Friday, 7 May 2010

A perfick afternoon

Where did the week go? I'm writing this at my Mum & Dad's as I'm staying with them while my hubby is away on a boys' weekend in Derbyshire

We got here early afternoon and it's like I'm back in my childhood with old stuff on the telly and Mum baked a cake (banana, cherry and date cake) because she knows how much I love handmade and we had afternoon tea and sandwiches

The Saint was on the telly when we arrived and then we found an old Doris Day film which we hadn't seen before called "Young at Heart" also starring Frank Sinatra. Turn your volume up and listen to the song ... it's lovely ;o)

and then The Champions followed by Randall and Hopkirk (all faves from the past)

Dad's got a DVD for later - "The Darling Buds of May" ... perfick!

While the telly was on I uploaded lots of piccies of gorgeous gifts received from bloggy friends while I was having a little break recently. There are so many I'm not sure where to start! I hope you don't mind lots of piccies!

Firstly, some beautiful gifts from Cathie in North Carolina. Cathie thread painted this adorable blackbird for me on calico mounted on jute and fabric. The twigs and blossoms are from her garden and the words "Blackbird fly" machine stitched

I love the blackbird's face. I think Cathie has captured the blackbird's personality so beautifully in the twinkling of it's eyes. He is a kind, gentle blackbird

Cathie machine stitched the words to one of my favourite poems "Blackbird" by Paul McCartney

... and lucky me! Cathie stitched me these lovely labels with
"Love Stitching Red" on them

The doggy print fabric is from Gizmo. The seed pod below (in my dresser) is the same as one Gizmo swallowed and we were so worried about him for a while there! This is one that Cathie and Gizmo found on one of their walks for me

... and I got these lovely red treasures from Cathie ...

... and these gorgeous birdie and leaf fabrics too and so many other gorgeous treats including wonderful stitching mags, pods, rocks and treasures in my envelope. Thank you so much Cathie ♥

Melanie sent me one of her original limited edition prints for Easter right out of the blue. It was such a lovely surprise. It's gorgeous and it's called "Sulking Mermaid". Melanie sells her collaged and printed works from The Uys Gallery in St. Ives. If you are in St. Ives over the summer drop in and say hello to Mel - she's lovely!

... and another lovely gallery to pop in while you are in St. Ives is Art Space Gallery. Lesley is so lovely too and she sent me this gorgeous original collaged piece and a postcard of it too because she knows I love hearts so much. Thank you Lesley ♥

Talking of hearts, blog buddy Gill of Vintage Rock Chick shares my love of hearts so we arranged to do a heart swap! Gill sent me a beautiful parcel of red hearts

The first heart I received from Gill was made from silky white linen embroidered with running stitches and french knots. I think it's absolutely lovely and I've hung it on the front of my dresser along with a heart from Karen at Christmas

Gill made a second heart for me which is beautiful! I've hung it on the front of my other dresser. It's the red silky one

Isn't it gorgeous?

Here are some lovely details of the machine embroidery on the red silk. It really is exquisite!

A while ago I was admiring the little books that Gill made on one of Gina's workshops. Gill made this little one for me which is so perfect. It has tiny tiny machine embroidery, machine stitched braids and opens up like concertina style inside. I was chuffed to bits to receive this in my parcel

... and these little buttons are a complete bonus ...

Gill dyed these buttons herself and I love the way she has presented them on the tags. Lovely! They are just the PERFECT RED!

This is the card Gill sent me. Thank you so much for my lovely swap Gill ♥

Thank you also to Cathy of One Pink Goose. Cathy won my giveaway prize earlier in the year and in return she so very kindly sent me three gorgeous original prints and a dozen of her hand made cards with her original designs printed on them

These are two of my most favourites but they are all perfick and I've been using them and sharing the love. Thank you Cathy ♥

Karen and I like to send each other little surprise packets every now and then. These treasures were in my last parcel. Lots of pretty, vintage and nostalgic bits n bobs to use in my inchies and also altered dominoes which Karen has introduced me to. I'm looking forward to have a go at them. Thank you sweetie ♥

I had a nice surprise from my lovely friend Julie Mixed Media. The art card was made by a friend of Julie's

I do love all these waxy textures and golden highlights

Julie made me this really lovely heart, full of layers, textures, hand dyed velvets, scrims, vintage crochet, stitches and beads

I know I keep saying "lovely" but everything really is LOVELY! I shall treasure this heart because I know Julie stitched it for me while she was going through a difficult patch worrying about her Mum's health. Thank you dear one ♥

I won these lovely "Ditty Batts" from Phyllis of Spin Knit and Life in her giveaway a few weeks ago. I was absolutely thrilled to win them. They are so soft. I'm planning to use some in a piece of felting inspired by Penny of Fibrefrolics and the rest I want to spin on a drop spindle and then crochet into pieces to use in my rock pool hearts. Thank you dear Phyllis ♥

Last week my lovely sister-in-law treated me to a new bag. I fell in love on sight with the VW camper vans on this one and just had to have it. They are evocative of St. Ives, Cornwall and summer holidays and I'm using it as my "everyday" bag now and I will recycle my seagull bag into another project

Such a fun bag!

