Monday, 6 September 2010

Autumn harbinger

It's a very dark, rainy morning with an Autumn harbinger feel. It rained heavily all night and more is expected today. The cottage is cosy and I want to stay home but I have to go out later ...

Things I love - earthy colours, Autumn, leaves, berries, fine art, figures and beautiful jewellery - texture from playingwithbrushes for the flickr group Mosaic Monday

1. Misinterpret 2. PICT0118 3. Pink berries 4. The red earth

I adored your comments on my last post about the things we love about Autumn and the things we wish for in the coming season ...

Bright, golden days
To visit the sea when the crowds are gone and smell the salty tang and seagull cry
Walking in the Autumn countryside or park
Crunchy, fallen leaves
Picking fallen leaves to press and keep
Rich, unfolding colours of trees and leaves
Fading flowers and drying seed heads
Warmth and sunshine
An Indian summer
Cooler, misty mornings
The smell of damp earth
To smell Autumn in the air
Harvests from the garden
Apples and apple cider
Eating rain washed blackberries from the bushes
Using Autumn berries and apples in puddings
Making jam
Raking leaves
Gathering kindling
Afternoon tea by the fire
Snuggly throws and blankets
Pjs, fluffy slippers and socks
Hot water bottles
New dramas on TV
Warming soups and casseroles
Christmas lists
Season of mellow fruitfulness

Last week, I had a very frustrating week of highs and lows

Saturday to Wednesday - I wore myself out sorting boxes in the attic. I was looking for something we needed urgently. The bad news - I didn't find it! The good news - I did clear out seven black sacks full of "stuff" to the charity shops

Thursday - started off badly. Another hour in the attic looking for the "thing" dodging a huge wasp that kept buzzing around me and the light bulbs. The good news - I found my embellisher! The bad news - I took my embellisher to Jo's for one of our Crow Days, but totally forgot the foot pedal for it! The good news - the foot pedal from Jo's sewing machine fitted my embellisher so I had a really enjoyable day playing and making samples which I will show on my textile blog in the next day or two. Got home from Jo's and wasted 2 more hours in the attic searching ...

Another sleepless night, so I got up and made this mosaic full of pretty girly things and added a texture from playingwithbrushes to give it a vintage feel. It's for the flickr group I belong to called "Things I Love Thursday"


Things I love Thursday - pink frilly dresses, vintage jewellery and faded roses

1. The Sun will come out tomorrow.... 2. Vintage treasure 3. No rose without a thorn 4. Shakespeare & roses... 5. The princess cobbler 6. Not twenty one 7. Sherbet punch 1800's vintage tiny button sterling earrings 8. DSCN5022 9. Sweet reflections

Friday - started off badly. The bad news - an old printer I removed from the attic on Wednesday leaked a trail of black ink all down the stairs. We didn't realise and had been walking it all through the house for a couple of days. I didn't notice because I was out all day yesterday and so "pooped" when I got home. Spent all morning scrubbing tiles and carpets

The good news - my friend came over bringing a bag full of eucalyptus leaves for me to dye with. Can't wait to try them. We walked into St. Ives and had a picnic on The Island looking out over Porthmeor beach

The beautiful textile work of Marilyn Stephens

Then we went to view the fine art textiles exhibition again, bumping into Sue Dove which was nice because I was able to chat to her about her work in the exhibition and, in particular, that delicious sketchbook of hers!

Afterwards, we went to The Millenium Gallery to see the work of artist Trevor Bell (more on that in my next post on my textile blog) - Trevor Bell at Eighty - Earth Air Fire Water Aether

More bad news - my laptop went weird. I discovered it had a trojan horse and three other serious viruses, the toolbars, sidebar and links wouldn't work. Hmmpph!

The good news - I discovered on Friday evening that my humble little blog "Love Stitching Red" is blog of the week in my local paper "The Cornishman". It had a nice write up, for which I am grateful. Thank you Cornishman newspaper ♥

Saturday/Sunday - the bad news - no blogging, no flickr, no emails, no twitter, no facebook, niente! Lappy very sick. It took my dear, beloved hubby most of the weekend to sort me out!

Meanwhile, decided to get back in the attic and search for the "thing"! ha ha! FOUND IT! Right at the back at the bottom in the very last box!

So now I am all fixed and back blogging again!

I cooked a nice Sunday roast and watched that new drama "U Be Dead" which was based on a true story and very interesting. Did you see it?

This evening I'm looking forward to the new drama "Bouquet of Barbed Wire" with Trevor Eve. I seem to be noticing Trevor Eve in so many dramas and films on telly lately. I used to love "Shoestring" in the eighties :o)

Hoping for a better week

Carolyn ♥


Julie Shackson said...

Gosh, I remember Bouquet of Barbed Wire from the mid seventies! It was considered very risque back then and I just have vague memories of family entanglements and lots of extra-marital affairs; I was only just old enough to be watching it!
Love your girly mosaic; there is something very alluring about faded pinks........oh, and I'm glad you found your 'thing' Julie

Diane said...

The rain doesn't sound like fun for my friend who is in St Ives this week!! All your mosaics are lovely - so glad you found the "thing" . We call the loft the holding space for things that end up going to the tip!!! xxxx

Gina said...

I hope you have a better week Carolyn. I enjoyed "U be Dead" too.

dosfishes said...

Sounds like an amazing and frustrating week. So much change in the world right now at breakneck speed. Trevor Eve - still shows on public tv in
Waking the Dead, hope BBC American or PBS will pick up this new drama.
He is quite wonderful. Glad you found the "thing" and it's all sorted. xox Corrine

Barb Cady said...

