Saturday, 8 January 2011

New year new bundle

I put a new erosion bundle in the ground
Sunday 2nd January 2011
While gathering all the bits and pieces together
I had time to reflect on what I want to achieve this year

Starting with a blank canvas
a fresh new start!

Textured papers
handmade paper, vintage sheet music, vintage sewing pattern papers, khadi paper, tissue paper, card, glossy photo papers and vellums

vintage sewing pattern pieces, old photographs, printed vellums, cards, magazine images, printed napkins, vintage postcards and tags

lovely images, vintage tags and skeleton leaves

Interesting things
rusty tin ornaments, hearts and gingerbread men
waxed fabrics,vintage laces, silk rods and tussah silk tops
acetate and cellophane sweetie wrappers and
scrim with safety pins (hoping these will go rusty)

Organic matter
wet and decaying organic matter from my December garden
damp leaves, seeds, sycamore seed pods and a hydrangea head

cotton, silk, scrim, old linens, vintage lace, natural dyed fabrics

layering favourite things inside the bundle

sheet music, old cotton and lace, silk rods
decaying sycamore seed pods and winter text

Then a coal slipped, the fire crackled and sent
up a spurt of flame, and he woke with a start

I put some lovely things inside my bundle

I'm hoping that the more I put into it the more I will get out of it!

I will open the bundle in April 2011
and while doing so will try to remember to reflect on this January post
and review how my plans for the year are going

New Year's Resolutions
One thing at a time!
Just do it!

My plan

Finish projects already in progress
be honest with myself!
if it isn't gonna happen ... recycle the project!

Try not to be seduced by too many exciting blog challenges this year!
there are some wonderful projects out there ...
very inspiring indeed ... but I can't do them all!
In 2010 I had several big projects going at the same time - rather stressful at times
It's lovely fun to join in projects with others ... but ...
one at a time from now on!

Work more on my own design projects and sketchbooks
for personal reflection and fulfillment


Brooklyn sketchbook project - almost completed
Kim Klassen Photo Workshop - not started yet
3 handmade books (Carole Brungar workshop) incorporating
the 2010 erosion bundle contents - almost completed
Alphabet letters Y and Z - almost completed
Festival of Quilts 2011 - a new art quilt
Erosion Bundle Project 2011 - finished pieces
Stitching the Textured Surface Workshop

started in 2009 - put on hold when my Dad was very ill
The Sketchbook Challenge - ongoing
My own work and sketchbooks - ongoing

So ... there we are ... these are my plans and
writing this has helped me to focus on the order of things

Whatever you are doing ... I hope you have a great weekend
full of creativity and enjoyable fun moments

♥ Carolyn ♥

Update - 9th January 2011
The Erosion Bundle Project 2011
Are you interested in making a bundle to be buried in the ground
placed in a compost heap, placed on top of soil
perhaps at the foot of a tree or hung from a branch or hedge, etc?

Include a variety of fabrics, papers, objects, organic matter, etc
and see what happens as these items react with nature!!

Leave a comment on the Erosion Bundle Project blog
(with a link to where your bundle can be viewed)
Kris will post photos of your bundles
the reveals and your finished projects


Cherry Ann Art said...

love the idea of the bundles - so exciting and interesting. such an interesting post - Thank You :)



Please can you tell me if you find the music on my blog annoying ... speak up ... I need to know!

Lyn said...

Beautiful post Carolyn, (I have my computer on mute so I don't hear your music)I agree, too mant projects can be a problem, look forward to seeing the one's you choose to do though.

Caroline said...

Looking forward to seeing your erosion bundle later - what a lovely stash! Good luck with your projects - I always take on too many too! Re your music - it's very beautiful harp music, but I prefer not to have it in the background as I am often listening to something else anyway! So, I do tend to turn it off - which is fine for one page, but when I had fun looking through your archives a couple days ago I have to admit I'd have preferred not to have to turn off the music on every page! Sorry! However, I love your blog, so it wouldn't stop me visiting if you keep it there!!

ShabbyChicShaz said...

What lovely, lovely things in your bundle. Looking forward to seeing how they weather :) And sage advice on the plans for the year, I too have a tendancy to put myself forward for too many projects at once. Need to be realistic and resist and cheer from the sidelines occasionally :)


I feel the same. When I haven't been on my blog for several days I love that small piece of twinkly music ... but after a while I tend to turn the volume right down. There are only so many times you can listen to it. Thank you for the feedback :o)

Pom Pom said...

Your style is so red. Yes, I love that.

dosfishes said...

Marvelous bundle, I am sure the results will be seen through out your glorious stitching all year. Big projects list already, your edited list would
send me packing stress, all play, that's the attitude for me. xox Corrine

Wax Beach Artist said...

