Tuesday, 21 June 2011

the air was filled with a dreamy and magical light

then followed that beautiful season ... Summer ....
filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Happy Summer Solstice!
I've been away too long
(so sorry ... I didn't mean to be)

I've been crazy busy all over the place
but during June I have blogged a few times here

at the end of May we had Cornwall Open Studios and
I visited the studio of textile artist Sandra Hardy
who lives up the lane just a few hundred yards from me!

Sandra's work is exquisite!

I really enjoyed meeting Sandra and seeing her workspace
and her felted and stitched pieces
they were so fine and beautifully embroidered

As my visit to her studio was just a few days before my birthday
I treated myself to a lovely sketchbook with a collaged cover
(more about her work on my other blog)

Sandra Hardy

I enjoyed my birthday this year - with gifts from special friends

beautiful chiffons and felted fabrics from my friend Cathie
thank you bezzy ♥

and this gorgeous woodpecker notebook from
The North Carolina Museum of Art

more beautiful homespun fabrics from my friend Jo
thank you Jo dear ♥

in delicious spicy autumn colours I received
space dyed threads from Cathie and fabrics and buttons from Jo
thank you ♥

and so soft natural fleece from Cathie
thank you Cathie dear ♥
a very lovely wired vintage button heart from Rini
and some other beach treasures which I will share on the other blog
thank you Rini dear ♥
my hubby took me to St. Mawes for a couple of days
we stayed at Idle Rocks and had a totally relaxing time
and (compared to St. Ives) it was very quiet

so peaceful in St. Mawes

there was time enough to wander around in the quaint little harbour
watch the toing and froing of the little fishing boats
and visit a few shops and galleries

our room had a beautiful view out over the harbour and it was so nice
to lay in bed and watch the early morning sun rise over the sea

as mentioned on my other blog I went to the exhibition of work
by members of St. Ives Society of Artists at the beginning of June
including work by Alice Mumford

and I met up with fellow bloggers Lesley and Noelle from St. Ives
and Diane who was on holiday from "up country"
we had morning tea and cake on the harbour front
it was so lovely to do that

I did share some of the girls' beautiful gifts on my textile blog
but wanted to share here this lovely card that Diane made for me
from a left over fruity teabag because the staining is so pretty

a pretty rosy teabag
and this lovely birthday card and pin cushion
also made by Diane for my birthday
thank you Diane ♥

afterwards Diane, Noelle and I did a little beachcombing and
apart from the usual sea glass, pottery and shells I pick up
I found these two leather soles washed up on the beach

I shall enjoy using these in a piece of work when I have time

two lost souls
from my dear friend Cathy Cullis I received her wonderful poetry zine
brimming with her inspirational poetry and artwork
I do love Cathy's work so much - her words resonate with me
they are dreamy and magical and I lose myself in thought

and I was so happy to receive her gift of a poetry bird
I have long hoped to own one

I love the words

shadows and stars
twilight birds
echoing feathers

thank you so much Cathy ♥

now some time ago ...
Sharon sent me these vintage "puffs" and stitched buttons
and for a time I wasn't sure what I would use them for

they are so tiny ... not much bigger than a pin head
Sharon wanted to see just how tiny she could go

and then last week I started making this heart
decorated with flowers cut from vintage lace and embroidered cotton

and after carefully cutting out the vintage lace and cotton flowers
I appliqued them to calico and also used linen and old lace
left over from the ring cushion I made for my own wedding

I found the puffs and stitched buttons to be "just the right thing"

the heart was inspired by one of my favourite childhood books
that I have enjoyed re-reading recently

The Secret Garden
I finished it off with a watering can charm

I am very happy that "The Secret Garden" heart
is on it's way to a loving new owner via

my etsy shop

we have friends staying with us for the next two weeks
so I will try to blog again soon with more stuff I have been up to

thank you for visiting me today
and for all most valued comments on previous posts

creative wishes
Carolyn ♥


Sandie said...

Love the heart too!
Belated birthday greetings to you.

