Saturday, 9 October 2010

Autumn blessings (part 1)

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans
John Lennon

berries, shining and scarlet
Life seems to be so busy all the time...

We all seem to juggle so many things in our daily lives and working weeks. I don't know about you ... but I am constantly trying to find that elusive balance between meaningful time with family and friends, working, blogging and actually creating

I make endless lists and try to work out new "realistic" housework schedules in an effort to gain control.
The days rush by ...

~ petite pomme ~
a tiny apple the size of a cherry

I feel like I missed the best of the summer ... so I'm making sure I don't miss out on my favourite time of the year. Every spare moment I get I've been out walking, gathering Autumn treasures and taking photos

berries, shining and scarlet

conkers ... richly dark
Sadly, I didn't find time to go blackberry picking and make jam this year. Devil's Blackberry Day is nearly upon us and the blackberries I've seen in the hedgerows are now past their best ...

... but I did make a collaged card for a friend's birthday
with sycamore seeds and a leaf

on the dry leaf carpet
and the colours in the leaf inspired this mosaic for
Things I Love Thursday

Autumn blessings
Things I Love Thursday

... rich rose pink tones, warm Autumn reds, berries
pomegranates, roses, sunsets, poppies, nature and textiles ...

I also made a couple of little stitched ATCs from silk velvet and beads

with love

I like to ramble!

it was such a glorious day

in the woods and lanes the leaves were beginning to turn

Autumn's rich berries

and I like to press a few fallen leaves for projects through the year

leaves of many colours

A busy time ... we went "up country" for a wedding at Chiddingfold, Surrey on the 18th September

We had the St. Ives September Festival from 11th to 25th September and went to see Robin Trower, The Hamsters, Limehouse Lizzy and Livewire AC DC "For Those About to Rock" which took me back to my NWOBHM days :o)

Then on 24th September blog buddies Julie and Stewart came down to St. Ives for a couple of weeks staying in a cottage at Westcotts Quay

The day we chose to meet up it was dark and raining heavily so we were quite happy to sit in Bumbles Tea Room in The Digey most of the morning, drinking tea with a tea cake, chatting, catching up and exchanging gifts

Julie's DH gave me some of his cards featuring his beautiful photography. This is one that he took in Italy, one of my favourite places, and I chose to show it because I love those warm rosy tones. I think it's a great photograph. Thank you Stewart ♥

Julie is such a nice blog friend, we get on so well :o)

I had some lovely pressies from her ... some cream lace from a vintage dress, a rose scented heart, some red beads made from carved stone, some textured hand made silk paper from textile artist Dawn Correia in Lincoln and something extra-specially gorgeous that Julie made for me (which is connected to my pebble project on the other blog so I will be showing it there). Thank you Julie ♥

We had lunch in their cottage in Westcotts Quay and her DH made us delicious cheese on crumpets and we had buns with our tea. Soon after, it stopped raining and it brightened up so we went on the lifeboat beach for some beachcombing

flotsam and jetsam washed ashore

ballad of the fisherman hauling his nets

To top off our day nicely Julie and I had a look round an exhibition of textiles and crafts in The Arts Club where I bumped into many friends. It was a grand day out :o)

Thank you for visiting my blog today

I do hope you will pop back for Autumn blessings (part 2) coming drekly ... natural dyeing with plant dyes, Alfred Wallis hearts, nature tags, more autumn photos, a workshop Julie and I did with favourite artist Sally MacCabe and special things from friend Cathy Cullis ... and there will also be a post on my other blog some time this weekend ...

Happy days
Carolyn ♥


Lisa said...

such a beautiful post Carolyn.. i have sensory overload as I'm trying to take it all in!
how funny...I am also an endless list maker trying to gain control...nice to know i'm not alone..
you are so talented at making small pieces so special..a challenge that i would like to be able to accomplish one day!
the birthday card is perfect..i hope your friend adores it!
as always, there's nothing more beautiful than the treasures found in nature..thanks for sharing

Joei Rhode Island said...

All I've done for 3 weeks is household tasks, garden tasks and doggie walks. But the walks have yielded lots of mushrooms and colored leaves.
Lovely post...even when you don't make art you make wonderful pictures. Thank you.

Twiglet said...

Autumn is such a perfect time for rich, warm colours - lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

You have summed up all the things I most love about Autumn in your wonderful pictures. Beautiful. Nice to know I am not the only one who finds it hard fitting everything in, despite lots of listmaking and juggling.But enjoying Autumn walks in this sunny weather is very high up on my list!

imac said...

Wonderful post my little Cornish Pisky,and many thanks for your kind words and link of the Home sweet Home piccy.

dosfishes said...

Beautiful Fall gifts Carolyn, thanks for sharing your walks with us. Splendid gifts and time with friends can't be replaced. We all struggle with the time for it all thing I think, glad you shared a long post with your red beauties. Enjoyed it. xox Corrine

Pom Pom said...

