Saturday, 5 February 2011

a rather romantic giveaway

I always underestimate just how long these blog posts take to prepare. I've been trying to bring you this post for several days but I have been busy creating and I have blogged here and here and kept flickr going ... so I guess it's no wonder

and I've been grateful to be busy

lately I have felt like things have been unravelling around me
affecting people I love and care about the most
the hardest part is that I can't do much to help
just stand back, let things unfurl and watch
I feel sad, but everything has a time
I can't say any more


we had a few weeks of bitter cold
I knitted fingerless mitts for my Mum

they cheered her up - she loves the colour
they cheered me up - that I could make something nice for her

I had a fun crow day with my friend Jo
we always have fun on our crafting professional development days ;o)

we stitched egg cosies from the pattern in Poppy Treffry's book

I made a couple in Poppy Treffry style with hearts and free motion stitching
then I made four in my style with calico and vintage lace

We were rolling about with laughter because after stitching six of them we discovered that we didn't scale up the pattern to the right size so they are only big enough for quails' eggs :o)

how do you like your eggs in the morning?
quail's egg anyone?
So I had to have another go and get the pattern right
I made two more for a dear blog friend and
I'm pleased to say that Missy K loves them ... and ... they fit!

January was so dark and cold
I missed the twinkle lights in my cottage ...
so I enjoyed lots of little candles for cheer
baked and made comforting mosaics for TILT (flickr)

Things I love Thursday

warm and cosy home comforts, baking, Christmas cookies,
iced biscuits, gingerbread men, tea time and twinkle lights

1. 1 2. Christmas cookies 3. .gingerbread snowflakes
4. Day Three Hundred and Fifty One

I have recently had a thing about starlings
Things I love Thursday

fine art, abstract, paintings, dolls, faces, dresses, snow, snowmen and starlings

Things I Love Thursday

dreamy thoughts, favourite things, fine art, textiles, berries, snow, winter scenes
birdies, trees, Cathy's dolls, paper chains, stars and heartwarming treats

1. Standing books 2. Eruption 3. Dans l attente des vendanges tardives 4. The pink dress 5. Christmas altered silver cup ornament 6. Paper dolls 7. Winterscape 8. Starling in the snow 9. 220.365 10. Breathe 11. Alone 12. Decorating for advent 13. Still waters 14. ~ details 15. Tis the season to hold certain things dear 16. DSC_0359

I love Cathy's work

I was delighted to receive a lavender sachet and card at Christmas
I forgot to show them before in my Christmas post

More goodness came from Lisa at Mudhound Studio
I won her giveaway of sari silk ribbons and
they are so beautiful, such lovely deep rich colours

and came beautifully wrapped in gold silk

rich earthy colours of winter skies, bare trees and berries
my photos do not do these ribbons justice

winter leaves and fragility

and sunshine after the rain

I wanted to make a heart for Lisa to show my appreciation
at the time I was going through a rain drop phase
(see flickr photostream)

I used some of the beautiful hand dyed rose tinted silk ribbons
with layers of my fabrics and heat distressed chiffons

drops of rain
it features a St. Ives cottage and a shell from the beach
with french knots, daisy stitches and beads for rain drops

I do hope Lisa likes it

The early part of January saw me busy with my sketchbook
for the The Brooklyn Sketchbook Project 2011

my rosy palette
My theme was "below the surface" and based on blood cells

a messy desk
I spread out quite a bit and got messy
and threw myself into meeting the 18th January deadline

making twice the work for myself as I
produced two identical moleskine sketchbooks of work

fortuitous finds at Cornwall Scrap Store of
bandages, blood collecting tubes and plasters

piles of painted papers, fabrics, painted tyvek, magazine cuttings
cellophane, old photographs and medical paraphernalia

my favourite palette of rose madder, copper and burnt umber

on the front cover
a collage of gesso, paints, metallic bronze powder, painted tyvek
shellac and blood collecting tubes with collaged lettering

front cover

I have now posted lots of photos of my sketchbook
on a separate page for anyone who may be interested in seeing it.
You can click on any of these photos or the link above if you wish

With Valentine's Day fast approaching
I thought it would be nice to have another giveaway

... in progress ...
I am offering one of my textured textile art hearts
with lots of fabric and chiffon layers, stitching and beading

I'm showing it in progress at the moment as our
electrical power in the cottage has been on and off all day
we have a problem with our wiring ... so no sewing machine!