Sandie xx

Pom Pom said...

You are so loved! Your hearts are exquisite and your HEART is warm and good!

Gina Lee Bean said...

Oh maaaaan...I didn't know it was your birthday! Glad you had a lovely time and boy did you get lots of great things! You are so loved and loveable! :-)
That heart you made is so pretty and I really love that embroidered butterfly fabric that your friend Sandra made. Lucky you to get some of Cathy's work...I too really love her poetry.
Happy birthday sweetie! x

libbyquilter said...

happy belated birthday~you really did get some magically beautiful gifts, you lucky lucky girl~!!~
i love the lost souls and am imagining the possibilities of what your creative mind and spirit will come up with.
the heart pillow is GORGEOUS and i love what you did with the tiny lacey stitched buttons~!!~


Lisa said...

happy belated birthday carolyn...you've been showered with such exquisite gifts and a lovely trip.. i'm sure it will be a birthday to remember! I love the tea bag card from Diane...
your heart pillow is stunning.. i adore the flaxen colors!
i have a similar poetry bird that i purchased from cathy a while back...

La Dolce Vita said...

oh ... Carolyn, I can always count on gorgeosity when I stop by for a visit... lovely gifts and wonderful art... muah!

Connie Rose said...

Everything so wonderful, Carolyn! Happy belated birthday, have a glorious summer! xo

Lynette (NZ) said...

Happy birthday - so glad you had lots of treats. Another beautiful post and then I hopped over to your other blog - you are so talented and so inspiring.

marigold jam said...

What a stunning collection of beautiful makes you have there!

Angie Willis said...

What lovely creative friends you have and what gorgeous pressies!

Bee happy said...

Great post! it sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and your presents were gorgeous :) love the heart you made it is just so beautiful.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Jill said...

Your posts are always worth waiting for. This is another feast for the eyes. What wonderful giftsand as always your 'heart' is inspirational.

daisy said...

I always "Oooo" & "arrhhh" when I read your posts, such beautiful images of such interesting things, I want to reach out & touch them. Your textile heart is divine & the small charm so cute xx

T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy belated birthday! Wow! Such beauty and inspiration in one post. Lovely! Enjoy time with friends. Best wishes, Tammy

Anonymous said...

Belated birthday wishes. You have lots of kind and talented friends! Your posts are always worth waiting for and its always a nice surprise to click on and find a new one. I don't think any of us should feel pressured to post. It takes away the fun when you feel obliged to do it. Have a nice time with your friends. :-)

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday. What a truly gorgeous post. Beautiful. x

Diane said...

It seems so very long ago Carolyn! I can't wait to see with your 2 lost souls!! I love love love the flower heart. xxxx

Itch2stitch.com said...

Hello! Tis me the lost one! Your blog is just as gorgeous as ever, love the heart! The views of the harbour are wonderful! What a fantastic place! Suzie xxx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

The Secret Garden heart - so pretty Carolyn. Love the lace and texture, with puffs and covered buttons. x

Joanna said...

BEAUTIFUL post with such lovelies to enjoy. Wonderful gifts, so perfect for you (the fruit tea bag is GORGEOUS), and those puffs and buttons are superb, perfectly embellishing the oh-so-very pretty 'secret garden' heart.

I'm probably the last one to notice your new blog background - I love it!

Happy Belated Birthday, Carolyn.


Barb Cady said...

Happy birthday Carolyn. I so love your posts, this one is wonderful, lucky person who got your beautiful heart, I sit and dream for ages after reading your blog. xx

Anonymous said...

A wander through your post is like a secret garden itself; gorgeous image after gorgeous image like beautifully planted nooks and corners or unexpected vistas. There's so much, it takes my breath away...

Sharon said...

What a wonderful birthday you have had. I love your Secret Garden heart, it's just beautiful!

mano said...

wonderful gifts and a fantastic heart! and I like the leather soles and the wonderful buttons, the view to st. ives, the roses...
happy belated birthday, carolyn!