rich and varied.

Favourite colour: dark reddy black (closet Goth!)
Favourite theme: Flowers
Favourite Season: Spring


jackie said...

Thanks for your comments as always.
My favourite colour some shade of purple.
Season - Spring.
Theme - whatever takes me over in the moment.

Gunnels blog said...

Hi Carolyn! And thanks again, I really love your gifts! So you don´t count me in here!!! But here are my fave:
Favourite colour blue
Favoutite season summer
Favourite theme Sea
but I also love autumn, and spring of course :-) but I don´t like the winter.
Beautiful post and photos as usaul! I have done a parcel for you !!!

simone said...

What a great idea for a give away. My favourite colour is green, my favourite theme is fish and my favourite season is automn.
Love from a rainy Holland, Simone.

Libertybelle said...

Hi Carolyn
Your blogs are so inspiring- I love reading them and I'm pleased I looked in on you today!
My favourite colour- pink/purple
My favourite theme-flowers
My favourite season- summer
Keep up the good work

Julie said...

We had a great time didn't we? YOur photos of the starlings are wonderful, much better than the ones I got. Very sweet! Thank you for both the links to my and my DH's blogs.

You have had some beautiful treasures from friends and Michala's work is ezquisite, no wonder you are delighted. I will have a look at Natasha's work, I can indeed see why you like it.

Well, I can't resist the chance of such a generous giveaway:

Favourite colour: Turquoise hotly followed by gold
Favourite theme: The sea - you'd never guess, would you?
Favourite Season: I love the Spring for its light and promise and for the burgeoning growth and colours. All those beautiful zingy greens!

Welcome back to blogging. Glad you got most of your stuff done.

Kitschen Pink said...

Ooh this is fun - I've been watching the other blog!
Favourite colour - green/pink/blue - sort of depends which day you ask me - today it's sunshine yellow - 'cos I need some!
Favourite theme - food -cakes, chocolate, ice-creams all in colourful china - just makes me smile.
Favourite Season - the one I'm in.

sorry - that's all a bit long winded isn't it - I'm just far too fickle for favourites of anything! t.x

Doreen G said...

Great post Carolyn-fabulous photos and a give-away--whoohoo.
Favourite colour--Purple(well I am nearly seventy you know)
Favourite theme--I love butterflies
Favourite Season--Autumn

silverpebble said...

What a wonderful post Carolyn. You have a tree from Michala? I saw it over at her blog. It's exquisite. I also read about your lovely-sounding meet-up with Julie. You lucky things!

What a very exciting giveaway - it sounds as though the winners are going to receive serious treasure.

My favourite colour? Teal or it's paler cousins - duck-egg blue or the colour of a wintry sky.
Favourite theme? The sea and the treasure to be found on the beach (did you SEE Julie's seaglass?). Favourite season? Spring.

Thanks for popping me in the hat - it's great to see you back.

Gina said...

Such a lovely post Carolyn and so good to see you back. Such hard questions... I'm useless at decisions...

Fav colours... blue/purple
Fav season... spring (so full of promise)... or maybe autumn???
Fave theme... the sea said...

hi carolyn,
my english ist not good, and i don't know if i understand all right...

thanks for your wonderful blogcandy!

my favorite color:

my favorit theme: light and shadows

my favorite season: winter

have a good time,bye

ikkinlala said...

My favourite colour is blue (most of the time), my favourite theme is water, and my favourite season is fall.

That tree is gorgeous!

christine said...

Hello Carolyn! I discover your interesting blog. It's very nice.
My favorite color is blue, favorite theme trees, witches and my favorite season is autumn.

Lyn said...

You know I just can't resist a giveaway, please put my name in the witches hat!
Fav colour-yellow
fav theme-cats
fave season spring,

Dotti said...

H Carolyn,

I have been enjoying both your blogs...especially the dying with naturals!

color: reds/red browns as seen in autumn leaves

theme: botonicals

season: autumn

Tracy said...