This morning I received more Libby Love. It came as a complete surprise to receive this postcard of one of LibbyQ's detailed stitchings and as a random act of kindness she sent me some packets of wild flower seeds. As soon as I get home I shall plant them into pots so I can enjoy the summer surprises

Thank you Libby Q

Lovely Sharne is always so thoughtful. She generously sent me oodles of sheets of Tyvek because she knows I really love to use Tyvek in my work, painting, stitching and distressing it. Sharne also sent me this sheet of Tyvek which she had rusted on both sides. I love this loads

Lovely rusted patterns, textures and colours

Sharne also sent me this postcard of her beautiful scroll that she stitched. Sharne's textile work is very detailed and I enjoy following her projects on her blog. Sharne just showed her tree quilt on her blog which she made for the KISS challenge which I really love

Thank you so much Sharne ♥

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Sorry it was a long one! I'm always surprised and pleased when anyone leaves a comment for me and I love to share the work of others

Happy weekend dear blog buddies
Carolyn ♥


Jo said...

Goodness me, you have sooooo many kind and talented friends - this says so much about you too. It's all just gorgeous and, as you say, lovely. There aren't the right words to describe how scrummy ALL those gifts are. Enjoy. And that was such a retro afternoon at your M + D's! Were you expecting your Mum to tell you it was bathtime and then bed after a story?! V nostalgic. x


Thank you Jo, such a "lovely" commment. We are watching Darling Buds of May now so it's a perfick evening too!


mano said...

this is a very very interesting post - so many wonderful things and ideas... I am so inspired. have a beautiful weekend!

Jill said...

what a blog of delights and a lovely comfort stay with M & D - too perfick for words

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

So glad that you're enjoying a perfick weekend Carolyn and what an enjoyable post, full of richness and colour. So many lovely things and well deserved too! A visual treat as always. Lesley

Magpie's Mumblings said...

My goodness - your postman is going to get a hernia from carrying all the wonderful goodies to your house (just kidding). Lucky you!

Pom Pom said...

You are so lovable! Your gifts are sweet as can be. I'm practicing my fake British accent and thinking about making you a video so you can have a chuckle! Love LOVE STITCHING RED!

Kella said...

What lovely gifts to recieve from what can only be described as generously kind people and creative too.

I can tell that their generosity certainly filled you with a happy glow.

Doreen G said...

Goodness me Carolyne that was a long post.Your weekend at home sounds wonderful and so nostalgic.
Did you take your teddy bear with you?

Jacky said...

Seems like christmas all over again, what beautiful gifts, love the chubby puffed up blackbird. We don't have blackbirds in Australia but New Zealand does, so I grew up with the blackbird and the thrush, love them both. Mmmh Darling buds of May it does sound perfik

artymess said...

Wow what a great post Carolyn ...not only great music and memories of all the tv progs that I used to watch but then all those AMAZING goodies ....yes indeed perfick ....xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Wow what a week and what wonderful gifts. Isn't blogland just lovely, full of sharing and love. So glad I found it!

Chrissie said...

All your birthdays come at once! Thank you for sharing these 'lovely' things with us and for the Sinatra!

Diane said...

Was it Christmas???!!! What lovely gifts!! Great films chosen by your parents and a lovely touch to be serenaded by Frank first things on a Saturday Morning. I'll email you my St Ives dates - but can you turn the heat up a bit, its still a bit chilly for my tent!!!

Chris Gray said...

Lovely post - again.....

...and lovely postie pressies too!

Lucky you!

Max the Lobster said...

Thank you that is one of my favourite films and wonderful song to greet me first thing in the morning!

bad penny said...

What wonderful treasures Carolyn ! and the first bit about the old films is so nostalgic...I loved The Champions and my Aunt went to school with the woman - Alexandra Bastedo ! I was so impressed by this as a kid.
Lovely post as always

Gina said...

Oh my, what a lot of fabulous goodies! And that was quite some trip down memory lane on the TV!

Jacky said...

What a fabulous fun filled lovely to see all the wonderful gifts/art sent by your talented friends.
Your weekend with you parents sounds utterly 'perfick'...I used to love going back to mums and getting looked after and spoilt (and now I look forward to when my boys come home so I can spoil them...just love having them around).

Take care and thanks for sharing everything.

Jacky xox

fibrefrolics said...

What a lucky lady to have so many lovely friends. A real wealth of beautiful things to treasure. They are all wonderful, and I especially love the little concertina book.
Your afternoon at home sounds so nostalgic and homely. I used to love The Saint on the telly. Its so great that you are back blogging again! Thanks for sharing.

