Thursday, 12 May 2011

A Cornish ramble

Last week was fabulous!
My sister came down to stay with us for the week and we were
out and about pottering every day as she loves her camera too
so I hope you don't mind if I bore you a bit with my holiday snaps!
On May Day (a bank holiday in England)
we walked down on the coast path to St. Ives
It was such an incredibly windy day
It was so difficult trying to take photos in the harbour
and remain upright at the same time
It took our breath away and was bitingly chilly
despite being a bright, beautiful day
It certainly blew a few cobwebs away I can tell you!

treasures from the harbour beach
I enjoyed some time hunting for beach treasures
on the beach behind the lifeboat house

I found a nice selection of sea glass and pottery pieces
that get washed down from the potteries in the Stennack stream
"more fag packets" as my hubby would say
"no dear ... they are very interesting bottle tops actually"
which I am sure will come in handy for just the right project
... one day ...
and I always enjoy photographing fishing boats in the harbour
whenever I get the chance

this one is a favourite of mine
with lovely peeling paint and abstract patterns
weed and rust on my favourite boat
and a rusty rudder
another favourite boat I tend to photograph a lot is this one
I always like the buoys on this one
especially with that view behind it!and another one!

notice there are no people in my shots?

that's because it was so cold and windy in the harbour
although you wouldn't believe it to look at these photos
readers of my other blog are used to me showing fishing boats and buoys or rambling on about all things seaside, beach finds, sea glass, pottery, flotsam and jetsam, seaweed, ropes, peeling paint and rusty boats in St. Ives harbour ... it's a persistent thread. I do get a bit carried away taking photos of the same things some times ...
after a while we needed to get out of that cold wind so we
enjoyed a most welcome pot of tea in Madeleine's Tea Rooms

and then happened to be in the right place at the right time
to watch the May Day floral procession, brass bands and
the carrying of the maypole through the cobbled streets of St. Ives
(through the window, warm and snug with a nice cuppa)
After that delicious cup of tea we wandered up Fore Street
to The New Craftsman Gallery as these heads and faces
have been beckoning to me for weeks and I finally got to see them
They are fabulous (my latest word!)
sculptures by artist Claire Loder
... so wonderful and witty!
Claire Loder also has a "fabulous" and humerous website
You will enjoy your visit there!

Claire Loder
a dramatic end to the day
as the tide rolled back into the harbour
the wind got up even stronger
and lifted the waves right over the pier and harbour walls
It's always spectacular to see this!

Over the week we were down in the harbour several times
the weather was a mixed bag during the week but
by Saturday the weather was gorgeous
flip flops and ice cream weather
(I had a cherry Moomaid)
this has to be my favourite scene in all the world
I couldn't wait to kick off my boots and feel the cold wet sand!
and there was a new boat in the harbour to photograph
(are you yawning yet????)

the beautifully presented

this boat was immaculate ... not a mark on it
beautiful inside and out ... wow!
and that's it for now...
...the next part of my Cornish ramble will be along soon ...
... when I will share with you another side
of this beautiful part of the Cornish coast

Thank you for reading ... you are lovely
or should I say "fabulous"!
Carolyn ♥


Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fantastic photos there, thanks for sharing!

Julie Shackson said...

It's never boring honey! Some lovely photos here (I especially like the red and white boat). Sounds like you had fun.

Julie said...

Beautiful photographs Carolyn, you've captured a wonderful feeling of light. I love your beach finds too. xx

Alexandra Mason said...

The boats are wonderful, i love your photos, they make me want to come to St Ives even more! xx

Jane Housham said...

I could never tire of hearing about and seeing St Ives. You inspired me to dig out my own memories of St Ives last time you did one of these.

dianehobbit said...

Such a beautiful area, how lucky you are to live there. I really must organise a trip there this year.

Sandie's Patch said...

Absolutely Daaarling!
I wasn't bored but, the last boat was prtobably the one you'd photographed earlier in the week, the one that was rusting? perhaps had a paint job? LOL!
Have a great weekend!
Sandie xx

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Sounds like a wonderful week with your sis... enjoyed the photos!

Penny said...

Lovely post - thanks so much for taking on a walk along the beach with you.

Abbiefh said...

I love your photographs, whenever i'm on holiday i always take lots of photos of the boats in the harbour. You can never have too many! 7 weeks today and i'll be there! can't wait x

LouBee Crafts said...