Have missed your blogging Carolyn, not only to admire your beautiful art works but also the reminder of sights, sounds, smells and the fickle weather of back home.
Here are my favs :-
Colour - Greens
Theme - Trees / leaves
Season - Autumn

So glad you and Julie got together, can imagine the wonderful time you had strolling around St Ives :)

jeanamarie said...

Thanks Carolyn for letting me know about your giveaway, and what a lovely post :)

I am always too complicated with favourites, but here goes!

colour: too see: red but sometimes blue, to work with: whites

theme: protecting/nurturing and inner beauty

season: summer in the USA, spring in Australia

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend!

pippirose said...

I love your blog!
My favourite colour--rust.
My favourite theme--owls, birds, trees.
My favourite season--Autumn.

pippirose59 at gmail dot com

Thimble Fingers said...

What a lovely gesture ...
my favourite colour is purple or shades thereof;
favourite theme is countryside;
favourite season is spring with all its bursts of colour.

Lynn said...

Such fun. The art on your blog especially all that you gleaned from others bowls me over with joy to see.

As for the generous thoughtful give away I am colored in Fall colors, orange/brown/gold/green/red
Fall season/and theme Fun!

Anonymous said...

1. Your favourite colour - Green-Gold (or maybe Aubergine)
2. Your favourite theme - Woodland
3. Your favourite season - Fall

Gina said...

I'm new around these parts! Enjoying all the new discoveries I'm making though, and your work is very inpsiring.
Favourite colour: beige/cream/white
Favourite theme: nature, whimsy
Favourite season: Autumn

The White Bench said...

OH MY GOSH; Carolyn!
First, your book is FABULOUS! Can't believe you had it for 99p!!!!!!!
And about the giveaway... mmm. let me think... I love sooo many things!!
I cannot choose a favorite among Blue, White and Red, Nature (birds, nests, shells, ocean, flowers, leaves...) is my Inspiration, and my favourite Season is Autumn, even if each time of year has something special to give us!
I'm off to create, you inspired me ALOT with this post!

Jacky said...

Carolyn I love the postcards (and as soon as I post this comment going to check out the link). Beautiful fabric art too...l swooned!
Please put me in your draw for the wonderful prizes.
my favourite colour = green
my favourite theme = nature
my favourite season =autumn

So pleased you achieved all of your goals in your little break...always a great sense of achievement!

Jacky xox

bad penny said...

what a really beautiful post... thank you. I'm doing a give away at the hen house ( scroll back ) still time to join in & I've been Kreatin' in the linen shelf ... would love your opinion !

So my favourite colour- I don't know it's name.. red almost brown like old rust.

Favourite theme - Edwardian

Favourite season - Autumn I come alive after the summer !

bad penny said...

OOPs ! you were the first to enter my give away sorry !

It's been hard putting together a hen related parcel this time of year ! I shall do another " funky " one at Easter - wanted to keep this one classy

Loving your post ...I could be here a long time. Ah well, we have an extra hour today !!! xx

Dot said...

Hi Carolyn
Your blog is a feast for the senses! I caught up with my friend Jacky today for a felting afternoon. And we were saying how lovely you were and how much we love visiting your blog.
You are very thoughtful and generous to do a giveaway. Would love to throw my cap into the ring :)
My favorite color is green
Fevorite theme is birds
Favorite season is Spring.
So pleased you and Julie had such a lovely time together. She seems like a sweetheart and so are you.
Big hugs from Australia.
Dot xx

purplecat said...

I just became a follower :)

my fav colour is purple
my fav theme is hearts
my fav season is spring


meplusmolly said...

Wow! you have a lot of bits of paper to put in a hat here!!
Beautiful post as always, great images. Fantastic wave pic from DH.
Am sure you'll have fun putting this giveaway parcel together! ;0 x

Murgelchen94 said...

