Saturday, 27 November 2010

Cold Afternoon in November

Sometime this week autumn slipped into winter
cold, bright, sunshine ...

gave way to wild, wet, windy, weather
and finished with flurries of sleet and hailstones

so I say goodbye to autumn for another year

November rain

red boat through rain drops

so never mind the darkness
we still can find a way

'cause nothin' lasts forever
even cold November rain
photographed through the window of The Pool Club, St. Ives

look into the rain drops
you can see the harbour railings,
the sea, sky and horizon reflected in the droplets

It's officially cold enough to snow and I've been making lots of these

crystal snowflakes
and it's definitely cold enough for these

knitted in soft grey/silver wool and silk
for just such a cold afternoon in November

This week we had a big November moon

I went out with my hubby for a meal and a few drinks in St. Ives
The sky was clear and inky dark, the lights twinkled beautifully
and the big bright moon smiled down on the harbour

Winter's Tales & The Firebird
and I got along to an exhibition of beautiful work
at The Lighthouse Gallery, Penzance
by one of my most favourite artists

Catherine Hyde

Her work is magical and glittery in tones of
silvery winter greys and rosy autumn pomegranates

I photographed a pomegranate a few weeks ago
the photos were amongst those I recently lost

but I kept the pomegranate

I've been watching it wither, as autumn itself withers away

and it retained it's beautiful colours
but took on interesting textures

words from
Wind in the Willows

till by easy stages such as these he reached midwinter,
it's hearty joys and it's snug home life

Rose Cottage
I've been busy over on my other blog and flickr and
I made this heart for a friend's birthday from layers of silk,
fabrics I distressed myself, flowers, shells, little stitches and beads

and as I stitched I was pleased to see ...
it turned into a rose garden

Next week it will be Christmas on my blog
and already there are Wintery and Christmas goodies to share here
I'm so excited ... I can hardly wait!

Till then ... have a good creative week

Carolyn ♥


Joanna said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Thank you, Carolyn, I thoroughly enjoyed your post with it's colours and thoughts. Love the music too.


missy k said...

Dear Carolyn

I LOVE everything!

That darling little snowflake and those cosy, snuggly gloves..... the withering pomegranate, Rose Cottage but I have to say the reflections in those raindrops are AWESOME...

Love Karenx

bicocacolors said...

love love LOVE your art!

Andi's English Attic said...

The pic of the railings in the raindrops are really clever. The crystal snowflake and gloves are beautiful, and I hope your friend likes the heart, I do. xx

JP said...

a very evocative post - your hearts just get lovlier Carolyn - xx Janice

dosfishes said...

The raindrop photos are amazing. Christmas is upon us and we are all looking forward to see what you will share. Love the heart as always. xox Corrine

Julie said...

I thought it was the Pool club :-) The photos are amazing and the raindrop reflections are just wonderful. Clever girl!

I love the harp music in the background. I've just reloaded the page to listen again. I may have to seek that CD out. We should have been at a harp concert tonight but ice and snow have put us off. :-(

Lyn said...

Great post, as usual full of inspiring things.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely everything in this post! Lovely mosaics, lovely rain photos, glitter snowflakes, heart and paintings by Catherine Hyde. Glad that you also had a fun night out too, Carolyn. x

Jacky said...

You make winter sound cosy and fun. I love you see all the wonder of the changing may be getting cold and bleak, but there is still beauty and the wonders of nature (as in the relections in those beautiful raindrops.

Looking forward to seeing your Christmas goodies.

Stay warm and cosy.

Jacky xox

p.s. bleak and cold over this side too. We have had so much rain the past few days, everything is very soggy and very lush (we are usually starting to really dry off by now). Grey sky too, no sign of blue today. Still...I need to be inside doing some housework as I have visitors later today. Hopefully I might get a little stitching done today.

Elizabethanne said...

Dear Carolyn
Thank you for sharing your wonderful transitions of Autumn to winter with us. It is so nice to here about the English weather as at this time of year here in Australia it is very warm.

Hearing of the snow & cold helps make this time of year feel more like Christmas to me. So Thank You.