"rather romantic"
The giveaway is open to followers ...

... so for a chance of winning the heart just add yourself as a follower (if you haven't already done so) and leave a comment here telling me you are now following or if you have been following my blog for a while just drop me a line in the comments box

the winner will be announced on Valentine's Day

♥ best wishes to you all ♥


BuTtOnZ said...

Im already a follower - I think you are fab. Stick me in for the giveaway - would make me very happy to win, it'll be my birthday that day too!!!!!

Miek said...

I am also already a follower and I loved today's long blogpost . Succes with the wiring and have a nice day.

JP said...

I just love this post - so glad you feel able to post again - love all this red - just what we need on a grey January day! - i know I have a heart but I'd love another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silke Scheller said...

Dear Carolyn,
I`m a follower of both of your blogs, because I really like what you`re doing! So if I would win your giveaway it`ll makes me happy happy happy...
And if not so what - anybody else will be happy happy happy!
Have a nice day and keep going on making such a loveley stuff!

Jill said...

Hi Carolyn, been following a long time and love your posts and the monthly calendars....looking forward to another year of beauty!

Jill said...

No wonder this post took you so long to compile, it is a wonderful collection of what makes you tick Carolyn. Each picture is a joy. If i won your little give away it would certainly be close to my heart!

Alexandra Mason said...

I am already a follower. I love your hearts and your lace egg cozies are gorgeous! Have a lovely week xx

Carol said...

Caroline, I love what you did for the sketchbook,
and too do it twice !!! brilliant
and I would love to go into the givaway draw :)

Deb said...

Hi, I just started following your blog. I love st Ives and try to visit as often as I can, my daughter and I are planning to move there one day. I am blown away by your posts, they are so colourful and inspiring. If I win the prize I will be giving it to my daughter, I have named my own blog after her, the title is the meaning of her name. In the meantime, we love your posts x

Sharon said...

The sketchbook is fabulous: I have spent quite a bit of time perusing it at the sketchbook site. You have answered a question I had: how could you part with it? Now I know: you didn't have to, since you produced two. (I never quite finished mine because I couldn't give it up). Today's blog is terrific, and even tho I have a heart coming, I'd love to be entered for this one!!

Anonymous said...

I love to follow both of your blogs and always enjoy your posts. Your hearts are stunning and the egg cosies are lovely too.What an amazing, very original sketchbook. So many great ideas there. A feast for the eyes!

Fyrelizard said...

Hi Carolyn, please add me to your giveaway! I have been following both of your blogs since I discovered them a few months ago. I love your images of St Ives. It is one of my favourite places! Your hearts are gorgeous and so often transport me back to Cornwall; I'd love the chance to win one!

Sarah said...

I've just added myself as a follower (and "Liked" your facebook page for good measure)

I've been reading your blog for a long time though - but I use Google Reader instead of "following"

Your sketchbook work is stunning, and I love your hearts.

Gina said...

Well, I always read your blog so I guess it was about time I became a follower!

BenteOO said...

I have been a follower for some time - I suppose this is the right time for me to admit it is and has been a pleasure!

Jensters said...

I love to look at all your work Carolyn and just love how you explain the details....Im already a follower and who wouldnt love this wonderfuly hearts...i have reasons why i would x

Sheila Knight said...

Carolyn - I have been an unofficial follower of yourself for a long time, but now I am `officially` one of those people who enjoy your work and photos and colours; I would love to be entered into your give-away and thank you in advance for including me; there will be a really lucky recipient. Very best wishes

Elizabethanne said...

Hello Carolyn, I have followed your blog for sometime now. I really enjoy visiting your blog each morning to see the new & exciting things that you have added. You give me great inspiration.
Your Friend
Elizabeth XX

marigold jam said...

I have been following for some time now and am inspired by your lovely work. The hearts are beautiful and the one in blues and greens and sand etc depicting a beach I thought absolutely stunning. This red one too is beautiful and am sure the lucky winner will treasure it.

No wonder your blog posts take so long to do as there is so much in this one! Sorry to hear that you have some problems just now and hope that time the great healer will sort them out and that you will feel better about whatever it is soon.


Jacqui said...

I love your blogs and your work and have been following through Google reader for over a year I think - loved this post

summerfete said...

That was a stunning post Carolyn!

I've heard of the Brooklyn book thingy, sounds like fun.
You made me chuckle with the egg cosy tale!