Hi Carolyn,

thanks for your ideas and your blog.
My colour is indian summer
My theme LIVE in any form
My season is autumn

Thanks for Carolyn

Hugs Helga

imac said...

Pointy hat?? I knew you were a little Cornish
Great post Carolyn.

mairedodd said...

good morning - what an incredible post... it left me realizing that i had a hunger for what you shared & didn't even know it...
favorite colour - brown (though i am open to all colors in a natural palette)
favorite theme - earthy, woodsy, peace
favorite season - autumn

AutumnSong said...

Hi Carolyn. It's such a small world. I've loved Natasha's work for ages. Glad your back to blogging. Miss reading the little tidbits of fun and looking at your lovely piccies.
Anyway to answer your 3 questions
My fave colour is copper
My fave theme is nature
and of course
My fave season is Autumn

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Hi Carolyn
Another lovely post of wonderful photos. I have managed to get a copy of the book Crow, it is on its way to me as I type.
I would love to enter your 'Blog Giveawy'.
Farourit colour-blue
Favouriote theme- nature
Favourite season- Autumn, the colours and textures in nature are just so inspiring!

Jacquelines blog said...

Well you really catched up here Carolyn:-) I would love to join
favorite colour: black
favorite theme:spirals or fossils
favorite season: definately Summer

ewa-christine said...

I am 65...............and this is a nice number. Carolyn so many are.......!!
What a work you done and so many nice photos. I am so imp....(spelling again) but you understand.
Always nice and always kind....yes the bloggworld is special!!
Have a nice day and take care....!!

freebird said...

Glad to see you've got some of your backlog cleared away. That can really kill one's creativity. Getting mail such as you've gotten lately though, inspires creativity so I hope to see you having really renewed energy for creating.

My favorite color are primaries and secondaries. I just can't label one a favorite. Brights over pastels. Color isn't simple.

Favorite season is autumn.

My favorite theme is happy. Can that be a theme? I don't know but I try to only make happy art whatever the subject is.

That was a great shot of the waves crashing. So glad you could actually meet up with a blogger pal.

ArtPropelled said...

Sounds wonderful!Thanks for the 3 chances to win your blog giveaway.

Fave colours same as in Natasha's cards.
Fave theme birds, nature, weathered wood.
Fave season Autumn.

Lovely newsy post! I especially enjoyed your walk/talk with Julie and the spotty bird as well as Natasha Newtons art.

Connie Rose said...

Thanks for this delightful opportunity, Carolyn! My faves:
And thanks for being a loyal blog reader of mine...and for introducing me to yours, which I've just subscribed to!

jojo said...

I just discovered your blog today. On top of the great find - a giveaway.

Robin's egg blue

Robbie said...

1. Your favourite colour - earth tones
2. Your favourite theme - leaves
3. Your favourite season - fall
so nice to have met up with blogging friends isn't it!

Fiona Whitehead said...

Hi Carolyn - what a gorgeous giveaway - so personal - I would so love to win.

My favourite colour is Green
My favourite theme is nature
My favourite season is autumn

Hens Teeth said...

Hey popular thing you! Just wanted to say that this is a beautiful and lovely post and I hope one day I get to have coffee and cake with you too. x

Sue Leslie said...

What a lovely idea
My favourites are turquoise,the sea and spring.
Unfortunately in Yorkshire today it is grey, overcast and autumnal but working with bright colours can lift the spirits.

Guzzisue said...

always up for a give away

red/purple ( no surprise there then)
theme- no sure maybe islands at the moment :-)

Will post full photo of the rug underneath the spinning wheel real soon

Marloes said...

Hi Carolyn,
do we indeed need a network of friends, family and/or inspiring people.
My favo color is blue, mu theme most of the time includes people and my favorite season is spring, but when I lived in the US it was fall (those striking colors of the trees of upstate NY)Continue to be inspiring!
Greetings from Holland,

Amy said...

