Thursday, 24 February 2011

Things I love Thursday

Things I love Thursday

fine art, hearts for February and red onion skins for natural dyeing

thank you to my flickr friends and faves:
1. Four red onions 2. Libertines cosy Nov 2010- side detail 3. Red onion 4. A little valentine cloth 5. Bugs and drawings 6. Red onions 7. wip_bowls 8. Sketchbook 9. Rojo texture 10. Red onion skins 11. Design/sketchbook work 12. Red onions 13. Christmas hearts gift box

I was saving some red onion skins

the colours of the skins were so rich and velvety
tactile and fine like silk paper

Oh goodness!

I love these colours ...

after taking a few photos
I finally got down to the nitty gritty of dyeing with the skins
(usual recipe)

I tie dyed some of the fabrics with rusty objects
such as rusty tin hearts, bells and nails
wrapped tightly with elastic bands

above: silk dupioni, silk habotai, embroidered cotton, linen and vintage lace
below: silk habotai tie dyed with rusted bells

the rust acted as an accelerant

you can see the rusted tin hearts imprinted onto the fabric

(note to self)
the browns came immediately
the greens came after soaking in the dye jar for about 4 days

(note to self)
the rusted objects accelerated the green areas
the browns were immediate

I love the depth of colour ... but mostly
I love the randomness ... the surprise element

my walk last week was a lovely one

not so many reds this week ... but interesting textures instead

and just noticing things that catch my eye

holey leaves

delicate beauties

so fragile

a favourite of mine
black ivy berries

and leaves with interesting mould patterns and colours
(great bokeh too)

remnants of autumn
a triffid like autumn rosehip

interesting seedheads

and lovely colours of tree bark

It's been another busy week or so

I was very kindly interviewed by Patti Roberts-Pizzuto of Missouri Bend Studio (Missouri Bend Paperworks) on one of my favourite subjects ... the colour red and what it means to me. I had fun doing that! Patti has been doing a series on the colour red during the month of February. You can see her reds here if you wish: RED

I was away for four days with family in Somerset. Since I got home we started what will, hopefully, be the final phase of our 200 year old cottage renovations. Already there is much upheaval all around me with the entire contents of my sitting room in the dining room (two rooms out of action) while a new floor is laid and the firplace hearth lifted to bring it all in line with the rest of the cottage

Today I went and chose new carpets for the sitting room and stairs. The current stair carpet has been there since time immemorial and I dread to think what the stairs are like underneath. I rather think it's the carpet holding it all together (eek!)

While chaos abounds I think I might hole up in my work room for a couple of weeks!

Have a wonderful weekend coming up ♥


La Dolce Vita said...

absolute gorgeosity!! yumm

Diane said...

As ever - fabulous inspiration. Off to peel onions and find rusty objects. xxxxx

marigold jam said...

Lovely - especially like the pic of the ivy berries with the calligraphy.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the rust dyed fabrics. Gorgeous. Good luck with your renovations and enjoy arty crafty things. Have a great weekend.Have just noticed the little floating hearts:)

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Wow. Just stunning. Good luck with all the upheaval and enjoy losing yourself in your crafts.

Helen-S said...

The dyed fabrics are beautiful and very inspiring. Something I definitely need to get back to!

Lynn said...

Okay, I am in love with all your photos AGAIN, your dying techniques and results, everything here such a joy to see and take in. I love your eye for the beauty in nature. I love how you convert it to are simply terrific!

Have fun, I hope on the remodeling job on the "cottage"...200 years old. My, what stories it must have to tell. Enjoy the new floors.

Happy weekend.

mano said...

I love your red photo collage and your work with rusty objects very much.
good luck with the renovations, have a happy time in your work room!

Miriam Weaver said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I really love your blog and your photographs are really wonderful, I feel inspired, thank you!

Julie said...

Such beautiful effects in your fabrics Carolyn and your photos are glorious! Cute heart too :-) xxx

ger said...

A heartfelt "well done" from Berlin...;)

Sandie's Patch said...

Lovely post with lots of eye candy!

Sandie xx

umelecky said...

Love your work! I could look at your photos and collages all day and the natural dye that you did is just fabulous!!!

BlackCrow said...

Just wonderful photography and use of collage fx.
Love the little heart cursor too..very cool!

Ruth said...

Your dye experiments are wonderful!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

mmmmm - rusty dyeing - one of my favourites and your results are spectacular!

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Stunning photos, I especially love the fragile leaves. I hope the last stage of your renovations are not too stressful.

Robin Olsen said...

Everything is so beautiful here I hardly know what to say. The dye job with the hearts is just stunning!

Sharon said...

I truly loved this post. The colors of red are wonderful. The outdoor shots of those fragile leaves fantastic. Would love to see photos of your cottage.

ewa-christine said...

