Saturday, 20 November 2010

Autumn blessings (part 3)

I was away longer than I meant to be

cough, cough

I didn't feel my usual cheerful self and as I try to keep this blog upbeat I didn't feel like blogging much either! I've had a chest infection since the end of September, feeling very tired and generally everything taking more effort than usual

Still, enough of that!
I am now feeling a lot better and just as well
as there is lots going on, as usual, and lots to catch up with

November delicacies
a mosaic I made a couple of weeks ago

I've been keeping busy

I made another St. Ives heart in soft pastels

On the back I used silk dyed with eucalyptus leaves and
on the front there are many layers of my hand dyed cottons,
distressed chiffons, hessian, lace

decorated with St. Ives shells, beads, sequins and little stitches

and an Alfred Wallis style cottage
so quintessentially St. Ives

and if you love St. Ives you might like to see my photos on flickr
and my recent posts on my textile art blog where I have posted work inspired by St. Ives cottages, fishing boats and photos of St. Ives

My computer has been poorly too!

I've been struggling on with my old laptop for months now. It's been taking longer and longer to upload photos and stuff to blogs and flickr, overheating, then would suddenly switch itself off without warning. I would get only five or ten minutes at a time. Incredibly frustrating!

No, it's not fluff this time!

Then, two days ago it got a fatal problem and I've lost hundreds and hundreds of my photos, just too many to back up! I'm getting over it now ... as I have a lovely new laptop and it's got 5 times more disk space, it's so fast and the colours are vibrant. I'm in love with it!

The next lot of photos are all I have left
from two walks I did a couple of weeks ago

hogweed seed heads

I'm still enjoying learning more about processing my photos
by playful experimentation with all the PSE tools

so many different looks

a few of my favourites

all photos are from the same image
with textures and borders by Les Brumes and Telzey

I also recently joined Kim Klassen's skinny mini Photoshop e-course
but I haven't done a single jot of homework yet ;o)
must catch up with that over the coming week!

Our weather has turned damp and chilly
and it's now "proper Autumn"

These photos were taken on my walk down into St. Ives

I love all these beautiful Autumn colours!

happy leaves

beautiful seed pods

splashes of colours

on twiggy branches

vibrant berries

a peaceful walk
leaves that remind me of my distressed chiffons

blackberry days
nature showing off it's beauty

and it's delicacy

I was on my way to see the Black Cloth Project
by artist Paul Wadsworth at The Crypt Gallery, St. Ives.
You may remember I mentioned it in a previous post

my black box
The fine art of Paul Wadsworth and this exhibition intrigued me

His paintings and drawings are inspired by his extensive travels
to the middle East and his observation of the landscape
and of customs such as the wearing of the burka
and how we perceive that in the Western world

Paul's paintings were truly beautiful and in the centre of the exhibition
there was an installation, a black box with a small opening with a veil,
representing the burka, an opportunity for the viewer
to experience and explore the emotions of being inside the box.

I went in and had my photo taken inside the box as part of his project.
The artist spoke to me about my feelings of being in the box
whilst sketching me and afterwards I was given the sketch
presented in a little black box (see above) he had made

I was truly fascinated with Paul's paintings.
If you get chance to see or buy his work ... grab it!

Just a study of beauty and not intended to be disrespectful in any way

1. Artist Paul Wadsworth's studio 2. Eyes to the sky
3. Egypt - The spirit of pyramids 4. Danish muslim girl
5. the Black Cloth Project 6. Sguardi dal deserto #4

a little pin cushion I made for a friend
using silk I dyed with onion skins

I've also been back to my family and my old home town recently.
It always churns up nostalgia and old memories

Funny how I thought it was a horrible place to live as a child but now I recognise and appreciate it's charms. I must be getting old!

There is more ... but I'd better save some for another day
If you are still reading this ... thanks!

Tomorrow I have a whole day free so I'm going to spend it visiting some lovely blogs on my lovely new laptop ... it's way overdue as there's been precious little blog visiting from me recently!

Hope you have a lovely weekend
and enjoy the music playing on my blog

Carolyn ♥


Elizabeth said...

Enjoy your new computer. What a relief to have some new equipement that saves you time and keeps your beautiful pictures safe.

Have a colourful weekend.

Kris said...