WOW, look at those waves crashing in. I LOVE that..must have been such a wonderful sound. I love your blog because you are so in touch with nature and it's surroundings! I think as artists we see the world in a diff. light..we appreciate the color's and the details!
Thanks for the invite to your blog giveaway!
I'd be delighted to have the chance to win.
And mostly thank you for visiting my blog and being my friend!

I love the birds and I enjoyed seeing the swap items you received..the charms will be so fun to work with! Be Happy-Be Creative.

ArtPropelled said...

Sounds wonderful!
Fave colour
Fave theme birds, nature, weathered wood
Fave season Autumn
Lovely post

Maria Dent said...

Hi Carolyn, Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.
Hears my favs
Colour - turquiose
theme - leaves
season - autumn

Thanks for this oppotunity x

Jan said...

Oh my, 79 comments already, I have little hope of winning but it won't matter because finding your blog is worth it. Still, it won't hurt to enter.


The WestCountryBuddha said...

Hiya Carolyn. I whizzed over to your blog and already you have 80 comments!! Must be a record!. I'm not surprised as it is a lovely giveaway; very original!

Anyway, I'd love to be included too if I could?
Colour - burn orange
Theme = seeds
Season = Autumn

Kayla coo said...

Hi Carolyn,
I just wanted to say thank you.xx
Love your blog post and feel very privileged to be a part of it.
Michala x

Deborah said...

What a wonderful giveaway!
Fave color: blue
Fave theme: leaves, trees, mountains
Fave season: autumn

Ruth said...

deep purple (eggplant)
tree bark

I'm having a give away on my blog too, so if you'd like some woolly goodies, do stop by and leave a comment.

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Such a beautiful post Carolyn.I like how your work makes me want to take time out from the business of making to sell and think about what it is I actually like. The inspiration I get from you makes me want to dig out sketch books and potter and plester with bits and bobs and just create for the fun of it : ) Well I do that anyway but when making for fairs and shops you sometimes have to make what other people want.

My favourite colours are the purple on a lady Mallard Duck's wing and the Turquoise of the sea around the Island of Iona.

I love sea themes

and I like Spring for the light and colour and promise of warmth and travel : )

Ticking stripes said...

Hi Carolyn, beautiful post as ever.
Fave colour - green - every last shade of it, theme - floral, season - spring.
Love Wend

Sonia said...

Oh thanks a lot Carolyn for letting me know, what a very special giveaway you're hosting !
Your post today was so nice to read ... what a joy to meet one of your net friends ! I'm planning a big trip to the US/Canada next summer with my family & I cannot imagine going there without meeting my best friends living in that area !
I'm sure you have pretty special memories of that day !

I would love to enter my name for the giveaway, so please count me in. My favorite color (as much as this is a tough question for me as I love all the colors of the world) may be red (like holly berries red), my favorite theme has to be nature (botany but birds too), and my favorite season ... um, autumn, yes.
Thank you Carolyn for such a lovely post & for hosting such an amazing giveaway !
Have a great week next week ! xoxo

Aida Costa said...

What a generous Giveaway! Here are my answers for My Favourite:

Colour: Fuchsia
Theme: Op Art
Season: Autumn

I love stopping by your blog, your pictures are always such a treat :)

BT said...

I have come to your blog from Lynn. What an amazing wealth of colour, photos, stitching and information I found here too. I don't know whether I'm allowed to enter your draw as a 'newby' but if so, here would be my answers.

Favourite colour: dark reds
Favourite theme: leaves, flowers
Favourite season: Autumn.

I am now going to peruse some more!

Approachable Photos said...

Hi Carolyn! Neat give-away. :D

Ok, my answers, then:

1. All colors are my favorites... I require color the way we all require air, and the full spectrum of colors that the human eye can see is what makes me passionate about my art.
2. Favorite theme would probably be growth and death in nature. I'm fascinated by it.
3. Favorite season is absolutely the summer, despite the extremes her ein temperatures and humidity.

