Saturday, 9 January 2010

Hearts snowflakes and birdies

Thank you all so much for dropping by ...

One thing and another ... I got a bit behind with my Christmas blogging. So, a little later than I'd hoped, I would love to share with you some of the really gorgeous RED cards and gifts I was given for Christmas. I do feel blessed by nice friendships and love

This fabby ATC is my Christmas card from Karen - Missy K

This ATC was my Christmas card from Karen. I absolutely love this cutie! We also exchanged hearts in a swap. Karen made me a prim folk art heart and I know how much love went into this. It's now hanging on the front of one of my dressers - because a heart is for life not just for Christmas!

A heart made with lots of love from Karen - Missy K

Lovely printed heart card from Chris Gray

From Chris I received a heart card and this beautiful textile art brooch. There is a lot of work in this, so much machine and hand embroidery, tiny little stitches and beading. It's very beautiful

Beautiful textile art brooch from Chris Gray

Sharne showered me with goodies. Some of them I have already shown on my textile art blog. She made me a lovely hand printd card, a beautiful bird ornament, lots of snowflakes and charms and this wonderful bracelet made from layered buttons. It's very special!

Such a beautiful gift - a button bracelet made by Sharne for ME!

Jo showered me with goodies too. I received a lovely hand made card in winter white, a Jo Downs leaf coaster, Autumn leaf fabric, linen with a green leaf on, a book about natural fabrics, lots of ribbons, charms, threads, rusty ornaments, candles with berries, a stitched heart and an angel she had made for me ...

Lovely red skeleton leaves and hand made card from Jo
Photographed on last year's pressie - The Christmas Book


Beautiful "White Christmas" card from Jo

My beautiful heart with stitched birdies

Hearts inside my dresser

Stunningly beautiful snowflake heart made for me by Judy

Judy screen printed this beautiful card. She loves birdies too!

Beautiful card screen printed by Judy

This week, I had two lovely "Happy New Year" surprises in the post. I received a treasured, and very personal, hand made card/letter from Pom Pom and I received "Libby Love"

"Libby Love"

A really gorgeous fabric postcard made with lots of layers, tiny stitches, french knots, beads, sequins and a beautiful snowflake

A new year surprise in the post
Fabulous snowflake ATC from Libbyquilter

A perfect one of a kind snowflake

Libby knows I love snowflakes! I had little ones hanging on my tree made from Swarovski crystals that really sparkle and glitter

Swarovski crystal snowflake on a photo of frosted fruit

I keep my crystal snowflakes in a little box which was made from cutting and folding a Christmas card

While all the country is experiencing the worst winter for a very long time and deep, deep snow and ice ... we had just a sprinkle a few days ago. It's hardly anything but just enough to dust everything with pretty white sparklies ...

Snowy rooftops

I haven't ventured out much. I've been keeping warm by the fireside with choccie treats, knitting a tea cosy from a pattern Suzie gave me, making lists of things to do, "thinking" about crochet flowers (Connie) and my projects for the year ...

Birdie garland and twinkle lights

I've left my birdie garland hanging up for the rest of the year

Lil birdies ...

This gorgeous little birdie, made for me by Cathy, was a Christmas card and an ornament all in one. I hung it on my Christmas tree and now it's in my dresser to be enjoyed for the rest of the year

believed in hope and joy

I had lots of robins on Christmas cards. This one is special because it's from my beloved Nanny. She is 92 now and I'm so grateful to stil have her in my life

Special birdie

A very special card from my cherished Nanny

Well I'm all caught up now!

The week ahead ... I'm in the middle of clearing my room, making desk space, gathering materials for the first few projects on my list and updating my inspiration books

Have a really lovely weekend. Keep warm and snuggly, take care on the snow and ice!

Carolyn ♥


Jasmine said...

Wow! I don't know which ones I like best, there are so many and they are ALL so beautiful. Lucky you, and I suspect lucky them too :)

Gina said...