So many beautiful photos you have, and beautiful pices for art........congratulations my friend!

Fiona Whitehead said...

Carolyn - these are my kind of colours - how do you take such fabulous photos? I'd also love to see photos of your cottage - you should do a separate blog that would be fun for us to read x

dosfishes said...

Your aded plant photos are really gorgeous Carolyn. Worm eaten ghosts of keaves and buds, so fragile indeed. Your red onions look other worldly like craters o a red planet. Good luck with your continued renovation. xox Corrine

Twiglet said...

Such lovely photos - very inspirational. The dyeing worked really well didn't it. Good luck with your re-vamp!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Luscious photos....and somehow, many of them look almost infrared! Those onion skins are so enticing and what beautiful results! I must learn to do this myself one day soon!!! Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for mentioning my blog here! Loved having you to dress up the look at all things red through the month!! Cheers!

blueberries in the fields said...

so beautiful and intriguing. it is amazing what resd onion peel can will never cease to make me sigh with envy. oh how i wish i had your wonderful artistic talent.
wisihng you good luck with your renovations. and yes, we still do have snow and a storm coming today. But sunday will come with a rainy 11c, so i am cheering up and hoping i will finally see some grass soon ^-^
thinking of you often my sweet friend.
sending bunches of hugs and love
monique xoxoxo ♥

bad penny said...

Love the ivy berries too. What fantastic results you got with the tie & dye orgeous colours ( must try )

Bee happy said...

I love your photos, the colours are amazing. You are very talented.

Bee happy x

Deborah said...

Lovely photos and dyeing results!

Gina said...

Such amazing photos as always... and I love that my cursor turns into a heart over your blog... haven't a clue how you do that!

Jill said...

Totally inspiring Carolyn, fabulous photos, and the dyed silks are gorgeous.

Ruth said...

Carolyn - in regards to running out of space in blogger, you can sign into your google account and at the top left of the page there are links you can click on. Click on photos. It brings up all your stored photos. At the very bottom of the page, there is a link that says upgrade storage. Click on that and it tells you the cost. In the US, it is $5 for 20GB. Hope that helps!

Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

You take fantastic pictures, there is always a splash of colour when i visit your blog. best wishes Julie.C

Fabric Art said...

Carolyn so nice to hear from you, you show some amazing photos of the nature, the and some wonderful hand-dyed fabrics,looking forward to seeing what you will do with them, have a nice weekend.

ArtPropelled said...

Glorious natural colours from the onion skin reds to the rusts, browns and greens. Hope your renovations go smoothly. An excellent idea to hole up in your work room!

Evie said...

Red is a colour that I find a bit overwhelming - until now! Your photos are drool-worthy, and especially like nature's way of providing us with beauty even at the end of its cycle.

sunnisandy said...

AMAZING the colors the sites, simply put AMAZING!

Helen Cowans said...

Beautiful post as always, so inspiring :)

JP said...

wow you are so clever with photography - do you ever print them out on fabric? - glad you are feeling ok despite the renovation work

PeregrineBlue said...

and i love you

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

A feast of colour and texture Carolyn - if I had to choose a favourite pic? The ivy berries or the rose hip, they work so well against the handwriting and soft focus pictorial background. All lovely though!! x

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hi Carolyn. Just been browsing this post with my 5yo daughter and we love the heart cursor and the trail it leaves across the page. My daughter thinks that it's leaving little seeds everywhere : ) In the middle of cooking dinner....yes I do get distracted easily lol. Will have to pop back and have a proper read through your post : )

cat said...

Your dyed clothes came out awesome! I have one question for you regarding rusted cloth. Once the rust is stained into your fabric, how do you keep the rust from continuously breaking down the fibers in the fabric?

Emma said...

Hey I don't get the little trail - the heart cursor is a scream!

Beautiful post, serendipity is the key but we sometimes need to be a little organised to achieve it. Thanks for your visit!

Diane said...

My husband may be having words with you when we get to St Ives - he says our kitchen looks like a laboratory with strange things in strange liquids in jars!!! Thanks for the continued inspiration - I am having fun using your techniques.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Hello Carolyn,
I'm so pleased to have found your blog after first discovering your lovely photos on flickr. What a treat this all is - although I note with caution Diane's comment immediately above this one! Still, I will be back!

A still small voice said...

Beautiful photographs lovely post... Hope you are well ... Helen (a time to dance)

Jane Housham said...

All fantastic -- so inspiring. Can't wait for your next post!

Lyn said...

Carolyn, only you can make an onion skin look so beautiful!
Lovely post.

Jackie said...

Those are incredible Carolyn. Did you use any other mordant? Did you boil it?
You have finally got me excited about natural dyeing!
I love red onions when they send a few lime green shoots out.