Mademoiselle G said...

Hi Carolyn! Such a pleasure to read your blog :-)

Favorite color: think I love them all, but these days I would say moss green.
Favorite theme: portrait
Favorite season: autumn

Melanie Uys said...

Hi Carolyn
My favourite colours are purples~reds~silvers~golds
My favourite themes are birds~fishes~love
My favourite season is Autumn

See you soon! Love Melanie x x

Carol said...

I just came over from flickr to find this nbeautiful post with very inspiring pictures. I totally agree with you Carolyn, our blog and flickr arts and crafts community is something special because we are all kindered souls and through these mediums can find like minded friends everywhere in the world :)

Your costum made give away sounds fantastic to me!

I love neutral colors like snow white, sepia/cream/beige and brown and also silver & gold best at the moment
My favorite theme right now are silhouettes/paper cuttings
and my favorite season is Winter/Christmas

I wish you a beautiful autumn season!


Elizabeth Armstrong said...

Thankyou for your generous offer!
How very wonderful!
Your blog is just so inspiring and
I love checking it out!

Here are my faves:
Fave colour: Brights
Fave theme: Birds/Trees
Fave Season: Autumn

Happy creating

Corinna Nitschmann said...

Dear Carolyn, here am I too.
Color: shades of blue
Theme: birds, leaves, trees
Season: autumn - a warm, wonderful colored, spicy scented blanket on my shoulders which gives me the feeling of contemplation

Thanx for your wonderful blog.

Digital Misfit said...

What an amazing giveaway! The gift of creative inspiration is the best sort.

My favorite color is green (earthy, natural greens)
My favorite theme is trees and forest friends.
My favorite season is autumn (though winter has much beauty as well).

Thank you :)


Jeane said...

what a fabulous place - here from flickr :)
raspberry red - color
rust - theme
summer - season

blueberries in the fields said...

oh goodie, a giveaway !

ok, let's say

favorite theme: beach
favorite season: hard to choose, but i'd say summer
favorite color: all shades of blues and creams
this is such a lovelypost carolyn, but then, your blogis always so captivating, so fun and loving.
i am such abig fan of your writings and artistic touch ♥

missy k said...


Brilliant post - gave me a warm glow reading it! I really look forward to your posts! I especially loved the fabric journal and the landscapes .... and the sweet little bird :)

Please enter me into your draw :) colour : green

theme: birds, trees
season/s spring and

Have a lovely week!


MargaretR said...

Wow! I think I'm the 100th commentor. Ypee!
But I think I must be the most awkward. Because -
I love most colours depending on my mood.
I don't seem to have a favourite theme either, just having fun doing all sorts of things.
I love the variety of the Seasons, so don't really have a fave there either (BG)
Told you I was awkward :))

Catharina Maria said...

Hallo Carolyn ,
You know that I live in the Netherlands and that i love your country ??
My colour :Red,
My theme :Birds
My season :Spring
And my world is since I am a blogger more beautiful than before that My English is bad I'll know but I do my best;o)
Love to see you blogs !!

florcita said...

Wow! look at the amount of comments here!
Ok, let's see:
1. Your favourite colour: red
2. Your favourite theme: oh, autumn, nature...
3. Your favourite season: autumn definetely!

Morna said...

Oh, Carolyn! I do want to be included in your giveaway - and I'm so bad at choosing favorites! I'll try!
Favorite color - taupe (with sincere apologies to maroon, loden, inky black/blue, and dirty ochre - I don't want to hurt their feelings).
Favorite theme - I think I have to choose two - trees (and vines) and birds.
Favorite season - I once heard this answered as "the beginning of every season." That's pretty goo, isn't it? But I know you want me to choose - it is autumn, for sure. I just love it. Spring is nice and hopeful, and winter has a certain romance. I find it quite difficult to tolerate the heat and humidity of summer - I'd probably love it if I lived elsewhere, like in the mountains! But autumn is the definite winner of my favorite season. The air smells wonderful and turns cool, a sweater gets pulled out from the back of the closet, the first fire in the fireplace, and the leaves here in New England, of course.
BTW, I love the look of your blog! And all your wonderful nature photos. I didn't realize you have other blogs - I am going to go look now.
Thanks for having such a nice giveaway. :)

Gez said...

