Friday, 1 January 2010

In with the new ...

I can't put my finger on it ... I just feel that 2010 is going to be a good year!

It may have something to do with the fact that I feel really focused on my work at the moment and also that January always brings that feeling of there being plenty of time to reach all goals

Calendar for January

You know I love my mosaics!

Well, on New Year's Eve I had a very belated challenge to produce some assemblages and a mosaic with a black, white and neutral checkerboard/New Year theme for Avant-Gardenist (interior design) and I thought it would also be nice to make a calendar for January in the same theme


1. Check 2. I think I grew 3. Curiouser and curious, 4. Old checkerboard marble floor, 5. Elements 6. Journal page 7. Yellowbird pendant 1 8. Skeleton watches & pocket keys 9. Cake - Checkerboard layer cake PH0843 10. IMG_3768 11. "Elements" ACEO 12. Newest domino art necklace 13. Knob

All credit goes to the wonderful and talented artists and photographers whose work is included here. Please click on the links to go to the artists' work

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Treasures

This assemblage was made on a draught board with lace and handmade paper. I used scrabble tiles for the "Happy New Year" and a collection of treasures that include a piece of pottery found on St. Ives beach, vintage silver buttons, snowflakes from Sharne and a beautiful sliver of crystal agate from the North Carolina mountains given to me by Cathie at Christmas - I wish you could see how it shines like a mirror!

New - Detail

Ongoing challenges for 2010:

Sketchbooks - a page a day
Cottage - finished this year!
Gardening Monday - 1 to 2 hours on Monday morning
Inchy Challenge - try to make small scale art!
Mosaic Monday - more mosaics
Friday Flickr Faves - even more mosaics
WOW - Ongoing online workshops
Stitching the Textured Surface Workshop - need to finish samples in sketchbook
Crow Days - monthly textile art/craft play days with Jo

Inside a bundle

New challenges for 2010:

Textile art piece with goldwork - I want to make a textile art piece for my parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary incorporating contemporary techniques, machine and hand stitching with some more traditional goldwork bits on it. I haven't started it yet ... it has to be finished by the middle of February!

Kiss Quilt - The challenge is to make a small quilt (only 50 cm square) on any theme using fabrics in only two colours and the stitching must only be straight stitch (can be hand or machine stitched). KISS stands for "Keep It Simple Silly". I think I can manage "silly"! The challenge is being organised by Dijanne and has to be finished by the end of March!

Festival of Quilts 2010 - I joined Annabel's group last August. I am making an art quilt for Festival of Quilts 2010 Exhibition. I have been working on ideas, brainstorming and gathering inspiration for my piece. I'm going with a St. Ives theme but will share my ideas with you later. I'm aiming to get mine done by the end of May

Work for Exhibition - Later in the year I will be creating new global warming work to go alongside my existing work for a small show of textile art in early 2011. I need to work on this between July and October


Slow Cloth - a personal challenge. I'd like to have a larger piece that I can pick up and put down, a slow cloth that will take a long time to stitch, between projects, with lots of hand stitching and beading ... a sampler of sorts and something that I can take on holiday or pick up when I have guests staying at the cottage

Berries in a bundle

The Erosion Bundle Project - The idea is to create an artistic bundle made from materials of your choice and then either hang it outside ie. in a tree, bury it in the ground or just place the bundle somewhere outside to be affected by all elements of Mother Nature, an experiment in decay and decomposition and what happens to the things inside the bundle
1 January - place bundle in nature
In between - share thoughts and photos
15 April - retrieve bundle from nature, open bundle
1 August - finish art piece using your eroded stuff and rejoice

Layers in a bundle

I'm very excited about this project! I first got interested in this when Julie tried it last year!

I made a start on this today. I've made 4 bundles. Two to hang in a tree, one to bury and one to place amongst the leaves behind our shed

Inside my bundles I added various fabrics, papers, magazine pages, rusty objects, bark, rosehips, leaves, tea bags, berries, printed matter, seed pods, sycamore seeds, feathers, tie dyed tissue paper, snippets of text, photographs and distressed tags etc.

