Sunday, 21 February 2010

A postcard from Egypt

In 1972, when I was aged 10, I was taken to see The Treasures of Tutankhamun tour and I remember the excitement and amazement I felt at seeing the artifacts from King Tutankhamun's tomb. My fascination with Egyptian things has never left me so I was very excited recently to make my first trip to Egypt

King Tutankhamun

For hubby, it was a chance to soak up some warm winter sunshine. For me, it was the chance to grab myself some souvenirs and I longed to visit the Valley of the Kings and the Museum in Cairo to see those artifacts once again

heiroglyphics tell
the story of the young boy
king Tutankhamun

1. Statue at Deir el-Bahri 2. Hieroglyphics 3. Tutankhamun discovery 1922 4. Postage stamp - Egypt printed within 1898-1899 5. Tutankhamun Colosus 6. Temple offerings 1 7. Not available 8. Egypt - 0001 9. Nefertiti 1, 10. Eagle Statue 11. 1 Pound [First One] - date of issue: January 5, 1899 12. Not available 13. Colossal statue of Tutankhamun

Thanks to the wonderful and talented artists and photographers whose work is included here. Please click on the links to go to the artists' work

I had a really lovely holiday in Egypt, unfortunately I wasn't well enough to travel very far so I didn't get to Cairo or Luxor this time. I was ill for several days and then I got several horrific insect bites above my right eye which really affected what I could do. I couldn't even go swimming/snorkelling which was a real shame as the fish and coral in the Red Sea were amazing

Anyway, I managed to pick up lots of bits and pieces to bring home for sketchbooks (for a future project) and, all being well, we are hoping to go again next year so all this has only whetted my appetite for more!

Statues at the Temple of Nefertari at Abu Simbel

I came back with a stash of Egyptian post cards, stamps, coins, bank notes, newspapers, fabrics, pressed flowers, small rocks and lots of photographs

A postcard I made into a postage stamp

Statues on the Egyptian One Pound Note

Hieroglypics on a bank note

Egyptian one pound coin with head of King Tut photographed on a book I have about alphabets, scripts and heiroglyphics

Egyptian one pound coin with head of King Tut

Interesting architecture on a beautiful Egyptian bank note

Inspiring patterns in Egyptian textiles

A mosaic of inspiring Egyptian patterns in Textiles
and some fabrics I brought back with me

Click on the mosaic to see the fabrics larger

Patterns on soft furnishings and lamps

Beautiful features - a statue I really liked!

I have lots more Egyptian bits to share. I haven't had a lot of time this week to sort it all out as I've been away with my family for my parents' Golden Wedding celebrations. I have lots to catch up with and I'm behind with blogging/commenting again, but things should settle down now, all being well!

Hope you had a good weekend!

Carolyn ♥


Diane said...

What a shame you were so ill. Ive never been to Egypt but it always looks so fascinating. xx

Deborah said...

Wonderfrul images! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with the things you brought back.


It may be quite a while before I get around to a project on Egypt! I've already got too many fingers in too many pies!

Carolyn ♥

Hens Teeth said...

Oh C, I am so sorry you were ill and had the bites...bloomin' typical. At least you know what to expect and perhaps how to avoid it next time!
Wonderfully fascinating imagery my friend...your posts are always a treat for sore eyes. x

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Beautiful fabrics and patterns. I recently re-visited the Egyptian section in the Louvre with my son; he was amazed. I was, once again, in awe at the wonderful jewellry, fabrics, beauty accessories (tweezers!), writing equipment and animal mummies. Just so beautiful.
It's a shame you were ill, but what a fantastic time you must have had nonetheless:)

libbyquilter said...

oh lucky lucky you~!~Egypt~!!~
so sorry that you weren't feeling 100% though.
love looking at all of the Egyptian bits within this post. such a fascinating culture~!!~


Jasmine said...

Oh, such lovely pictures. I have not been to Egypt but my mum and sisters have. I love the artwork and the mythology. When I studied archaeology at A level I read all about Carter and the curses of the pyramids.

A bird in the hand said...

If I had only known, you would have got a little painting of the Eye of Horus. I used to paint them and frame them in little frames...