I hope whatever is making you unravel will soon disappear!

take care

Fenland Textile Studio said...

WHat a great post. I love your blog. The images you use are always so beautiful. I hope your problems will resolve themselves. I'd love to be part of this giveaway. Hugs Angela

Beabee said...

Thanks for sharing all those wonderful images. I love the reds in the heart - and the egg cozies are fantastic.

Joanna said...

Fantastic post, Carolyn. No wonder it took a while to put together! The gloves for your Mum are stunning, such a beautiful colour and so pretty.

I am, of course, a follower and would ADORE to win your sweet sweet heart.


Penny said...

I have been a follower for a while and always love your blogs, this was a lovely post. Would adore to win your heart but dont have much luck with give aways, you know how it is, some people always win and others dont, we had a friend who never bought meat as he always won the meat lottery at the pub!

Gilli said...

A follower? Yes, of your blog. Like a lemming, no. Peace and Love

Andi's English Attic said...

Oh your giveaway is absolutely beautiful. I'm already a follower so please, please put my name in the draw.

Hope things stop unravelling and you're soon able to pick up the stitches. xx

dosfishes said...

Dear Carolyn, your post was so worth the wait. I sit here enchanted. xox corrine

missy k said...

Dear Carolyn

I so enjoyed everything on this post!

I LOVE my little egg cosies you made me SO much..... I even got out my sewing machine and had a play yesterday!!!!

This is so bad..... I've had my machine 23 years and NEVER had it serviced! I had a quote to service and its £59! Thinking about it ... as the machine is working fine. I love Poppy's book btw too. (Obviously not used my machine as much as you would!)

I did a journal page yesterday bout you! Haven't posted it....

Love the gloves you made for your mum... gorgeous colour.

Sending you lots of love


Lisa said...

Carolyn, I'm so sorry to hear that someone close to you is not is hard to comprehend at times and i hope that things will get better for you and your loved ones...I'm impressed that you found the strength to put together such an a inspirational and stunning post.

as a lover of fingerless gloves.. the ones you've made for your mom are delightful.. the color is so lovely...they are a gift from the heart!

I always want to crawl inside your photo mosaics and sit.. as if i were in a garden if zen...they are always so breathtakingly beautiful...

thank you for the kind mention and photos.. your photos do more than justice to the ribbons...they are gorgeous...and speaking of gorgeous.. my goodness. yes.. i love the heart...oh my.. what a hugely generous gift...i've never seen such a lovely heart. the colors and the design.. the stitching...I so look forward to the privilege of admiring your work close up.. every little detail is perfect.. what a treat and a honor to be given such a lovely treasure...from you and the sea...thank you so much!

Your red heart is beautiful and dreamy.. i love the transparent layers and textures and the journal pages.. the topic seems out of character for you yet you've transposed it into something beautiful and artistic!

Sending positive thoughts and wishes your way...xo

kerosene said...

Hello Carolyn. Wow and congratulations on an amazing sketchbook!
I too would love to win a heart from you!
~ C

sbcmom said...

Your work is gorgeous! I've been following you for a couple of months. I too know how hard it is to wait and allow things to take their course. Feeling powerless except for the ability to be there for those in need is difficult. Working with our hands is very healing.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Hi Carolyn, I am follower and have been for almost as long as I have been blogging. I enjoyed reading your post, you have been so creative in spite of all your troubles.

karen said...

Hi Carolyn,
I follow your blog because I saw your work on Flickr and was blown away by your beautiful art. Thanks for sharing!

twannywun said...

I am a follower and would love to win your gorgeous giveaway x x karen

twannywun said...

ps my email twannywun at hotmail dot com

Lisa said...

I'm already a follower and have you also on my "most frequent" page of visits to make! Love your work and would be delighted to be entered!
Blessings and peace!

Shoshi said...

Hi Carolyn - I'm another follower of both your blogs as I simply adore your work. I'd love nothing better than to receive a beautiful heart made by you! Esp. a nice red one. I love all the things on this particular post, and again am revelling in your wonderful colours.

Herm said...

have been a follower for more than a year, love your work and the heart is so beautiful and full of texture, wish me luck!!

Marcia said...

I love your artwork! I would love a chance to win your heart collage. marciadotcom @

Peggy said...