Hi Carolyn Great post. Love your swaps & photographs as always. You are so kind offering everyone a chance to win something. Thank You...xx

Here are some of my favourites...
Favourite colour: lilac
Favourite theme: Christmas
Favourite season: winter

Lovely to hear from you. Take care my friend.

Love Gez.xx

Jo said...

Hi Carolyn

Favourite colour Purple
Season Autumn
Theme Sunflowers (wonder why!)

Had a great time on Saturday.

Mrs Button said...

wow! what a good time for me to show up ;O)

favourite i have to choose?, aqua, duck egg blue ermmmm...... apple green.

favourite theme....recycling

favourite season....i like them all (i like change)

gingerwine said...

I have just discovered your blog too - and a lovely blog it is too xx

Fave colour - paynes grey
Fave theme - spooky things
Fave Season - Autumn xx

Love Sam xx

PS I will be a regular now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn, that witch is getting teasey she needs to get out on her broom.
She did pass on the message so I will forgive because she showed me another inspiring site of yours. I very much a mood person and change accordingly so today my favorite colour is Red. my theme the warm sunshiny wind and the season has to be Autumn. I like every day in all there different ways, except the cornish horizontal rain! bye and love from Carol.

Joyce said...

I'm taking you up on your your invite to come to your own blog and pop my name in your pointy hat!
1. Your favourite colour: blue-green mixes, partic bright ones
2. Your favourite theme: don't have a creative theme of my own but I love looking at hills and representations of hills
3. Your favourite season: not winter, except for Christmas.
Very best

Jackie said...

What an enjoyable post. I love your palette.

Michela said...

Hello Carolyn! I'm popping over via Diane Heart Shaped. Such lovely and well deserved gifts!
May I enter your generous giveaway please?
Thank you so much!

Kerrie said...

lovely blog Carolyn - have you on my blog roll. ooh a giveaway - I've never entered one goes
fave colour - red
fave theme - landscapes (even when I try to do something else they still usually end up looking like landscapes!)
fave season - autumn
Oh to be in St Ives - we stayed for a week in Newlyn this time last year in a beautiful cottage overlooking the harbour - absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Just startes popping in each morn with my first cup of coffee...

Fave colour dusky aubergine
Fave theme Love
Fave season

S . x

jamjar said...

Hi Carolyn, I have recently discovered your blog and thoroughly enjoy it, and would love to take part in your giveaway.
favourite colour is plum
favourite theme is nature
favourite season is autumn
cheers Joy

Val said...

ll4 comments so far - goodness knows how many you'll have by the 3lst! Your blog was a fabulous read Carolyn and very inspirational, and the pictures are all so beautiful. You certainly have a knack for reaching people - no doubt about that. Thanks for sharing. Val

Suse said...

What a generous giveaway!
My favourite colour is duck egg blue
My favourite season is autumn
My favourite theme would be medieval towns and villages.

Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

Kayla coo said...

Hi Carolyn,
Me again!
fav colour turquoise
fav theme landscape
fav season summer.x

Sheila Roussel said...

Hi, Thank you for the invitation - My favourite colour is purple, my favourite theme is nature and my favourite season is spring.
I am looking forward to more of your blog as I always need inspiration!

Sheila Roussel said...

Hi. Thank you for the invitation -
1. my favourite colour is purple
2. my favourite theme is nature and 3. my favourite season is spring

I look forward to your blog as I always need inspiration!


