Thursday, 26 August 2010

Things I Love Thursday ♥

My mosaic is loosely inspired by a vintage copy of Gray's Anatomy I found in a charity shop this past week

Things I Love Thursday - faces, forms, figures, fine art, phrenology, textiles, journals, collages, childhood dollies, playing with Photoshop ...

... and being back home again!

1. Womans' suffrage card - detail 2. Risk & faith 3. A winter's tale 4. Women 5. La prière d'une vierge 6. Kindness and respect 7. Dans la vitrine 8. Stella im Hultberg 9. Antique fair 10. Phrenology journal 11. Trio 12. Lady 13. Vintage dolls found in trash

Thank you to my flickr friends and faves

My dolly - layers and textures added in Photoshop

Carolyn ♥