I have been following this blog for a long time and just recently learned of your other one. Love them both! They bring me such joy. This post was worth waiting for. I hope I win. Peace to you.

Anonymous said...

Lots in your blog to comment the fingerless gloves for Mom (fantastic color)...the hearts are gorgeous...the shades of red are eye candy to lover of color!

Lynette (NZ) said...

Have been a follower for a wee while - love when you post, and appreciate the time you take. LOVE your hearts - and the red of this post is just divine. Everything crossed I win! :-)

Stitchety Grub said...

This is my first visit to your blog but now I have found it I will definitely be back regularly - love your work and I will keep my fingers crossed to win one of your amazing hearts - Cheers Britt in Australia :-)

The Sparkly Fairy said...

Im already a follower and would LOVE to win this. How generous x

Helen Cowans said...

Great post - thanks for so much inspiration :)

Fiona Whitehead said...

Carolyn - lovely to see you back - your posts take so long because you put so much time and effort into them - I always thought I was a follower - how remiss of me! Hope you are still doing some inchies - pop along and see my OWOH giveaway which has an inchy prize - Lucky Karen to have those gorgeous egg cosies - I'm seeing her next week so will be able to see them for myself -pity you aren't nearer us you could come craft too! Hope things settle down for you - take care x

jan said...

Hi carolyn, I am already a follower. Glad to see you're back, I love your work and would love the chance to enter your giveaway :¬)

Lesley said...

Hi Carolyn, I am already a follower and would love to have a chance to win some of your brautiful work. I hope that all the things that are troubling you will be resolved soon. You are in my thoughts. Blessings

Twiglet said...

I love the way every one of your hearts is a different little work of art!

Cathie said...

Oh Bezzy :(
I do wait to hear from you.

Diana said...

absolutely love your work carolyn, look at your blog almost daily and wish i had an ounce of your creativity - it is all so gorgeous and beautifully made , with love, i know.

gill said...

I've been reading your posts for a while but never got round to following! I've just remedied that!
Thanks for a great post

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hello Carolyn!,
I have been following your blog for a year now-first found you on Flickr. Since then I visit every time I see you have posted and have been continually delighted and filled with inspiration! I love your artwork and love how you see the beauty in objects, nature, and little things that often pass by our notice. Wish I had the time to give to art-did for awhile and enjoyed it so and am thankful for it-but now am busy taking care of an antique shop. Can only grab a few moments of simple creativity in the evenings here and there.
Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your art and your blog-I'm keeping you in my prayers.
Blessings to you from the cabin,
Claudia O.

cardinal arts said...

another fantastic post! I love seeing all your photos........and the heart you made for your friend is just amazing - really inspiring
I would LOVE to win your giveaway!!
yes, please

Sue from Art Box Workshops said...

What a wonderful blog - I'm your very newest follower, and have been transported to arty heaven.
Thank you,

Laura said...

Hi Carolyn - Just over a year ago I found your wonderful 'Love' blog, and have been a devoted follower ever since. Your posts and photos are so heartfelt and inspirational, and I often refer to them when teaching my secondary art students in upstate NY. I sometimes wonder how you have found the time to create, photograph, and post all that you do - and yet live a meaningful life in-between. Whatever you do,please know that you have so many faithful followers who rejoice in your honest creativity, and thank you for it! Thank you - Laura

Anonymous said...

I have been following for some time now and I always look forward to your heart postings. I love the ones based on the sea the best but all are so beautiful. You have such a lovely imagination! Please enter me to win this awesome red heart!

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Just love seeing a messy work desk, lol :)

Suztats said...

Oh! Pick me! Pick me! I'm a follower, and I'd love to win your textured art heart! (I see I'm in good company, there!) Thanks.

Kathryn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kathryn said...

Beautiful blog and I love your flickr photos too. Wish I was in St ives... Kathryn x

mimilove forever said...

Allo my old china and thank you for the heads up!
I've been stalking, er following you just about everywhere and in like Flynn for the opportunity of getting my mitts on a piece of your GORGEOUSNESS!! x;0)

Flippin' gorgeous egg fact just everything and I'll even forgive the gratuitous Cornwall shots! Big Loves old fruit x;D

Top Floor Treasures said...

Hello, I've been following for ages (quietly). Your gloves are gorgeous, your art is amazing and your heart is just...beautiful! I collect hearts and would love this one in my collection should I be lucky enough to win :)

Dianne said...