I shall put my bundles outside tomorrow - 2nd January 2010

Art dolls - always inspired by nature and the Mother Nature challenge in CPS I want to create a series of art dolls during 2010 with a nature theme

That's enough to be going on with but I know other stuff will creep in too!

Thanks for being so kind to read my ramblings
Have a lovely weekend

Carolyn ♥


Heloise said...

Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Good luck with all that you have planned for the coming year.

daisy said...

Another inspiring post, with delightful imagery. Wishing you all the very best with your creative endeavours during 2010.

Sounds like you've got a busy year ahead!


daisy xx

ger said...

Love the idea of the Erosion Bundle Project... looking forward especially to the Art dolls to come.. + wish you lots of energy + health...!

Diane said...

I love your "ramblings". I too feel that 2010 has a good ring to it - 10 being 1 of my lucky numbers. xxxxxx

Jesse Mendez said...


Happy New Year...!

I have two awards for you
on my blog, so I posted it
01/01/10. I hope you will
take them and give them to
your friends....


Doreen G said...

You certainly are going to be busy Carolyn which means that I will have some wonderful things to look forward to.
Happy New Year my friend.

Lynn said...

1st of all I loved the music. Trying to read your stuff and listen at the same time was a bit of a challenge but it was also like a puzzle which I enjoyed doing.
Quite a list you have for yourself. I had to keep reminding myself it was your list and not mine when I started to get overwhelmed with it all.
I do like the idea of having a large piece to work on by hand from time to time with no hurry to finish it. Something to go to inbetween other projects.

Pom Pom said...

I like the bundle idea. I'm going to think about that. You have so many creative aspirations. WOW! You ARE going to have an amazing year. I just know it!

Tracy said...

Happy New Year!! wow sounds like you are really focused!! I love the bundle idea too, and might have to give this a go. I did something similar years ago when I mummified one of Louise's Barbie dolls, was part of something I was doing at Uni - never did get it though as it became Louise's fav - strange tastes for a little girl but she has always been different LOL.
Look forward to 2010 posts as it looks like we have lots of amazing work to see :)

A bird in the hand said...

I might just try the erosion bundle idea. I find it somehow appealing. Thanks for the inspiration xoxo

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Oh my what a lot of lovely images and projects - so inspiring! Thank you :)

bad penny said...

Carolyn this is incredible ! Is it too late to join the bundle challenge as it appeals to me ?

Good luck with your ventures and I simply can't wait to see what you create - love it all xx

missy k said...

Good luck with everything - I think I am going to have lots of visits here to see all your wonderful creations! I am looking forward to them already :)

You've inspired me again as it is my mum and dad's golden anniversary in April. They have said 'no presents' but a home made something would be lovely- if only I could sew! Thinking cap on then!

Have a great 2010!

Love Karenx

bad penny said...

PS - I am going do the bubdles over the weekend anyway & hope to join in - I shall put then out on January fifth The Night of the Kings in Spain where we lived for some years - a night of giving gifts.. will be posting about it at the Hen House & showing the bundles on The Linen Shelf !


Chris Gray said...

Happy New Year to you lovely!

...e-mail on it's way..... said...

A very happy new year to you. loved your post! suzie. xxx

Jackie said...

My goodness you exhaust me. I am not setting myself any challenges this year but I am feeling euphoric at the moment with the prospect of 'normality' after what was a difficult year. A major issue was resolved on 31st of December 2009 so that was timely and means we can look forward with optimism.
Happy New Year. May you succeed in your objectives.(But don't feel bad if you don't!)

Dee / Cloth Company said...

very inspiring list... I have been debating whether to post my version... part of me holds back.

I also love the erosion project... that much perhaps I can do today (in between vacuuming up needles, attending track meets, grocery shopping, shoveling_)

love your blog -- one of the gifts of '09 to me!!

Dee / Cloth Company said...

very inspiring list... I have been debating whether to post my version... part of me holds back.