Oh, how absolutely LOVELY - all of it! You inspired me. I am going to print some quotes and glue them in a book with some leaves. Thank you!
Conkers. Want some.
You are a darling dear and your fresh honesty always blesses. I shall pick up some leaves in your honor. (BIG HUG!)

Caroline said...

Now I miss autumn even more! Everything about this post is superb. I particularly like those wonderful ATCs you've made and the leaves look gorgeous, especially the carpet oc colours so artisically arranged in the second photo. Oh and the 'ballad of the fisherman' is just so very creative. My, how busy you've been Carolyn, this is such an inspirational post - thank you!

Chrissie said...

Rings so true! But thank you for taking the time to do such a fab post - can't wait for part 2. And loved the velvet ATCs.

Hey .... shouldn't you be washing the kitchen floor, or something?!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Such a luscious post...chock full of yummy color and rich inspiration! Thanks so much! I SHOULD be doing all kinds of other things...but am here following all kinds of links on your blog...feeding my soul!


Thank you, each and every one of you, for taking the time to visit me, I know you are all very busy too xo

Hey Chrissie, I checked the list ... it says I can turn a blind eye until Monday whatever it's like ;o)

Diane said...

It is so hard to fit it all in - housework tends to go by the wayside here a lot as I firmly believe in scheduling "fun" and "feeding the soul" into every day. However, the housework has caught up with me this weekend - so I'm dashing round like Widow Twanky in the Laundray and a whirling durlish everywhere else - I only intend to "waste " half a day on it!!! Lovely post as ever Carolyn. xxxxx

Jo said...

Such lush colours in todays post, really rich and inspiring. Lovely lovely photos and news of your Grand Day Out!


Kris said...

I just love your blog. Everything seems so thoughtful and inspiring. Just wondering if the creation always comes easily for you?
Stunning display of Autumn....really!
Thanks for being so sharing of yourself.


Lovely bloggers xo

Kris, thank you. Yes, the creation comes easily but time doesn't always permit me to get it all out ;o)

Julie said...

Carolyn you have made everything look so beautiful as ever :) Didn't we have a lovely time? It was a complete treat to spend time with you and I had even forgotten that it rained when we met up the first time. I make lists too but then I forget to look at them or lose them! Must be why my housework is always sadly lagging behind! ;o)

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

What a lovely collection of Autumn images, I find the colours so inspiring!

missy k said...

Hi Carolyn

I so enjoyed your post - I am going back for another more lingering read! Inspiring as ever!

Love Karenx

JP said...

a fantastic post carolyn - i thought Julie must be with you when she was taking a blogging break - glad you are feeling well

Gina said...

I know just what you mean about finding that balance Carolyn. I'm glad you had such a lovely time with Julie and Stewart.

Jill said...

Wonderful - it is so inspiring looking at your photographs, like a walk in itself. I love the way you display your finds, delightful. It is always a delight when I see your name on my dashboard.

Jackie said...

I'd love to know how you get such must be the fabled St Ives light.
I recognise the lines of text from somewhere but can't for the life of me remember from where.

ju-north said...

Pleased you had a good time with Stewart and Julie - they are good people to have as friends.
Your blog is inspirational as always!

Jacky said...

I love your rambling posts Carolyn...beautiful images and photography and always some lovely art to share with us.
I love all of your scavenging hauls. Such interesting pieces you collect.
Have to pop over to your other blog now and see what else you have been up to.
Enjoy your favourite time of year (I love autumn too).

Jacky xox

Lynette (NZ) said...

Such beautiful images and I really love your ATCs

Anonymous said...

A really delightful post which I enjoyed reading very much!

Krissie at winterwood blog.

bad penny said...

What a treasure of rich warm Autumnal colours. Love your stitched ATCs & card.

Lawendula said...

Beautiful collection and I love the spots and splatters on you background here!

Menopausal musing said...

Such sensitiviry in your posts.....

Beautiful ATCs.......... Finding the right balance is so hard, isn't it?

A bird in the hand said...

The birthday card IS perfect -- and your friend DOES adore it!!!

Thank you xoxoxoxoxo

Lanny said...

I have never heard of Devil's Blackberry Day. hmmm. I may have to have some deviled jam anyway.

blue sky butterfly studio said...

What a lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it. Your photos are a joy, love the beach combing, brings back memories....

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Exquisite photo compilations in this post Carolyn - and beautiful ATCs'.

So you were at the Livewire concert too - so sorry not to have seen you - I danced all night. Fun, fun, fun. x

Gabriele Agustini said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I think it's absolutely fascinating!
Beautiful, beautiful work!!
Thank you for sharing!

Kayla coo said...

Love all your Autumn colours,beautiful.

martha brown said...

This is beautiful, carolyn!

flock of tea cosy said...

I love the autumn colours, and you have a lovely eye for putting it all together: the berries, the leaves....