Sunday, 20 June 2010

Catching up

Where to start? I didn't mean to be away from my blog so long. I haven't blogged here properly since before the end of May and now there is so much to catch up with and so much going on

Firstly, I want to say thanks for all the lovely emails, flicker messages and comments on both blogs that I receive. You are all so kind and thoughtful and have helped me get through a tricky patch

28th May - The Botallack Hoard
I was compelled to go back to Truro Museum for another look at The Botallack Hoard. This display of fine art installations by artist David Kemp are truly fascinating. Each one is made from recycled parts from cars, computers, boats or found objects from the beaches and tin mines of Cornwall

I know that one or two of them are a bit on the scary side, but look closely and you will be impressed with the ingenious way the parts have been carefully selected and used

Not out of place on the set of Dr. Who

I'm just showing here the "God Dollies" and faces/masks. There are too many installations to show you all of them but the collection included birds, insects, boats and musical instruments and even a cine camera recycled from a hamster cage

Or how about these doggies made from welly boots? How clever!

The hounds of Geevor

I visited David Kemp's work after a trip to hospital, of which there have been many recently. I'm now able to tell you that I'm doing ok and I'm feeling so much better. I have to go into hospital for an operation in July but it's nothing to worry about and I will be fine. I had the news that I'm cancer free, so the operation is just a formality

The hardest part was the waiting (for hospital tests and results). My little world turned upside down and my heart wasn't in anything at all. I didn't get an awful lot of anything done for three weeks, hence the huge catch up now!

I had such a lot of support from family and good friends and I was grateful to get so many nice emails

I had some nice RED post to cheer me too!

This beautiful stitched postcard full of redness along with a lovely seedhead card came from my good friend Penny of Fibrefrolics. It's gorgeous and comes with a message:

Laugh often

Yes - we should all laugh often! The best medicine in the world. Thank you Penny ♥

More red treasure came from Penny of The Linen Shelf
Penny sent me this altered matchbox ... containing a birdie and some red berries ... a few of my favourite things

Penny included some Jewellers rouge powder and some dark red primitive check fabric in the parcel as well as a little tag and card that she made for me with a birdie on

Thank you Penny ♥

31st May - Birthday
I had a quiet birthday at the end of May. Hubby and I went to Godrevy beachcombing and later out for a meal to a Chinese restaurant called "The Sea Palace" in Penzance

I had some nice pressies. From my very lovely friend Cathie I had a book of beautiful nature poems. I will be using the poems and words in my blogs, but not today as this is already a rather long catch up post

My Nan sent me some birthday money and I wanted to spend it on something I would keep and treasure. I chose a piece of art by Cathy Cullis called "Red Dress Dreamer" and Cathy very kindly sent me some special birthday treats too

Red Dress Dreamer

My friend Jo always spoils me rotten too. I had a big bag of goodies to open ... too many to show here. These are lovely ... some red heart towels for my kitchen and some lovely sewing labels

Friendships are sewn one stitch at a time

Tuesday 1st June
The day after my birthday I met up with blog buddy Diane of Heart Shaped. It was only my second "blog buddy blind date" (the first was Julie who also adores St. Ives) and Diane and I hit it off straight away. We chatted away like we'd known each other for years and put the world to rights. Diane loves St. Ives and comes down every year so we are definitely going to meet up again next time

We enjoyed a pot of tea and a huge slice of cake at the little cafe next to Art Space. I had coffee and walnut cake and Diane had carrot cake ... both were delicious!

This is Diane ... a lovely bubbly lady

Diane and I swapped gifts. I made her a few little textile things and Diane presented me with a calico bag with "a taste of Yorkshire". It was a really thoughtful and generous pressie and inside the bag there was:
  • Yorkshire Life magazine
  • Emma Bridgewater red hearts tray
  • Yorkshire Gold tea bags
  • a bottle of Henderson's Relish
  • a tub of Henderson's Relish flavour crisps
  • a tub of Henderson's crisps - sea salt flavour
  • some gorgeous buttons from Diane's stash, a hand made card and some ribbon
Henderson's Relish

Buttons from Diane's stash - you can never have too many buttons!

I will be showing some more of Diane's things in another post. Same time next year then Diane?

Wednesday 2nd June - Chris Gray (another lovely blog buddy) and I had planned to meet up. Chris - big cake next time OK?

Open Studios - Friday 4th June
At the end of May/beginning of June we have Open Studios in this part of Cornwall. Many artists, who are not usually open to the public the rest of the year, open up their studios and invite visitors to browse. I didn't have a lot of time this year so I went to see the work of one of my most favourite artists ever - Mel Sheridan who has a studio at Hayle

I've known Mel for a long time now and I love her mixed media abstracts and textiles. I love the colours and the unusual materials she sometimes uses. If you are down in this part of Cornwall on holiday and would like to see Mel's work you can contact her through her fabulous website

Here are a few of Mel's cards which inspire me so much

While I was at Mel's studio I bought some these ceramic buttons made by a local artist

When I bought them I had in mind a round robin sketchbook project which I'm going to be doing with my friend Cathie later in the year. The theme is circles and round shapes with particular attention to colour and texture

While on the subject of sketchbooks, last week I signed up for The Sketchbook Project 2011 and I'm eagerly awaiting my moleskin journal from Brooklyn, New York. If you have signed up for this project too and want to add me as a friend please click here to go to my sketchbook project profile then send a "friend request" and wait for me to "accept"

5th June - 19th June

I had my brother and his family to stay for a few days of seaside fun, immediately followed by my hubby's mate who came to stay with us for the first ten days of the World Cup and only went home yesterday

During that time I spread out on the dining room table and got some stuff made and started to catch up with various projects and challenges. More on that next time!