Have you read Pauline Gedge's books? It's as if she channels the storeis through the ancient Egyptian spirits...that's how amazing she is.

xoxo said...

I loved this post! I really would like to go to egypt, maybe one day hey!? It is sad you were ill when you went. I find the history fascinating. suzie. xxx

JP said...

I'm glad you had agreat time - shame about being ill but it is very common when you are over there - I look forward to seeing the influences in your work! hope you are feeling better now

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I would love to go to Egypt, thank you for sharing all your wondrful photo's.
Sorry to hear that you were ill.

Jackie said...

Well first of all you make me feel old! I had been teaching for a year when that exhibition came to London! Second I can't wait to see what you produce with all that inspiration.

Pom Pom said...

Hi sweet friend! I love all the Egypt! Thank you so much for sharing. Have you read Down the Nile? I sent it to my mom recently, but I didn't read it first. Now I want to! I'm so sorry you were ill while you were there. I always struggle with stomach issues! We are going to Australia in about four weeks. I'm excited!

Menopausal musing said...

I particularly liked the fabrics ..... plenty of inspiration in all of your "finds" and fun times ahead for you! :O)

Jamie said...

Oh, my. How wonderful to visit Egypt. Hope you are healthy on your next trip there~ I have always wanted to go! My grandmother went several years ago. I still have some money and other trinkets she brought back. The fabric you found is fantastic! Can't wait to hear more about it! Jamie V in MT

Jacky said...

What wonderful fabrics!!!! I am suffering from fabric envy...such beautiful treasures from your trip to use in your art!
Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful photos and sharing your news...sorry you werent well and it affected your trip, those bites sound awful.
Take care and lovely to have you back home.

Jacky xox

La Dolce Vita said...

am crazy about the fabrics! just awesome!

Andi's English Attic said...

Sorry that illness spoiled some of your holiday. You sound as though you enjoyed what you could though. I love the fabrics. xx

bad penny said...

you've put this together so beautifully as always ! Sorry you were ill - I was too with
sickness so I missed a lot !
I can't wait to see what you do with the beautiful images

Kaye Turner said...

Somewhere I've often wanted to go (but never have) - those textiles look so lovely. You have lots of inspirational material there!

missy k said...

Hi Carolyn!

Glad you enjoyed Egypt (hope you have now made a full recovery) - I hope you swatted the pesky flies!!!!

I remember doing an Egyptian project at Junior School... I still have it in the garage.... somewhere! I enjoyed all your photos....

I went with a friend to Highclere Castle where they have a Tutankhamun exhibition which was v interesting.

Hope your parents 50th was fun... mine have theirs in April! We are so the same vintage!!!!! A good one obviously! :)

Love Karenx

Monica@The White Bench said...

OMG! Wonderful!! More pictures, pleeeeeaaaaase!!;))

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Great colours, patterns and textures Carolyn. Hope you're completely recovered now. Best wishes, Lesley

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Carolyn, I am sorry to hear you were ill on such an amazing trip. Hope you are feeling much better!

I am amazed and so inspired by your photographs. They have given me tons of ideas for new polymer pieces! Thank you for allowing me the use of the red stamp, too. My weekly clay night is going to be so exciting this week!

Thanks for always sharing your finds with us. You are the best!


Julie said...

I queued to see the Tutankhamun exhibition when it came to London when I was about 18. All things Egyptian are fascinating aren't they? I'm so sorry to hear you were ill while you were away. Insect bites are not good news either.

Cathy said...

So sorry you were ill on your trip Carolyn. Such a shame not to be able to see everything you wanted to see. I hope you are better now. Wretched insects. I love all the pictures but especially that gorgeous pinky, olive and peach fabric. Wouldn't that make a wonderful chair cover?

~ Phyllis ~ said...

How lucky you are to have visited Egypt. I'm so sorry that you were ill during your trip. I have always wanted to visit the Pyramids.
Thanks for sharing all your treasures

Laura Hegfield said...

Oh the textiles are just fabulous! I remember when I was about 11 and my parents took me to see the King Tut exhibit in NY...I too was simply awed.