ShabbySheep said...

What a great give-away! My favorite color is Pink,
theme Shabby
season Fall
Good Luck to everyone!

Victoria said...

This is my first visit to your very lovely blog and I am tickled to have come across your wonderful giveaway... count me in!
Favorite Color: This week it's Orange!
Favorite Theme: Everything.
Favorite Season: Fall and Spring, it's a tie!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

I think I left a message before but forgot to answer your questions!
Favourite colour = grey
Favourite theme = paper work (cutouts, paper sculptures)
Favourite season = spring, summer's too hot here.

Paula Lobo said...

I never enter giveaways, but I so much love to follow your blog that I decided to enter this one. So my favourite color is green, my favourite theme are landscapes and my favourite season is autunm.

Sarah said...

I have just found your blog and i love it!

Favourite colour:orange
Favourite theme: nature
Favourite season:autumn

Bermick said...

Hello from France!!
Your blog is a pleasure for my eyes...
Favorite colour : blue
Favorite theme : birds
Favorite season : autumn
so I love blue birds in autumn ;-)))

allison said...

I'm late? :)))
Hello Carolyn ,well maybe is late but I would like to share with you anyway my favorite things.

Color soft antique pink
Theme art
Season autumn


and so happy that you met a blogger friend!

Cathy said...

I have really enjoyed reading the post about your goodies received and your meetings with Julie and her hubby. It is all go down in St. Ives.

Sounds like a brilliant giveaway.

My favourite colour is turquoise
My favourite theme is woodlands
My favourite season is autumn

Lorraine said...

fav colour purple
fav theme birds
fav season autumn

love all your recent bird pictures..great blog

liniecat said...

Hi Carolyn,

I love tumbling into your blogs, they are a treasure of information, links and a learning curve of creativity. Like a salving linament for the world weary, or those who seek inspiration and companionship.
I start to read and then WOW over pics, and Oh Yes!......over ideas and end up smiling, or mulling over something. You should be bottled and distributed as a health necessity lol

Sorry, but A fave colour?
ALL the incredible shades of green.
Fave theme?
definately the coast
Fave season?
Autumn/Fall and again, for all those glorious colours and textures!
Lyn said...

Love those gorgeous trees!
Colour blue
Theme seahorses or trees
season autumn

:) suzie. x

Roseanna said...

Fave color red
fave theme antiques
fave season autumn

Thank you for all the inspiration!

konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

Thanks for the invite to enter your draw Carolyn - and for the link to my blog which is a non-event just now!!!!
My favourite colour is green (usually),
theme - always flowers,
season - now, Autumn,
(but that will change in turn to the other three as I love NOW!)

magsramsay said...

Great blog, great idea (tho' I never win!)
Favourite Colour: purple
Favourite theme: seascapes
Favourite Season: Autumn


daisy said...

More delicious photographs ... the birds are so cute. I always enjoy reading your posts :o)

Susanne Woodman said...

beautiful pictures from you and your friend. Thanks very much.

Giveaway entry.

Favourite colour aqua bluey-green
Favourite theme trees
Favourite season Spring

Cobi said...

Hi Carolyn
I love your blog and often I see you use that book with drawings by "an Edwardian country lady". I love that book and use it as inspiration for my stitching a lot.
my fave color is ochre; I love autumn most of all; my favorite theme is flowers/art nouveau(Jugendstil).

Diana said...

Ooooohhhhhh.....!!! Have only been following your blog for a short time but love your work and just found this post so must add a comment!

1. Colour - blue, in all its many varieties but especially turquoisy-greeny-blue.

2. Theme - leaves. Just so beautiful at any time of year.

3. Season - torn between spring and autumn. Maybe autumn takes it because everything is so mellow and gentle.

All for now, keep up[ the lovely work!


Thank you all so much for entering my textile art/craft inspiration pack giveaway

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Carolyn ♥