Your blog is one of the FEW that I don't find the music annoying on. It's beautiful and doesn't keep going, when it's done it's done. I like that. You posts are beautiful just like the music. I look forward to seeing your projects in progress and finished. Happy New Year!

Wax Beach Artist said...

Oh, as I scrolled back up to look at something the music does start back up. Makes sence. I love how I don't have to type in verifications to post a comment. I really hate that. Are those people really getting alot of spam?!? lol Your question has sparked the bolg post pet peeves part of me. Oh goodness.

Riki Schumacher said...

Wonderful post. I love your project, and the fact that you are putting that sweet bundle away until April is so mysterious! Love it. Good luck with your projects. Its going to be a wonderful year! Take care, Riki

Lynn said...

I cringed when I saw your lovely old photos going into the bundle to be put to the elements.
I hope they aren't too terribly altered. They've made it this far. :-)
You have a full list for yourself and it's admirable. Good luck and have fun getting it all done! Bravo!!!

La Dolce Vita said...

wow, great beauty here as always and what a list!! you are so inspiring!!

Kris said...

Ahhh! Your new bundle looks very promising! I'd like to post about it on the Erosion Bundle Blog.
Maybe others will join you.

Cherry Ann Art said...

Thanks for your comments on my Blog - love your music !!!

Julie said...

Great bundle you've made Carolyn it should make for some excitement when you re-open it. It makes me tempted to have a go myself :-) I don't have my volume up either so I don't hear your music. However, your pages do load very slowly, not sure if that's the music or just the amount of content. Don't think our line speed is very good anyway. Not to worry, I will always come and visit you :-) xx

Ro Bruhn said...

I love the idea of the bundle, I might have to try this. I made one last year with Seth on his blog but we hung this outside, not buried it. Mine did very little as our weather doesn't change drastically. Burying it might be the way to go. Looking forward to seeing your results. I like the music too.

Ro Bruhn said...

PS, just realized the music I can hear is from my husbands iPad, I have my volume turned up but can't hear the music. I've enjoyed it on past visits though.

Sarah said...

Wow - your bundle looks amazing! I cant wait to see how it turns out!!!! I really enjoyed doing it last year - in spite of the whole lot turning pink! Have fun!!!


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and useful feedback. I have disabled the music and also removed a few things from my page to see if it loads a little faster

I really liked the twinkly harp music and have saved it for later ... for when I'm in a twinkly mood :o)

Kris said...

Carolyn - Yes, let's give the Erosion Bundle Project another go! I'll get the blog set up as people post their comments.

Theanne... said...

Totally intrigued by the "erosion bundle"...items that you will use in a creative project are bundled together and then buried, to be dug up at a later time...changes will have occurred due to being underground...I'm looking forward to seeing the changes in April and seeing what you create out of the items you dig up!

stregata said...

Wishing you a wonderful 2011!
Your bundle is absolutely fascinating and has me itching to make one also...

Helen Cowans said...

Good luck with all the aims, projects and stitching in 2011 :)

Isabel said...

Very nice Blog. We have many things in common. I'll follow you!!

ger said...

Hope the bugs+worms won´t eat the things in your bundle...;) wishing you fun + success with your projects...

Lynda Howells said...

ok...this year l know about it in l am joining in.Very excited never done anything like this before. This, tree wrapping and learning all about Eco Dyeing..2011 is looking good. LOVE your blog, been following (subscribed) you for agesxxlynda

Dorthe said...

Wow, what a wonderfull bundle-I love all you put inside, and was inspired,too-I did a bundle last year,too, and have to try again :)
I`m new to your blog, and will have a longer look.
Dorthe from Denmark

Shoshi said...

Fascinating post, Carolyn! Until I "met" you I'd never heard of an erosion bundle... It's a very intriguing idea! I'd love to do it but the trouble is I'm terrified of creepy crawlies, and I think when the time came I'd be too scared to dig it up and it would stay there forever - and maybe become part of a future archaeological dig! Wonder what they'd make of it...

Regarding the music - no strong opinions either way. If I don't feel in the mood, I mute the volume. If I do feel in the mood, I enjoy it because it's such lovely music, and fits your blog so perfectly.

I adore the blog background on here. I could look at it for hours. Like the music, a perfect backdrop to your absolutely stunning creativity.

I've got a creative friend coming over tomorrow and I'm going to show her your blogs.


Elizabethanne said...

Dear Carolyn, Your post in for January is so much how my life was last year. It was like reading my own thoughts. :-)

And I may even just give the erosion bundle project ago. If it ever stops raining long enough here where I live in QLD Australia to get out in the garden :-)
Your Friend
Elizabeth xx

layers said...