What wonderful photos! And that beach looks absolutely amazing! Unfortunately the beaches here are all pebbles, until the tide goes out, then its great to be able to walk bare foot.
Sarah x

Barb Cady said...

FABULOUS photo's, so wish I was there. Never boring, thank you for a walk along the harbour from a land locked fan! By the way I love those reddy pink pieces you found on the beach, can't wait to see where they turn up!

Shoshi said...

How absolutely gorgeous, Carolyn!! As always, your photos are artistic and quirky and arresting - I love to take holiday photos like this - bits of rusting stuff and unusual angles - my hubby laughs at me! "Fag packets" lol! That rusted out bottle top is beautiful!! My dad always picks up bits and pieces on walks and my mum calls them "more bits of old iron"!! I think the world would be a happier place if more people really looked at their surroundings and observed all the beauty there is in small, unlikely and humble places - that most people simply ignore. When we were first married I introduced my hubby to wall pennyworts which he'd never noticed before, and which I adore. Humble, not colourful or ostentatious, but tenacious little plants that seem to grow out of solid stone!!

You're a lady after my own heart.

Love the new blog layout, by the way.

Carrie said...

Stunning photographs! I wish I lived on the coast,unfortunately the most convenient beach for me would be Blackpool, which isn't exactly what I have in mind!

Anonymous said...

Not boring at all. Just makes me impatient to get down there in August a little quicker. :)

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Marvelous out and about with red. Fabulous bits the sea gave up for your pleasure. xox Corrine

missy k said...

Hi Carolyn

Your posts could never be boring....ever!

Thank you for your card.... you made me smile about the holly.... we have two in our 'new' garden so carry on doodling!!!!!

Those faces are fabulous.... oops its catching!

Love Karenx

gilly said...

your photos are just gorgeous! I was playing in the band on Bank Holiday Monday (yes, in that wind!)- you do find some beautiful things on the beach - you must be so tuned into red you find it everywhere! xxx PS not bored at all by your photo-log

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely, lovely photos Carolyn - glad that you had such an enjoyable time when your sister was down. x

Trillian said...

wonderful pictures. thank your for sharing.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

All is so lovely--as was your day. Enjoyed!

Diane said...

YOU ARE KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But only about 2 weeks to go!!!! I shall be sat behind that boat - wind or not! And I shall be fighting you for the sea treasure. This is a very closely guarded secret, but did you know I LOVE ST IVES!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Amanda said...

Holidayed were you are a couple of years ago loved it,kids keep asking to go back your photos just reminded me how lovely it is !! ....Not lovely fabulous!!! :)

mano said...

I love the wonderful pictures of st. ives, the boats and your treasures from the harbour beach. Your new blog design is beautiful!
have a creative week!


So sorry that I lost some very vaulable comments when blogger crashed at the end of last week. I do hope that blogger can still retrieve them as they mean so much to me. I love to hear from you all. You put a smile on my face. Thank you!

Have a "fabulous" week ahead x

Miriam Weaver said...

'Fabulous' post and photos as usual, never boring!

Menopausal musing said...

Great post. Loved all your "finds" from the beach.... you even manage to find red "stuff" there... I popped over to Claire Loder's website and really laughed at the interactive graphics. LOVED IT! Thank you.

Lyn said...

Oh I love this post....only down side......I don't live close enough!

Joanna said...

Stunning photographs - I love how you've presented them like old holiday snaps. The colours are perfect.

The exhibition looks fabulous (see, I like that word too).


fibrefrolics said...

Oh! Got to get down to St Ives one day soon. I KNOW I would love it! Lovely post as always Carolyn. Thanks for sharing.

Helen Cowans said...

Beautiful photos as always. Reminds me of holidays as a kid, St Ives was a favourite place to visit. The light is so wonderful - so different from up here in the north.

A time to dance said...

your photos are amazing...just wonderful I loved looking at them, how did you get that wonderful effect? they look fantastic

Gina Lee Bean said...

I wish so much I lived in St. Ives! These are such lovely pictures, thanks for sharing them x

libbyquilter said...

had to laugh at the bottle caps bit because just sunday when my daughter and i were out walking the dog i yelped out loud in delight at finding what i thought was a particularly fabulous one and after standing back up and popping it into my pocket i glanced over to see a look of total bewilderment on her face. just where does she think all of that great stuff i sew into her fabric postcards come from anyway~!?!~

a lovely post Carolyn. thank you for sharing your wonderful beach and it's finds.


Whimsical Folk Art Blog said...

I love the pieces you found on the beach...very cool :)