I can't tell you how much I'd love to be the winner. Your work is absolutely beautiful and so very inspiring. You make me want to paint something red...right now!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Carolyn, It sounds like your weather is as dreadful as ours. VBG Your Heart is truly beautiful and inspiring and I would love to have a chance to win it. Hugs Judy

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hi Carolyn. Gorgeous post as always. Oh my goodness I love your egg cosies! They are adorable. If you ever want to swap for something sheepy....... : ) Commiserations about your electricity. Mine was off Thursday night and all day Friday. I just couldn't SEE, even in the daylight! I thought I might do some packaging of cards and bookmarks but I needed labels printed so couldn't even do that! Back on track now though.

Diane said...

Not only am I a follower, but I am also a sharer of your cake!!! I would LOVE to be entered into your giveaway. I am also blaming you for my surrent obsession with card making! Although the ladies at the WI love it as I am helping them fundraise by selling them! Your quails egg covers made me laugh!!! xxxxxx

Diane said...

Should say "current" obsession!!!!

lynda Howells said...

I hope the person or persons that are close to you, thtat you are worrying about orare getting the help they needyx love your mitts you knitted your mum. Been to see your beneath the surface project..very have been very productive my blogging friend. I have been watching your progress by being a follower and subscribed to your blog for a long time.
You are very lucky to have won such a beautiful giveaway. i have been having great fun lately doing Eco Dying.
Anyway..would love to be included in to this giveawayxxThanks
We were hoping to move to St Ives but due to husb and's illness and older parent problems..doesn't look as if it will happen for quite a while.
Enjoy the coming of Spring and remember be kind to yourself.xxlynda

Emma said...

I've been sooo looking forward to your sketchbook, I'm off there, now! Please count me in to your lovely giveaway, it would go so well with my beautiful birthday heart ;) Chin up!

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Great post, Carolyn! The colors in the red heart are scrumptious. The quail egg cosies are too cute! Well you never know when you MIGHT be having quail eggs... good thing you were able to laugh at your 'mistake'!

~*~Patty S said...

Your blog posts and creativity are so worth waiting for. Than you for sharing your time and artwork. I am now "officially" a follower.
Many thanks for the chance to be the very lucky winner of your precious 'rather romantic' heart
Brightest of Blessings to you and yours oxo

Lynn said...

It is such fun scrolling down your blog posts and seeing all the beauty in papers, fabrics, thread stitches...etc etc etc. Thanks for sharing so much beauty!

bois-fleurie said...

Your blogs are always a joy to read and to see the great things you make.All a great inspiration.

Claire said...

Hey Carolyn, epic post, beautiful pics and wonderful work. Those quail egg cosies are just too cute and your hearts are stunning.
I'm sorry to hear things are unravelling. I hope it settles down before too long.
I'm a follower, enjoying your work and look forward to your posts,

Claire :}

Angelcat said...

What a lovely post, it's no wonder it takes time for you to right you have included so much loveliness. I'd love to have a chance to win one of your beautiful hearts so I'm a follower :)

Dawn S. said...

Your work is so stunning! I wold be honored to win one of your works of art! You are an inspiration to the less talented, like me!

bad penny said...

Heavenly post Carolyn. You did make me giggle about the Quails' egg cosies !

Hope you start to feel brighter. You give us such joy on your Blog xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I do love your long blog posts, thanks for putting in all that effort. Ooh please count me in for you comp, you do create such lovely things.

Lyn said...

Oh see how many people want to own one of your lovely creations!
I would love to go in the hat, so to speak!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Oh, you have been producing such beautiful work Carolyn, despite living with sadness. Love the colours in this post. Don't include me in the giveaway because, of course, I'm already lucky to possess one of your gorgeous hearts. Will be thinking of you. Lesley x

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Well, don't quail's eggs need cozies too?? Been following you for ages - wouldn't miss seeing your beautiful posts.

Feltbug said...

I am a follower dear Carolyn, sending you a warm hug xxx

Sue said...

Your heart is lovely as is all the work you have shown in this post, love your colours, love the teeny tiny egg cosies! I've never got into 'following' but love to read your blog anyway :-) x

carole brungar said...

Hi Carolyn, thanks for dropping by my blog :) I adore your egg cosies, no matter what the size!

karen said...

your posts are always fabulous and I can believe how long they must take you to put together. I'm off to follow you now so that I can be in the give away!!