Looks like you are going to start off the year with wonderful papers, and ephemera and such... with projects in mind-- love that idea of burying a bundle of stuff-- may try it myself.

Menopausal musing said...

Lovely things going into your bundle. You seem to get so much done in terms of things artistic....... I very rarely have the sound turned up on my computer so it is alwauys a surprise to hear music on a blog on the rare occasions that I do!

fibrefrolics said...

Wow Carolyn, you are one busy lady with all those projects going on. Don't know how you fit everything in. Erosion bundle looks full of intersting things. Enjoy all the projects you do this year, but take it easy too! I like your music. Its always a nice surprise!

mano said...

wonderful pieces in your bundle - it will be a great surprise to open it in april! perhaps I try it myself. we have a little creek near our house - perhaps the bundle could swim...

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

So it is called an Erosion bundle is it.
I hang little wire boxes of strings, yarns and papers in the trees in Spring for the nesting birds perhaps that is my Erosion bundle.
Have a great week.

Lorraine said...

very interested in this erosion project will have a root round tomorrow to see what i can find

Julies Knit & Sew Corner said...

I love this idea of your bundle project, your blog is full of inspiration with something a bit different.
Thanks for popping by my blog. best wishes Julie.C

Kim Dellow said...

Wow fabulous bundle, can not wait to see how it will look. Kim

Vintage Tea Time said...

Interesting idea - love the contents of your bundle - I shall be interested to follow its story! Stimulating blog! Abby

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

You have a busy year planned, Carolyn! I hope you achieve it all. It'll be very interesting to see what comes out of your bundle when you open it in April!

Cathy said...

Really looking forward to what is revealed in April Carolyn. I bet it is wonderful with that amazing quantity of diverse items. The tin objects should produce something interestin in the way of stains. Good luck with achieving all you have set out to do. I find I only achieve about a quarter of what I plan for the day but even that is good for me. I am the world's worst procrastinator you see...haha.

Happy New Year to you.

Deborah said...

Lovely contents in your bundle! I enjoyed it so much last year that I'm tempted to try it again.

Fiona Whitehead said...

Happy New Year Carolyn - love your erosion bundle - going to follow the link and do one of my own - your pictures are gorgeous as ever x

A Time to Dance said...

What a wonderful idea...I cant wait to see what they look like....I dyed some wool using avocado skins and they looked lovely..hope you are well...H

Lorraine said...

I have had a go this year too with items that reflect me..old guitar wires, rust, ivy leaves etc

Gunnels blog said...

So exciting! Looking forward to see the results!

Cathy Cullis said...

Hello Carolyn, best of luck and enjoy all your projects in 2011 - I know it is easy to become overwhelmed with ideas and creative spark! Visiting your blog is always a visual feast and I will look forward to many more visits..... best wishes Cathyxx

Julia said...

Carolyn, this sounds like a wonderful idea - I love the thought of all those items organically changing with the different elements of nature. I will look forward to seeing what you discover in April!

Much love
Julia x x x

Bunty said...

Your bundle looks so exciting - I wish I had thought of adding all sorts of other bits and bobs too! Maybe next year! Your blog is so delightful and I always look foward to your fascinating posts, not to mention your gorgeous works.

Barbara :)

Debrina said...

I absolutely agree with you - best way to focus and clarify your resolutions is here, with an audience to back you up! Did the same over at my blog too. Must apologise for not getting here as much as I would like to but I'm here now and just loving catching up with all that's been going on in your fantastically creative world!

Diane said...

How did I miss this post? Lots and lots of lovely inspiration . I will have a go at an erosion bundle myself! xxxx

libbyquilter said...

hello Carolyn.

i am out and about in blogland once again and had to hurry here to thank you for the sweet holiday card that you sent me (with the glimmery treasure tucked inside~!). it was very thoughtful of you and a delightful surprise when for me when i got home from my trip (seeing my daughter) . . . i hope your holidays were wonderful and that the new year is full of blessings and peace.

i am quite interested by this bundle project and really must give it a go myself one of these days. like you though, i've made some promises to myself in regards to just how much i take on at any given time so it will have to wait a bit longer. in the meantime i'll enjoy vicariously through your posts.


ArtPropelled said...

Even if you don't make art with all these interesting bits and pieces the photos are thrilling enough.

Belinda McWilliams said...

Thank you for sharing all your talents and creativity. You have a fan! Inspiring and motivating... I am seriously thinking that I must take my usual traditional embroidery and take it "someplace else"

Lynn said...

These are all beautiful in all ways!!! I came here to leave acomment from the more recent post too, as I could not find a comment box there. I do hope what ever it is that is "pulling at your heart" smooths out soon and all will be well, or you will be at more peace, which ever is more appropriate for the issues at hand.