What a lot of beautiful things. Your dresser looks gorgeous.

patstudio said...

how i enjoyed seeing your cards, and hearts, and birdies. but most of all, that hearth and stove! oh my that is just gorgeous, toasty and warm: i'd have a difficult time leaving that spot.

Amy said...

I love the red and creme..a perfect match! said...

I just adored looking at you lovely home. What a delight that birdie garland is! I would not ever be able to put it away, ever! I hope your tea cosy works out ok! suzie. xxx

bad penny said...

I feel like I've been in a little art gallery - I always feel like that when I visit you !

Your Granny's card is adorable & I love how you display your hearts ( mine are hanging on ecery possible door handle ! )

Don't you find after every Christmas more & more bits & bobs get left out for all year !

Lovely lovely thank you for warming us up with the rich colour xx

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful Gifties to someone who is very much loved!!! Your heart collection is wonderful and the tatting on the Snowflake postcard is fabulous!! I am thrilled to see a renewed interest in Tatting- itmakes anything and everything so very specail and delicate!! Thank you so much for sharing all of your treasures with us!

Chrissie said...

I love the birdie garland. I was foiled in my attempts to keep some Christmas decorations out this year - husband undecorated the tree and had everything stowed away in the oak chest before I got home from shopping!

missy k said...

That was fun! I loved seeing all of your 'goodies' ..... and you deserve them all! Thank you for sharing. I always have to read your posts twice... as the first time I whizz eagerly through - then I have to go back and look in closer detail and check I didn't miss anything!!!!

Love Karenx

Diane said...

Absolutely stunningly beautiful - each and every one. Keep cosy. xxxx

Chris Gray said...

Love this post.....but then I love all of them! :-)

...and you're back to RED!!!!

Got a bit behind with the bundles....busy doing my giveaway piece...but that's posted now so Sunday is "Bundle Day"....I'll just have to stuff them out in the snow somewhere for now...can't get to a tree..still too much snow, and more on the way tomorrow...

I'll be posting on Paper and Word on Monday or Tuesday...but I'll e-mail too.

Keep snuggly...

x hugs x Chris

lemonade kitty said...

You always have such gorgerous things! I love robins, and that fabric postcard is magical Love Lucey xx

vintagerockchick said...

What beautiful cards and pressies. You're clearly a fellow 'heart' obsessive. My friend who does my hair always does a tour of my flat to see what heart additions there have been since my last haircut!

JP said...

lovely to see you back - missed reading your thoughts and lovely pictures - enjoyed seeing all your things - people are really creative - I need to be a bit more disciplined this year and make art on a regular basis

Gez said...

Lovely seeing all your red Carolyn. Hope you can keep warm & snuggly too. Hugs, Gez.xx

Clevelandgirlie said...

=The red, the white, the neutrals - I just wish I could evaporate myself from this exterior universe and reanimate within the pages of "your" world - where it is so lovely. Oh so many pretty red and white hearts, and snowflakes and glittery things. And "birdie" - Sabrina said to me once, "mom - you are the only adult I know that uses the words "birdie" and "doggie." I guess she was wrong! XO

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Talk about a visual delight! I so much enjoyed the tour, thank you.

Doreen G said...

Reading your posts are such a delight Carolyn and the gifts that you receive show just how much you are loved.I must admit that I just love your heart collections.

Monica@The White Bench said...

Oh Carolyn, what a precious card from your Nanny! You are very lucky to still have her in your life.
I'd like to copy that birdie please...:)) if it is ok for you.
All the gifts you received are surely to be treasured forever. And I meant to say I loooooove your stove, I wish I could have one like that!... Maybe in my future cottage?? A girl can dream!;))
Hugs and love,

Pom Pom said...

Hi sweet friend!
I love the button bracelet and the red bird! Beautiful post. Yes, I think I'll muster up enough pink for the entire year! I can always figure out how to invite more pink into my world! Smile. You are dear, dear, dear and I feel so blessed to know you. I love your eye for images and your world of hearts! (BIG HUG!)

imac said...