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Oh I have been led to you from everyday life and I am in awe of your beautiful work. I had to laugh at your egg cup story, I did just the very same thing, I gave them to my child's play kitchen, must get round to making them the right size....

flower friend said...

Hi Carolyn, I have been following your blogs for a while. They are always interesting and so inspiring. Please add me to the giveaway, I would love to own one of your hearts.

blueberries in the fields said...

i have been a follower for a long time, but haven't been visiting for a while. i miss the times i could browse through many wonderful blogs such as yours and leave comments. I am always amazed at the long and wonderful posts you so lovingly create. your pictures are gorgeous, your art is simply amazing ! i miss you carolyn and i am proud of your wonderful talent ! thanks so much for this generous giveaway !crossing my fingers ! sending much love,

Jamie said...

I adore your blog and I'm a faithful reader. You create and inspire such beauty! Thank you. Jamie V in MT

Deborah said...

I'm a follower of both of your blogs and thoroughly enjoy them. I'd love to be included in your drawing.

Indianna said...

Hi Carolyn - I've been following for a while. I first found you by Googling "fabric origami christmas tree" it seems so long ago - and I've still not made one - or got my blog up and running. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into all your blogs and art work. Indianna :o)

deerhollow said...

What a lucky girl I am! I found your beautiful blog. Love it! So inspiring...I am looking forward to following your art.

michaelanne said...

I get inspired just looking at all the beautiful things you create. You are amazingly good at all you do. I'd love to be included in the drawing. Looking at your blogs always makes me feel better. I'm sorry you are having difficult times now. I hope there are some beautiful sites that you can go to, that can lift your spirits as well.
michaelanne said...

Hello Carolyn! This is so strange, I haven't been on my blog for a while, and suddenly I just thought I will just go and have a look at it (maybe starting to miss it just a bit!) I have been so busy with house renovations, and feel ashamed that I have not been keeping up with all the wonderful blogs that I usually read... I intend to do something about this soon I hope! Anyway, I was so touched by you thinking of me, and spending the time to come to my blog and invite me to your giveaway... Thank you! As usual, your post is beautiful and filled with just sheer gorgeousness, inventivenss, and such a lot of work.. as you say, and it is so true, it takes an awful lot of time and work to put a post together, and this one must have done, as it is crammed packed with a feast for the eyes! I also went to look at your Brooklyn project... brilliant! So , yes, please enter me into your giveaway, I would love to have a chance to win one of your beautiful pieces! Suzie xxxxxx

ewa-christine said...

HELLO MY FRIEND, I didnt know it was somwthing to give away, I only want to say it is beautiful, and my best regards to you......have a nice day!

Janny said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh those egg cosies are wonderful !!!!!

cheers, Janny

Gunnels blog said...

Dear Carolyn! Such a beautiful blogpost, photos and art, you know I love it:-)
have a wonderful day!

A.S.K.-P. said...

Carolyn, you're work is STUNNING! It ALWAYS blows me away! I have followed you for quite awhile on Flickr but am a new follower here. I sure hope whatever is causing you to feel so bad goes away soon. Please take care.

audrey said...

I'm sorry you have been feeling a little down. I hope the things causing you concern will soon be things of the past and you can forge ahead with a full heart.
I am a follower and would love to add this beautiful piece to my heart collection.
♥ audrey

sharon young said...

Hi Carolyn,
As usual your wonderful blog is a huge inspiration, and an oasis of calm in a sometimes mad world, you make me realise how much I value the blogging community and am so looking forward to my life returning to normal.
I do hope things around you are resolved soon as you give so much pleasure to others you deserve peace yourself.

I absolutely love your hearts and would be delighted to go in for the give away if i'm not too late.

Many thanks for dropping in on my blog, it's always a pleasure to see you there.

Wendy said...

Wow! That was a power-packed post! So much creativity and inspiration. I love that color combo you're working with, and it's so interesting that you're working with medical supplies! it's so very apt around Valentine's day, and I find myself drawn, not to the cutesy depictions of the holiday but to the visceral, reality of love: it's chemical. it quickens the blood. It makes the heart beat faster. Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful work.

Cathy said...

Love to be entered in your giveaway Carolyn. Your work is always so gorgeous and inspiring. I am not surprised your blog posts take so long. There is so much to see and consider here. Very sorry to hear about family problems making you sad. I wish for an end to that for you and your family and brighter days ahead.

amy said...