Synchronisity going on! Can't find the foot pedal lead to my sewing macine just as I've managed to get a free embroidery foot! Hope I have luck when I return to my craft room, least you can see the carpet now!
Yes I enjoyed U B dead, and looking forward to cuddling up with Trevor Eve!
Enjoy your embellishing and hoe you have a better week.

Pom Pom said...

Hello darling Carolyn!
What a sweet and personal post! Congrats! You ARE the blog of the week! LOVE Stitching Red!
Yea, you are all sorted. I hope your week is blissful!
I'm going to friend you on facebook. (BIG HUG!)

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Hi Carolyn. Your mosaics are always so very beautiful. Sorry to hear about your frustrating week. We have had sunshine today but the rain is heading east tonight so I have just spent most of the day in the garden. Enjoy Bouquet of Barbed Wire tonight. Angela

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Glad to hear that at least the good seemed to be outweighing the bad during your week. Think of it this way - perhaps spending the entire week searching through the attic for the 'thing' and finding it in the very last box was meant to be. At least you cleared out your attic!

Lynn said...

I love scrolling through your post...always so much beauty to see and art, photos and words.

Sea said...

One of the things I love about Autumn is seeing dew or even frost on spider's webs :)

vintagerockchick said...

Ooh well done on losing a whole Embellisher Carolyn - I've never mislaid anything that big! Mind you I have a small flat with no attic so I spend as much time moving things and tripping over things as losing them. Glad your week has perked up x

Jean said...

What a week. Congratulations on your blog and finding your thingies.

gilly said...

Many congratulations on getting publicised in the Cornishman!
It is definitely a stay-home day isn't it! I wonder if you got down to see St Ia's Skirt procession from the well on Sunday afternoon? Nice bit of fabric work and design involved - hopefully someone will put some photos up - I didn't have my camera.

KindredSpirit said...

Great to have found your blog - it's lovely. Love this post - sympathies with the ink situation!!!!!!

Autumn is my favourite season - I love your conkers and leaf.....

I am very jealous of your habitat - i dream of living in St Ives - ONE DAY!!!!!!

ale balanzario said...

Oh thanks for this post, its great, hope you have a better week.

Congratulation for the neview of your post.

Anonymous said...

Love the vintage pink theme, my favourite kinda colours :)

Jackie said...

I'm sorry...but I need to know what the 'thing' was. You don't have to tell me but I won't sleep a wink....
Glad you found it anyway!

Jill said...

Another beautiful post - love the dusty pinks.

Winterwood said...

I watched the original bouquet of barbed wire in the seventies with frank finlay as the father and Susan Penhaligon, it was really good so hope it comes over to our screens soon here in OZ too!

Penny said...

Just love reading your blog, all the little ups and downs in your busy life.

Caroline said...

Gorgeous images. Congrats on the newspaper piece - well deserved I say. You have a lovely blog full of delicious things!

MILLY said...

Lovely images, Autumn really feels like its arrived, with lovely leaves and berries appearing.
An attic full of boxes,can relate to that.
Lovely to hear about you being blogger of the week, well done.

jo mcintosh said...

Hi really enjoyed our Crow Day and pleased your blog was reviewed in the Cornishman - well done you!

layers said...

Although you have such beautiful images here- as usual- especially the autumn images-- but the season autumn is not one of my favorites I think because I live in the Pacific NW and autumn means dark cloudy days and days in a row- as it leads to winter with dark cloudy days with rain. I will begin to miss the summer sunshine soon. But your beautiful images are helping me! :-)

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Thanks for the recipe Caroloyn! Really looking forward to trying it. Might even do it on Saturday as my hubby will be going to watch rugby (bleah)in the next town.
I love your Autumn list. I am really excited about the turning season this year. Yesterday was so dark and wet that I put my fire on in the afternoon and I it made me so happy. It's like having company plus it makes the cottage seem bigger as none of us use the stove end of the kitchen in the summer. Roll on the sun peeking through mist in the morning and all the wonderful colours we love : )

bad penny said...

I hope you aren't overdoing it ! I should be in St Ives NOW - but Barcelona won so we are planning that but I will get down sometime. Oh to visit those galleries and meet you of course !
Congratulations - you truly deserve to be featured. x
I've decided that I (HEART) September !!( no heart icon on computer - there sould be !

Menopausal musing said...

Oh dear, some weeks are just like that aren't they are there is NOTHING worse than trying to find something that is "lost".... I become obsessive if I can't find something....

I also remember "Bouquet of Barbed Wire" from first time round and couldn't bare to watch it this time round as it was such a wonderful series first time round and so ground-breaking in its day!

Menopausal musing said...

Note to self: Must proof read my comments in future......... sigh..................

Heloise said...

Glad you found what you had misplaced. Hope that this weak is calmer.

mano said...

I love the colours of your mosaics and your autumn list very much.
and: it must be great to have a picnic with a view over the beach!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

So glad you found what you were looking for Carolyn and congratulations on being featured in this week's Cornishman - recognition that's richly deserved! Lesley

Margaret said...

Hmmm... this is what I call a 'super sighing post' one where I find myself ooo-ing and ahh-ing over every photo! Gorgeousness by the bucket full, fab! Mx

Judy Scott said...

Hi Carolyn congratulations St Ives must have so many fans now thanks to your lovely blog. Loving all the mosaics and the way you've presented them and your autumn list especially the soups and casserole and puddings part - hope you have a more settled week Judy x