Sunday, 29 August 2010

Whimsical whatnots

I'm winding up my alphabet series with wonderful whimsical words
W is for ... winter, white, wondering, wierd, whimsical, westerns, whiskers, wanted and the wayfaring fairy


An aged tag I made with a western theme ... a western man wearing whiskers! I love old westerns, don't you? All the old Clint movies, Raw Hide, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, High Chapparal and Alias Smith and Jones (Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry), The Virginian, Bonanza, Young Guns and Zorro. I digress ...

I distressed the tag with acrylics and distress ink, used printed brown paper and a vintage photo with a little stitching and a button from an old pair of jeans
W is for ... a wonderland of winter whites. I love the beauty and tranquility of snow and frost


1. A kind of magic 2. Colours of Winter, 3. Winter wonderland 1 , 4. Winter goes on

Thank you to my flickr friends and faves for their lovely photos


W is for ... wintery ... a little tag I made with a vintage photo of a girl sledging down a snowy hill, with a white sparkly star and crystal beaded danglies ... nice to hang on the tree at Christmas

W is for white

My inchies for the alphabet challenge at inchybyinch

W is for wonder and wondering what this wierd thing on my windowsill is. I found it washed up on the harbour beach this summer. I'm not sure if it's coral or bone. It has a strange texture and reminds me of some fossilised seaweed I've picked up recently. Does anyone out there recognise it?

Weird and wonderful ... but what is it?

W is for ... whimsical thoughts turning to my favourite seasons of autumn and winter

The nights are drawing in now and the leaves on the trees are just on the turn. My thoughts have already turned to autumn leaves, acorns and berries and it's a good time to pick up some wonderful nature finds from now on. I picked these oak leaves up yesterday outside my gate

Click and zoom for details

Thank you to Julie who sent me these wonderful treasures with the antimacassar, photographed with some finds from my garden

Click and zoom for details

a rosehip from my garden

W is for ... the Wayfaring Fairy

The Wayfaring FairyMy shoots are tipped with buds as dusty grey
as ancient pilgrims toiling on their way

Like Thursday's Child with far to go, I stand
all ready for the road to fairyland

With hood, and bag, and shoes, my name to suit
and in my hand my gorgeous tinted fruit

Cicely Mary Barker

So, as I'm celebrating my favourite seasons, here is a little bit of Christmas cheer just because I love Christmas all year round

X is for ... Xmas and Xmas Xstitch

I started cross stitching this holly earlier in the year. I do a bit every now and again. I just might get it finished before Christmas as this rate!

X is for ... Xmas inspiration

1. I see stars 2. Drum Santa 3. Design ribbons 4. 3.365 ♥

Inspiration for packaging from my Tilda Christmas book. I like the idea of using nature's twiggy bits in my decorating this year and ...

... I think I will make some prim snowmen for my tree ... but not yet ...

X is for ... Xmas tag made using a vintage Christmas photo, crinkly chiffon and a pearl button, photo'd on a recipe for Christmas cake icing

X is for ... X-ray and my inchy for the alphabet challenge at inchybyinch

After a very busy summer, my sister's visit and an unplanned week away from home last week (only got home Thursday 26th) I am now gradually catching up with work, stuff at home and all my various projects and challenges. The list is long! Had a sleepless night or two wondering how I'm going to get everything done but I just need to keep calm and work through things one at a time

This week I will be blogging more of my pebble sketchbook on the other blog, working on some parcels, making a new calendar for September, having a Crow Day with Jo, revisiting the Fine Art Textile exhibition, more gallery hopping and blogging the final parts of my alphabet

Have a great weekend and week ahead
Carolyn ♥

ps. I hope you didn't find the doll photos too scary. I was just playing!


Fabric Art said...

Carolyn, what a fantastic post so many wonderful tags and other things to look at, oh I love christmas, enjoy every year to take the Christmas things out of there boxes, have a nice sunday.

dosfishes said...

I would love your upcoming week, it sounds wonderful to me. Great tags, and oh yes, Christmas making is on the way, but let's do fall first. We have hot coming this week, but then more like Fall...yeah, my favorite season to play. Have fun playing with crows. xox Corrine

Suztats said...

Enjoyed this post very much with lots of eye candy and inspiration. Thank you.

Lisa said...

such a lovely visual and textural delight of a post Carolyn.. i love the winter theme.. with fall approaching it's the perfect inspiration for my favorite time of the year and twigs always go with everything!

Julie Shackson said...

Ooh lovely themes with the change in the weather outside signaling the approaching autumn. It's inspired me to make up some seasonal bits and bobs for friend and family; thanks! Julie

Deborah said...

So many Wonderful images! The weather is changing here too and already it feels like fall.

Diane said...

Thanks Carolyn, you have given me so much inspiration for a "red" christmas - lovely lovely. (as always). xxxxx

karen said...