Deborah said...

I really enjoyed your post! Your visit sounds lovely as are all of your gifts!

missy k said...


What a wonderful post (again) .... sounds like you are having lots of fun with your mum and dad.... would your mum be willing to part with the recipe for that cake it sounds yummy. I keep all my 'special - tried and tested' recipes in a special book - and I love making cakes. What was I doing when the Champions was on? I don't remember it at all? Going to ask Barry in a min if he has seen it!

I LOVE all your bits and bobs sent to you with LOVE which you so obviously deserve as you are such a LOVELY person!

I love 'Darling Buds of May' - I have all the books and they are 'Perfick' -

OK time for a cup of tea now.... enjoy the rest of your stay :)


libbyquilter said...

what wonderful goodies you have here and so kind of you to "share" them with all of us~!~

pleased to see that your small package arrived and that you are enjoying it.


p.s. i'd like a bit of that cake please . . .


Jackie said...

My goodness what a lot of goodies you got. Lucky you. I love that you had the 'Magic Moments' with your parents.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

What a great trip down memory lane, Carolyn. I grew up listening to Frank Sinatra. I loved watching The Saint. I had forgotten about that show until reading about it in your blog post. See you are responsible for bringing back happy memories.
Loved looking at all your lovely hearts.
Take care, my friend.

Julie said...

What a wonderful collection of bloggy friendship Carolyn. I meant to say, if you wanted to add to the heart I sent you sometime you're very welcome to.

I hope you're enjoying your time with your Mum and Dad. What a lovely way to spend a day or two.

'Blackbird' is my all time favourite too. I always wish it was longer but probably that's where its charm lies. Bit like the Golliwog's Cakewalk (by Debussy I think).

Elizabethanne said...

Hello Carolyn, Your work is absolutely wonderful, & extremely inspiring. How lucky you are to live in St Ives. I look forward to following along with you on your textile journey. Your Friend Elizabeth.

Alexandra Mason said...

What gorgeous gifts! Hope you are having a great weekend xx

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

banana/cherry/date cake? Oh my that sounds beyond wonderful! I love the Sulking Mermaid.

silverpebble said...

Good grief Carolyn - you have been showered with the most beautiful gifts! Isn't Julie's heart beautiful - and extra special because she was going through such a difficult time. I love the button on it. I was lucky enough to recieve some of Cathy's work too - I was gobsmacked by the vibrant colours and wonderful themes. Those oyster catchers and the hen lady are fabulous. Anyway, this was, as ever a feast for the eyes Carolyn. Thankyou

Cathy said...

Wow, so many gifts Carolyn. Those hearts are so precious and as for dyeing buttons, I didn't even think it could be done...haha. Glad you like the prints and cards I sent.

Can you believe that Roger Moore ever looked that gorgeous? I found an old video of the first episode of the Champions and it seemed so stilted and dated compared to modern day films. The sets were very artifical looking but it was a lovely trip down memory lane.

vintagerockchick said...

Missed you in your temporary absence - but you've more than made up for it with a lovely long post - and accompanied by a great song.
Thanks for your generous comments, glad you're pleased xx

A Time to Dance said...

What beautiful gifts you are sooooo lucky such treasures. You have brought back memories talking about all those old tv programmes from my youth. Enjoy next week... H

jackie said...

Lucky you! Also nice to be at home being looked after. I have not been so well and actually watched 'Young at Heart' one afternoon - it felt naughty but nice. By the way, my piece is only on a blog not in a book - I wish.

Jasmine said...

What beautiful gifts. That blackbird is so gorgeous. I love it. Hope your upcoming week is as enjoyable as your week end has been with your parents xJ

Dot said...

What a beutiful post! Loved reading about your visit to your mum and dad. Sounds like you had a lovely time. And my, oh my what gorgeous goodies you have received. Those dyed buttons are divine!
Sending lots of love your way.
Dot xx

Dot said...

P.S Darling Buds of May was one of my favorite shows!

Debrina said...

Ye gods woman! That's a lot of goodies to skyte about! Lol! Wowzy wow wow was all I kept saying as I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled. Well, I'm really envious now...but then, I consoled myself when I read that you were viewing Darling Buds of May...sigh...just my favourite mini series ever (and we have them all on video). Perfick alright!

Menopausal musing said...

What a glorious trip down memory lane with those TV programmes.

Your gifts are all so very, very beautiful.

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

What a fabulous collection of beautiful things to receive in the post! I love hearts too and yours are all gorgeous. One day I'll make you one too : )
By the of the flower shops I worked in in Ireland was called The darling Bud's of May : )

karen said...

boy! don't you get a lot of presents!! Lucky thing. I am feeling much better now thanks, hope you are well.

Lawendula said...

Lovely inspirations and a great song! xox

karen said...

Hi Carloyn, thanks for the comment, I hope you are well. No post for a while? You having a rest??