Hope you have a great week ahead
Carolyn ♥


Lyn said...

Carolyn, what a posts, you have had some ups and downs!
Glad its good news (I too am having minor op in July!) and you should now take it easy and do some lovely crafting and relax.
I too met up with Diane, last year. mYour right she is lovely and also very generous!
Take care

Carol said...

Great news Carolyn, so pleased to hear you are well,
wonderful catch up post, I love those welly dogs

Pom Pom said...

Hi beautiful girl! Happy belated birthday! You spread love all the time and I'm glad you felt big portions of love on your birthday!
I am SO thankful you are cancer free!
Oh, I'm thinking about you and I'm so glad to know you.

Carol said...

Carolyn, so happy to hear your news and sorry you had to go through all that, I can only imagine how hard it was. May your renewed energy be poured in that new sketchbook :)

Alexandra Mason said...

So glad to hear your good news! Have a wonderful week xxx

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are looking better for you.

Art4Sol said...

Good to catch up with your news, especially hearing that you are in the "clear". Yippee!
Thanks for all the wonderful photos...a feast for the eyes.

jan said...

I love to read your blog, although I don't comment much, but I'm pleased you are back and well. Best wishes, Janice

jenny mccabe said...

glad to hear things are ok. wonderful informative post as usual! thanks xx jenny

bad penny said...

Hi !!! Been thinking of you.. nice to see Diane's face.
Lovely lovey post ... AND I'm honoured to feature in it !
So glad to see you here again xx

Julie said...

I hope your op goes well in July and I'm so pleased it wasn't anything sinister. I've enjoyed your lovely catch up and all the beautiful gifts. xx

Jill said...

What a great post - with good news, and all the best for that hospital stay.

JJ Beattie said...

I'm so glad you're on the mend and the nasties have been ruled out. We've been having our own anxieties over here in Bangkok so my blogging has been more sporadic than usual too.

It's a lovely long catch up post though, thank you.

Diane said...

A mammouth post!!!! and as always FULL to the brim of deliciousness - apart from my old face peering back at me!!! I'm so glad you are cancer free - I told you that imagination is often far worse than the reality! Once you get the op over with, you can concentrate on making the most of the lovely St Ives summer. Same time next year then Carolyn, looking forward to it. xxx

missy k said...


That was an epic post! I loved it all.... especially the dogs!!!! I'll be back for another look later, imposible to take it all in with just one sitting.....

Lots of love


Pat said...

Thank you for you "Inspirations" comment, loved that you recognised Jude's influence. Wish I could get to Truro to see the wellie dogs for myself. So glad what must have been a huge worry has been lifted.

Do said...

Welcome back! I am glad you are doing fine and to see more of you!

Ro Bruhn said...

Happy belated birthday. So glad your health issues are OK. What a fabulous post so much to see. I love David's wellington dogs.

Jasmine said...

So good to see you back and even better to hear you are cancer free. That must of been a terrible time for you waiting on results. Belated happy birthday for you. Enjoy the wonderful sunshine and the energy of the solar charged earth. May it heal and inspire you xxJ

Deborah said...

Wonderful post! Happy belated birthday and I'm glad you are cancer free!

vintagerockchick said...

Good to see you back here Carolyn, and a belated Happy Birthday. I'll buy you a slice of birthday cake next time I get down to St Ives xx

ger said...

Catching up with your activities + being introduced to the objects you care for is always an inspiration... glad your worries are over...

Morna said...

Love your good health news; also love Cathy Cullis' work - what an excellent choice for your birthday gift! Happy Birthday!

I signed up for a sketchbook project quite a while back, and then I never did it. Tsk Tsk.

Anonymous said...

Oh Carolyn, I am so glad that you are feeling better and that you had good test results. Hopefully you can get on with enjoying life again. What a lovely upbeat post. It is always special to meet up with blogging buddies. I have missed your gorgeous, inspiring posts. Nice to have you back again!
Penny :)

La Dolce Vita said...

Great news!! so glad you are well and what a lovely and lengthy post, so much to see and buttons galore!! you are right you can never have too many!! xx's

Menopausal musing said...

You are a cracking good read!!! :O))))

Glad you are alright. Very glad.

Kayla coo said...

I'm so glad you are OK, what a worrying time for you.
Happy belated birthday.xx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Some lovely work displayed in this post Carolyn - I love David Kemp's 'Hounds of Geevor' and the ceramic buttons are gorgeous. Belated happy returns for your recent birthday. Bye for now, Lesley

layers said...

you have so much in your post I don't know where to begin-- welcome back and stay healthy.
I love recycled art and junk rearranged into interesting new shapes.. and love your red stitching and everything else in your post!

Cathy said...

How lovely that you are feeling better now. Health issues are so worrying. Love all the stuff in this post especially the Botallack Hoard and those cakes...yum! I love Cathy Cullis's artwork too. She is so talented.

martha brown said...

Those boot dogs really made me smile -- thanks for sharing :)

Robin Olsen said...

Glad you caught up with all these goodies! Thanks for the intro. to David Kemp. I love those masks!

Jane said...

Carolyn, so glad to see you are on the mend.
Wondeful post too....David Kemps works are amazing, so creative he seems to find 'soul' in so many things.
Looking forward to more of your posts!

Jackie said...

What a lovely interesting post. The best bit of news is that you are well. It must have been frightening for you.
I hope one day we may go back to Cornwall and call in!
I am in awe of your sketch book project. I jsut wouldn't have a clue what to do. Perhaps I should just get one of my own and play. What will you put in yours?