Hi Carolyn, the first thing I would say is your work and imagery are unique and get your name on them!! I found out by looking at referrals on my flickr stats. she wasn't actually saying the images were hers but she wasn't saying they weren't either and if you were just passing her blog it would be easy to assume they were hers although her work is nothing like mine. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and mailed her, nothing. So I removed the images from flickr giving her blank spaces on the blog where my pics were. It became very suspicious when she immediately came back to my flickr and got different images. That's when I started putting my name on them all and eventually they went from her blog. It has left a really bad taste I can tell you, so once again......please put your name on your images!!

Chris Gray said...

Looks like you're having fun down there!...My F.I L said that he's fed up of rain and mist in Perranporth.....maybe it's sunnier in St Ives?

I'll make sure I have a look at that pebble sketchbook stuff when it appears. :-)

x Chris

Mrs Moen said...

You have made me long for Christmas and even the long and cold winter we had not very long ago.
I love the painting in the background! I'm not all that familiar with the different types of paint; is it water colour, acrylic or ???

missy k said...


Lots of loveliness to enjoy!

I am loving your inchies.... especially the X Ray one! Look out for Fiona's new challenge in September....

Your Christmas 'bits' gave me a little warm tingle of anticipation (although I am hoping for a gorgeous sunny autumn - well I can hope!)
Barry and I went out in the garden this morning and had a good tidy up - it feels like Autumn!

ps I did not wave my paddle! Nothing tickled my fancy! - but they have one every other week so i think I'll just keep checking!

pps I HADN'T YET realised Eli was blind!!!! Duh! Hope you have a lovely week Karenx

Pom Pom said...

Hello sweet Carolyn!
Wowie zowie! There are so many lovely things here! I am crazy about the fairy, the gnomes, and the heart decorating the package! I am so glad that you are out nature walking and collecting things for all your magical creations! I love FALL! I'm ready for it! Sending love your way, good person (o:

mademoiselle G said...

Your tags are so lovely! And I love the herbariums photos :-)

missy k said...

No - you didn't ruin it.... we have watched it.... but I hadn't thought he was blind till you said.... so you enlightened me! Thank you :) Though perhaps the book SHOULD have told me!!! But I thought maybe he could do both!!!!

ps i told Barry and he said he HAD suspected!!!!

I googled it.... and online I read all the clues!!! (Because I am a bit sad like that!)

pps what a memory Eli had!


Jo said...

I gotta ask - what book/film are you and Missy K talking about?! So many lovely images on this post - I ADORE your Whiskers tag, and the winter one too. Perfect! And that x-ray inchie is great, such fun. I could go on about each image in a similar way - wonderful stuff, x

Jill said...

I love your work but, I don't think I can bear to linger over the C******** images.

Lynn said...

It seems I haven't be able to leave comments here of late. .now I can. I do love the red splashes of your background paper.
All you did here is too much to comment on separately but all appreciated and quite womderful.

A Time to Dance said...

So many lovely things to look at..thank you for long till xmas cards are in the shops?

Twiglet said...

Another lovely post with so many gorgeous snippets of inspiration!!

Gunnels blog said...

Hi Carolyn and thanks for nice comments on my blog ! And so fast !!! I haven´t bloging for a long time as you know ;-)
Your latest post are so beautiful, as always, and your blog are so very nice !!!! You are good at this !!!
I hope you have had a good summer ? Mine was very good, and now I am back in town again.

Catharina Maria said...

Carolyn , I enjoyed this post very much !
Love the cross stiching , the little things are always the most lovely for me !
Love ♥RINI♥

mano said...

thank you for this post. I love the funny whiskers western man and the botanical theme very much!

Menopausal musing said...

The "X" for x-ray inchy and the photo of "Christmas Twiggy Bits" did it for me......... lovely stuff.................

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful and inspiring post!! you do have alot on your plate but one creative foot in fornt of the ohter and you will come thru it all famously!!! i ahve missed your posts! Glad that you will be back to some blogging!!
Crispy Fall Hugs!!!
P.S. I think that your wierd and wonderful find might be a bit of coral or skeleton of a kelp plant???????

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Yet another inspiring post with beautiful images.

Julia said...

I have enjoyed all of your 'W's very much, but you have got me baffled with your beach treasure, what on earth could it be?
I was intrigued by your pebble pictures at the end, cant wait to hear more about them!

Another lovely post through and through, see you again soon, much love
Julia x x x

bad penny said...

W for WOW !!! as always your work & your blog have the WOW factor for me every time xx

Cathy said...

What a gorgeous collection Carolyn. My favourites are the beautiful autumn coloured leaves, the fairy image and that wonderful red striped heart..perfect.

I had a collection of the fairy pictures years ago and I stuck them all on a huge piece of black card and they looked wonderful.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I have really enjoyed your ABC's and I'm going to miss them a lot! I'm always happy when one pops up in my reader because I know I'm in for something fun to see. Thanks for doing them!

DK said...

Did you ever find out what that weird, wavy thing was? It has such a strange and wonderful texture to it and I am a sucker for textures. Just curious.


Hello DK ...thank you for your comments today. No, I never did find out for sure what it is, but it's still on my windowsill!