My Cornish Pixie is an Artsy Queen.

Julie said...

Well, you've had some very beautiful gifts Carolyn and I love that you've left your birdie garland up with the lights, it looks lovely. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Deborah said...

Everything is so lovely! And I totally agree that hearts are appropriate for anytime!

Jackie said...

How lovely that you had all those gifts. I was touched by the gifts i received but too disorganised and too over committed to return the compliment. I loved your red heart card and its nice to see how many people have sent you red things. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
HAPPY 2010

Jacky said...

I've really enjoyed your wonderful Christmas gifties...all so beautiful. I like how some of these gorgeous pieces will adorn your home throughout the whole year...they will bring such joy each time you look at them.

Jacky xox

Dot said...

Belated happy new year to you Carolyn. I loved visiting your blog today and seeing the lovely red and white art and gifties. Your home is so beautiful and I love the gifts you have received.
Love to you and your family
Dot xx

Lynn said...

Wow, such lovliness and love in all these marvelous gifts....lucky you! I see how much you appreciate each and every one! ;-)

Andi's English Attic said...

It's hard to choose, but I like hearts, so the hearts it is. Especially the photo of them on your dresser.
I LOVE the idea of layering buttons. I've never thought of that before. Am going to try it sometime. xx

Menopausal musing said...

So much beauty and talent in one post! x

Indianna said...

Hello - not sure if you or any one reading this would be interested in the following which was e-mailed to me from Duchy Sqare, Well worth a visit - though not this weekend as it is snowed in!

sorry it's a bit long - but I don't know how to link the e-mail !!! task for the year - learn a bit more about how to blog!

Changing face of the environment, weather, climate, the forces of nature.

As Duchy Square is located in Princetown and very much in the centre of the Moor we are very aware of the weather and our environment. We would like to hold an exhibition 16 April -24 May 2010 to explore and celebrate this. We would welcome submissions from amateurs and professionals alike celebrating the weather, the climate, perhaps the effects of climate change or purely the forces of nature.

Works for exhibition will be chosen and hung by the staff of Duchy Square whose decision is final and binding. Artists will be informed of the panel’s decision by email. Results will not be given out by telephone before this.

Please send low res images by email or 8” x 6” prints for selection. Maximum three images per entry. Please include stamped self addressed envelope for the return of any printed images.

Deadine for submissions: 1 March 2010

All successful images must be suitably and simply framed, ready to hang with D rings on the back.

Delivery of selected work: 12th April 2010

Collection of unsold work after exhibition: 24th May 2010

Gallery Manager
Duchy Square Centre for Creativity
Princetown, Yelverton
PL20 6QF

Pomona said...

What a wonderful selection - you are so lucky! It was obviously a grat Christmas!

Pomona x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love this red blog, and love this post!! Love hearts too!!

Take care,

Sharon xx

Sheila Roussel said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my Blog.
You really have a lovely collection of goodies. I too have a Beautiful Birdie Card from Judy!
The college is going well and keeps me very busy. We have plenty of snow here at least 6 inches in my village it is so cold and I am enjoying being warm inside.
I hope you have a good week.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hi Carolyn,
I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog this week. Of course I enjoy every visit. You have so many beautiful red things. It's enough to make me change my favorite color of blue to red.
My favorite is your very special "red card" from you Nanny.
I'm glad you still have her.
Stay warm and have a great week

libbyquilter said...

what a wonderful infusion of love and inspiration i get every time i come to visit your fabulous blog~!!~

have been thinking a lot about my various hearts (with Valentines day coming up) and your post has inspired me to try to be a little more active with my decorating. i think the lovely heart that you made me with all of it's sweet surprises is my favorite~!!~

your hearth is gorgeous and that birdie garland just sublime~!!~ i do want to come to your house for an artsy visit and a cup of tea by that warm stove~!~ thank you for always sharing so generously in your blog posts~!!!~


zafran said...

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