Your post is as always gently soothing and newsy.
Congrats on your new puter!

Joanna said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling so poorly for such a long time. Poor you. There's so much to take in in this post - I'll have to come back later for another look. I love all those photographs, the colours are absolutely stunning. The Paul Wadsworth exhibition sounds really interesting, how wonderful that he sketched you! I do hope you haven't been affected by all the dreadful floods in your part of the world.

Keep warm,


Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

What a truly WONDERFUL post! I'm so sorry you've been under the weather. So MANY people are right now! Take care and keep warm. And, thank you again for the lovely post.

;~) Debi

Su said...

Lovely colours in those photos. I love all the textures and colours of autumn


jan said...

Glad you're feeling better, lovely post as always :-)

Andi's English Attic said...

So sorry to hear about the lost photos. It takes some getting over, doesn't it?
What's in the jar of witches bits and bobs? I can only make out the pegs.
I love the pin cushion. xx

Julie said...

I'm glad you are beginning to feel much better. How awful to lose so many photos, I would be
very upset if it was me. But wow! A new computer! Fantastic! Your images today are beautiful and the music is cool. I haven't heard Louis in years! Lovely and bluesy (and I don't usually like music on blogs :-) )xx

Jan said...

wow, so much to digest here. Great photos. Your loss caused me to go and back up all my photos from this year, all the rest are already backed up but I have been lax. Thanks for the reminder!
I hope you are feeling better and enjoying your new computer.

Lyn said...

beautiful images! lovely post.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Glad that you are now feeling a lot better. Lovely photo's. As you have confessed, I will too. I signed up for Kim's class and then family happened. I am going to try and catch up in the Christmas holidays. I shall look forward to seeing your homework.

Debbie said...

Hi Carolyn-greetings from Australia!! I love your beautiful blog-The photos are just stunning!! Do you sell any of your works-i would love one of your St.Ives hearts. Especially the one you just did. you don't have to post this comment seeing as it's more of a query if you don't want to. Thankyou and stay well,Debbie O'Brien

Pom Pom said...

Now that you have that fab new laptop you should go to Picnik and mess around. I have seen some amazing tricks.
I'm sorry you were sick. Get well and buy some boots. I just ordered some today. I'll show you soon! love love love

Ruth said...

Glad you're feeling better!

audrey said...

I was sorry to hear that you were not feeling well, but I am happy that you are better.
Where do I begin? Your heart is beautiful. Your Autumn photography is stunning. I have enjoyed every single photograph. Just beautiful.
How interesting and exciting to be at a Paul Wadsworth exhibition ~ something you will remember for a long time. Your little pin cushion is sweet ~ it has a look of elegance.
It is always a sentimental time for me when I visit the neighborhood I grew up in.
This entire post is beautiful, Carolyn ~ always a joy to visit your Blog.
♥ audrey

yvette said...

thanks for sharing!


Chris Gray said...

I always enjoy your posts!....long ones or short ones....they are always inspirational and interesting.

Hope you really are feeling better:-)

ArtPropelled said...

That's not fair! Having a bad chest for so long AND losing all your beautiful photos.... and yet your blog post is filled with cheer. Thanks Carolyn. Off to see the cottages on your other blog.

ewa-christine said...

Always, always nice to looked at your is great!!

Joei Rhode Island said...

Glad you are feeling better and up about. Lovely post Carolyn. Your photographs are indeed a joy and a pleasure. Thank you again.

MILLY said...

Beautiful post, my favourite was the blackberry leaves. The colours are amazing at this time of the year. I have a serious problem on my laptop, all my artwork is stored and due to the screen I can't see anything much between the wavy lines. A hard lesson to learn not to have everything backed up!
Glad to hear you are feeling a lot better.

Gina said...

Such gorgeous images Carolyn. Hope you are feeling much better now.

Diane said...

Glad you are on the mend. The things you make are so beautiful. I adore the St Ives heart. I dont know if I have ever told you this, but I LOVE ST IVES!!!! I'll email you my address and I need yours too. Its ages til we come down again - 6 months! xxxxxx

missy k said...

Dear Carolyn

So glad you are on the mend.... I had a cold a month back and my energy levels have not been the same since. I am taking a tonic (not with gin!)which is helping. I've not been blogging much at all - haven't really been in the mood or had much free time really, but a 'visit' to you is always cheering!