So many comments! I've been 'following' you on Flickr, but just learned how to follow your blog. Thank you for sharing with us, some of the most beautiful pictures and art I have seen!

Fi said...

Hello Carolyn
I am so glad I found your blog. You have given me so much inspiration to find my inner creative self.
Thank you so much.

Elizabeth Armstrong said...

Dear Carolyn,
I am so sorry to hear that things seem out of whack at the moment. I am sending you much love to cheer you along in the hope that things fall into place very soon.
Sometimes you have to sit on the sidelines and wait I guess.
A beautiful post as always - sometimes I reread them several times just to feel calm again.
I wish I could send you some of our heat!

Happy creating!

Tuscanhandknits said...

Gorgeous, inspiring work! @TuscanHandknits is now following you on Twitter

Sam ~ AKA ♥☆giz72☆♥'s said...

I am a follower, although new, I found you through my flickr contacts and have been admiring your work!
Valentines Day is our Wedding Anniversary and this year we will be celebrating it in St Ives!!! To win your beautiful giveaway would be the icing on the cake!

Polly said...

Thank you for dropping by and I have now discovered your journal. I'd feel cheeky wanting a heart as I'm a newbie - so I'll follow you anyway and just love the beautiful work that you're creating :)

Renee Troy said...

I just recently found you and your close to the heart art on flickr. I am now a heart felt fan and follower. I have you linked on my blog and visit often. You totally inspire me. So grateful to have found you.

EddieDuckling said...

I added myself as a follower - I'm just in love with the egg cozies and of course the heart.
Happy Valentines,

mamabeaks said...

what a lovely give away! thank you for doing this and I love your blogs!

deb did it said...

following happily!!

noelle said...

Hi Carolyn, am following, and would love the chance to win one of your beautiful hearts! x

Mark said...

Your work is simply beautiful. Reading your blog reminds me of the feeling I get when I watch snowflakes falling from the sky...magical. Awe inspiring and wonderous, your creativity is truly soulful. If I am lucky enough to receive a will be treasured.

Patty said...

I also recently found you and added you to my facebook...Love the heart. My birthday is on Valentine's day. Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day! :D

Sally L. Smith said...

I'd be all too honored to receive one of your fabulous hearts. I ran into your blog quite by accident the other day and then couldn't find it again. Today I was brousing through Flickr and by chance I found you again. This time I won't loose you. Lovely work.--Sally

Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

I've been following you for a while in Google Reader. I love your colors and textures!

Debbie said...

Hello Carolyn-I'm a follower from Australia,and it is my dream to own one of your textured hearts,so I'm keeping everything crossed!! XXDebbie

susanne said...

Beautiful and sensitive pieces of art! Since I have made you my contact, I have been able to enjoy your new pieces of work when posted. I became a follower today.

Rhonda said...

I found your wonderful blog via Lisa, whose ribbons are the best and most beautiful I've found. I use plenty of her ribbons in my art.

Lovely blog and I plan on visiting again soon.

Marcie said...

Lovely blog! I usually see you on flickr so when you said to hurry and come to your blog for a giveaway I hurried over, and what a lot I have been missing. It is nice to get to know you better. I love the egg cosey! The trims are wonderful. The heart is beautiful. Happy Valentines Day.

Murgelchen94..... Be original is always more valuable than a copy. said...

Hi Carolyn,
your blogs and your artwork are only a great inspiration.
Hughs Helga

Patchworkheike said...

Hi Carolyn,
what a wonderful blog. And your artworks are very interesting and inspiring.
and now I am a follower.

Sam Bonney said...

Greetings, I am already a follower, and your hearts are as beautiful as ever, your blog as always is an inspiration to keep crafting, At the end of winter I find getting inspired a bit of a struggle, so your blog gives me a much needed boost!

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

I just found you on flickr and I sure hope that I am not too late for this draw. *smiles* Norma
p.s. there are hand-cranked sewing machines from time to time on ebay. Then you wouldn't have to rely on electricity. I've always wanted one.

La Dolce Vita said...

gorgeosity, love Lisas work too and that heart you sent her is swoon worthy!!

Joy said...

Following, and crossing my fingers :o)

Catherine Chapple said...

Hi Carolyn
Happy Valentines Day from your 'Happy blog follower'.
Catherine x


Thank you!

The giveaway is now closed and I will shortly be announcing the winner x