I also love the crystal snow flakes that you have been making. Is the pattern for them one of your own?
Your Friend
Elizabeth XX

winnibriggs said...

Your photographs are truly stunning. A beautiful beautiful post!

Are you curious about me? said...

Wonderful post, fantastic photographs. Just one question 'did you make your wonderful gloves?' or would you please tell me where you got them, I would love a pair for Christmas.

Thank you

Carola Zajdman said...

Like it so much !!


Thank you for visiting me and for taking the time to leave a little note

The snowflake design is very simple. I looked at some beading instructions for a flower and adapted it for a snowflake

The fingerless mitts were knitted by me to a knitting pattern I have

Thank you x

Joei Rhode Island said...

Always....always a delight to visit. Your photos are magical. Wind in the Willows was such a miracle when I 'found' it in the library...nobody told me about it. Such a treasure.

Diane said...

I too love everything in this post Carolyn. The rain drops are inspired! Amazing! Let me have your adress for your Christmas card. xxxx

Jill said...

I just want to keep looking at this post - and probably will, beautiful.

karen said...

beautiful post, beautiful images, (as always!) gorgeous gloves and beautiful stitching. Thank you!!

cardinal arts said...

your posts are always so beautiful; beautiful images and words
this one is no exception
the heart you made for your friend; lovely...looks so soft and full of love
thank you for sharing all this with us

mano said...

what a beautiful post! I love the silky gloves, the rainy pictures and the lovely paintings from
catherine hyde. thank you for sharing!

PeregrineBlue said...

i am always enlightened and humbled by your blog posts. it's that they touch the core of life. so refreshing, so basically real and beautiful. love to you.


Thank you for all your sweet comments x

deemallon said...

such a visual feast... thank you for all the images and colors and impressions... here in Eastern Mass. we have also slipped into the grey, cold time.

Fiona Whitehead said...

Carolyn - just to remind you about the inchy challenge swap you signed up for - they are to be with me by tomorrow - can you just confirm that you are still doing this - thanks Fiona x

Nerys Kate Williams said...

Love the new post so delicate and a great winter feel


Cathy said...

Gorgeous photos as always Carolyn. Autumn has come and gone too quickly here because of vicious gales and torrential rain - and now we are snowy. Pity as I love to savour the autumn. Great pomegranite photos. I love those too and Caroline Hyde has been a favourite for years. I would love to own an original.

PS hope your sketchbook is going well. I am a bit behind with mine so I will have to draw like mad to catch up a bit. Time is passing.

Robin Olsen said...

What a feast your posts are! I didn't think it was possible that your hearts could get any more beautiful, but maybe, just maybe. I'm not even a pink person, but wow!

Roberta T said...

Thank you for your blog. It is like a trip to a beautiful art gallery. Your images and your creativity make my day.

Judy Scott said...

Im the lucky recipient of Rose Cottage, it is beautiful :) Its hanging right in front of me now and is so precious xxx
Carolyn such amazing photos I love the one where the images are seen in the raindrops, I love the gloves did you make??? and the colours in the pomegranate are lovely. Everything - your blog is just a perfect treasure trove :) Lots of love to you from a snow trapped Scotland xxxx

Shoshi said...

Ohh I LOVE your art Carolyn!! These photos are something else... The photos through the raindrops - so imaginative! As usual, gorgeous, subtle colours - everything simply delights the eye. Just visiting your blogs blows away any winter blues!

Lynn said...

This all of it (especially the pom) and the snow scene above (which would not allow me to leave a comment) is so beautiful. I come here and get such a fix...such a rush of are the best photographer! The best! I love your destressed fabric work too. Hearts. All of it. Thank you for sharing and bringing so much beauty into the world Carolyn.

Fenland Textile Studio said...

You have such beautiful photos. I love the reflections in the rain drops. Hope you are keeping warm down there x

Gina Da Rocha said...

Thanks for such a lovely post many pretty things to look at!

We were going to spend Xmas in Mousehole again this year, but something came up so we are spending at home. Gonna miss your neck of the woods this year boo hoo x

Gunnels blog said...

So very beautiful !

Fiona said...

I am so jealous that you got to see Catherine Hyde's work. I love her Princess Blanket illustrations.