Love your photos!

Take care, love Karenx

mano said...

a wonderful post with so beautiful pictures! the pin cushion is fabulous and I love all the colours of your images.

Mrs Moen said...

You are a brilliant photographer as well as artist, Carolyn, and I officially want to visit St Ives. Glad you are feeling better; 2 months is a long time to feel under the weather (even if it's a colourful fall weather)!

Shoshi said...

Sorry you've been so poorly Carolyn, and that you've had all that trouble with your computer and losing your photos. This post is so beautiful! I adore your work - so subtle and sensitive, and also your sensitivity to the work of other artists. Simply a joy to read!

You take care of yourself and get well soon!!!


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Stunning photos Carolyn - love the description 'happy leaves' too - and the beautiful heart. Have a good week. x

Katie said...

Beautiful post. I love that Magic and music photo w/ the "helicopters" (that's what I always clled them). So many amazing plant photos.

Lynn said...

Glad you are feeling better. May it be perfect health asap.

Your art/photography/collage...all that you do in fabrics just blows my mind. What a pleasure to come and look and look and look some more.
It's such a GIFT you share. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Fiona Whitehead said...

gorgeous post Carolyn - it must take you so long to put it all together - I've been feeling down too and not blogging apart from inchy blog and I feel that its time for that to come to an end in the New Year so probably only three more challenges to go. ps love the music too - so mellow x

JP said...

hi carolyn - sorry you've not been so well - just loved this post especially the new heart - gorgeous

Penny said...

What a wonderful posting! I just couldn't stop reading and looking and 'wondering' (that means I was filled with wonder *smile*). Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I love your heart creation. The burka story is very thought provoking - wish we could sit down over a cup of tea and talk about it.

Joanna said...

Hello again Carolyn, I LOVE your Matt Cardle button! I assume you made this yourself (it's got your style, beautiful), and I was wondering, cheekily, if I could put it on my blog's sidebar - I would, of course, give full attribution to you and your blog. I totally understand if you'd rather I didn't, so please don't feel awkward about saying "NO, get your own!".


PeregrineBlue said...

just popping by to say i am thinking of you and hope you are feeling better every day. i see you are still in good spirits and creating. i have been a bit blue these past few weeks but keeping my spirits up too. a big hug

bad penny said...

my computer ? Blogger abslolutley would not let me leave a comment on your last post - tried about six times ! So sorry to hear about your photos - how devastating.

This post is wonderful & so full I don't know where to start. The Black Box project is incredible.

Loving your seed head photos. Is the heart the very same one which is now hanging on my dresser ?

Giggled at your exchange of comments with Joanna Fidlesnips ! Matt 4 me too !!!

A Time to Dance said...

Glad you are feeling better I am just getting over the lurgy...which has lasted over three weeks...lovely pictures thanks for sharing

Jill Dian said...

I have always loved Alfred Wallace have depicted the essence of his work in your them


Anonymous said...

Found your blog today when I was reading the comments at Tinctory.
nice to meet you, great work, great photo's

Jill said...

Only just found time to read your post - sorry to hear about the loss of photos.
My mantra is always back-up back-up, but I don't always do it.
Soem very inspiring pictures here to start off your new archive. said...

Hello you! What a scrumptious gorgeous post, I loved reading it! Just popping by to thank you for your comment on my blog, it is wonderful to know that peeps understand. It can be so time consuming, and sometimes it can send us in a spin. At the moment I just feel completely overwhelmed by everything! But I worry when I don't keep up with all you lovely souls! Still I may be back one day, when all the work on the house is finished (if it ever is!!!) Hugs! Susie xx

Julia said...

Hello Carolyn

Im sorry to hear you have been ill, and had that dreadful experience of losing your photograps, but thank you for this beautiful post, it's lovely to stop by and discover it, the autumn colours...that little St Ives heart (you have such an amazing imagination) I am once again going to leave, feeling somehow fuller, richer and more inspired.

Sending love
Julia x x x

Heather Woollove said...

Glad you're back and feeling better.
A new laptop, too!! Lovely!

Gina Da Rocha said...

Hi Carolyn...I love that pin cushion! x

kerosene said...

What an amazing post Carolyn,
so many things to enjoy and be inspired by.