I also love the erosion project... that much perhaps I can do today (in between vacuuming up needles, attending track meets, grocery shopping, shoveling_)

love your blog -- one of the gifts of '09 to me!!

The Adventurous Art Teacher said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself.
I enjoyed your blog and your ramblings...
Look forward to visiting again. :)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Carolyn, Happy New Year. I always enjoy looking at your Mosaics. I must learn how to do this. I will looking forward to seeing all your lovely creations in the new year. Hugs Judy

JP said...

you sound really up for 2010 so hope all goes well for you - I have to be simple with my ambitions otherwise I get overwhelmed!!!!

Val said...

Fabulous post Carolyn - really inspiring. Happy New Year and all the very best in achieving all those wonderful things on your 'wish list'. Val

freebird said...

Happy New Year!
You have an ambitious year planned out. Hope you enjoy and complete it all. Those black and white pictures are great - and I am not a black and white fan! Very creative.

Andi's English Attic said...

Draftboard, button, top left. Am sure I have the same. I saved it as a child when it came off a garment of my mum's. I decorated a velvet choker with it in the 70's. You've reminded me how much I liked that button - enough to have saved it from the rubbish bin back in the 60's.
Happy New Year. I'm sure you're right - 2010 is going to be a good one. xx

Gunnels blog said...

Happy New Year 2010 Carolyn! Yes, I think too it will be a great year:-) good luck!

martha brown said...

Carolyn -- you have wonderful challenges for 2010! I have been reading both of your blogs for awhile (I have them added on my google reader).... but I can't remember how I came across you, either :)Here's to a remarkably creative new year!

katie jane said...

Wow, you are one busy person! How do you find time to eat and sleep?
I like your black and white collages and your vintage page. Have fun while the snow flies!

Kerrie said...

Happy New Year! I've yet to set my challenges for 2010 but like the sound of some of yours Carolyn. I've tried the erosion project myself but only with fabrics - the pieces are still sitting however waiting for me to do something with them - guess that should be on my list for 2010!!! do like the idea of bundling other things as well - may have to give that a try. Love your blog - all the best for 2010.

Doreen G said...

Carolyn could you e-mail me with "the how to do it" for the Erosion Bundles as I would love to have a go--if you don't mind that is.
Regards Doreen

Cathy Cullis said...

SO many ideas to keep you creatively busy and I am sure you will discover yet more threads to follow.... LOVE the idea of the erosion bundles.... I am being 'strict' with myself and keeping ongoing projects to a minimum as I have a lot going on already. I know I will enjoy seeing all your results and look forward to seeing your work in person perhaps, if I get to one of the exhibitions you are working toward xx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Such a visually appealing post Carolyn, love the colours and textures and am impressed by your plans for the future. Good luck! Lesley

Gez said...

Wow Carolyn lovely post. Good luck with your Erosion Bundle Project. I shall watch with interest. Take care my friend. Best wishes for 2010. May all your hopes & dreams come true. Love Gez.xx

Avant-Gardenist said...

Thanks for taking up my challenge, Carolyn. I needed something in a hurry and there you were. The results look pretty darn good on both our pages. ♥

Morna said...

Wow! What a wonderful, info-packed post this is. I'll have to re-read it, maybe even print it out. I like your goals. I never really set goals, maybe this is the year I'll do so. Also, I am totally interested in the deterioration project ... I'll go follow the link.

I'm so happy when I visit your blog, it is always inspiring. Very glad to have "met" you.

Happy New year - may all your goals be realized and more. :-)

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

The happiest of new year wishes for you and your family, Carolyn!

ArtPropelled said...

Last year I didn't feel it but this year the feeling is very strong. It's going to be a good one!
Catching up with your blog and enjoying all the beautiful images.


What a pleasant calm way to spend 30mins when I could not sleep, keeping up with your post. Thanks for your encouraging comments on mine. good luck with all your creative plans this year. Carol x

La Strega Pazza said...