Sunday, 3 July 2011

Summer stuff

"Foxglove, foxglove, what do you see?"
The cool green woodland, the fat velvet bee;
Hey Mr Bumble, I've honey here for thee!

"Foxglove, foxglove, what see you now?"
The soft summer moonlight on bracken, grass and bough;
And all the fairies dancing as only they know how

Cicely Mary Barker
foxgloves at Morvah

I've never had a lot of luck with foxgloves in my garden
but these quintessentially English summer flowers
grow prolifically in the hedgerows and woodlands around me
so I delight in them there

I love foxgloves almost as much as I love honeysuckle
the hedgerows far more alluring than a cultivated garden
"round whose feet ... a thousand fairies flock with blossoms sweet"

July and summertime bring many sweet pleasures
the strawberries that grow in the wild are by far the sweetest!

of course ... I sampled :o)

and this was on my way to Tescos
which was a rather strange experience for me since
I got half way there and discovered I still had my slippers on
my mind not quite on the job in hand obviously!

in fact there has been too much going on recently
and once again a bit of a catch up is necessary

Friday 10 June

I had a trip on the open top bus to visit a friend
who lives in the stunning countryside near Morvah

I always enjoy sitting out in the fresh air (and I mean fresh!)
it's alright so long as your dressed for the occasion
(and take a plastic carrier bag to sit on)
so would thoroughly recommend it if you get the chance!

the day passed far too quickly with visits to galleries at
Morvah School House and Yew Tree Gallery
as well as lunch at The Cook Book in St. Just

and a trip to Flying Squirrel for the purchase of batting
for my art quilt for Festival of Quilts
(separate post about that later)

and another blustery ride back to St. Ives!

looks can be deceptive!

Wednesday 15th June
Crow Day with Jo

Crow Days with my friend Jo are always loads of fun
really it's just licence to be silly, laugh a lot and have time to stitch
otherwise known as "professional development"

I started this spring landscape piece earlier in the year
but it has since turned into an autumn landscape
with the addition of seedheads, bare trees and autumn leaves

it's still not finished ... there are many more leaves to stitch
but soon ... I hope ... there will be some peaceful time to sew

Jo and I went to see the poignant exhibition of work by Roy Ray
"Observations on a Journey" and
"Where their footsteps left no trace"

Roy Ray with four of the five panels
an incredibly powerful exhibition of his paintings and assemblages
which form part of The Evilution Project
(please do visit)

These five panels each measuring 5ft x 2ft are part of the first phase of the Evilution Project and are memorials to the millions of innocent men, women and children who became victims of conflict by the corrupt use of science and technology: many because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time or from the wrong country or wrong race. Every single one of those people meant something to someone and should not be forgotten

the panels are shortly to be installed at
St Peter's Church, nr. Ground Zero, New York

from 30 July 2011

they will be exhibited there during the 10th anniversary of
the September 11th terror attacks on The World Trade Centre

see press release for more information

Friday 17 June

We had friends arrive to stay with us in the cottage for two weeks

Just before (really bad timing) my washing machine "conveniently" broke down and I waited all week for parts to arrive and then it became apparent it couldn't be fixed and I needed a new one so then a frustrating few days was spent catching up with laundry etc.

The weather was really bad too with rain and cold chilly winds
so I stayed home and made beads whenever I had the chance

Tuesday 21 June

Jo and I went to see the exhibition of mixed media
and fine art textiles at Camborne College

I enjoyed seeing some fabulous and interesting work
from the fine art textile students
my favourite pieces were by Annie Ward

followed by a trip to the Cornwall Scrap Store for stash top ups

and photographing some natural patterns on the wall
of the old building round the back of the Scrap Store

and a treat of hot chocolate drink and
lemon cake at Costa Coffee in Hayle ... yum!

Sunday 26th June

We had our hottest day of the year so far ... swelteringly hot
and on Monday we had a day of fog and Cornish mizzle in St. Ives

we woke to a misty morning

our misty morning inspired this mosaic for Mosaic Monday
with thanks to my friends on flickr for sharing their beautiful photographs

1. Somewhat compulsive 2. Beach
3. Porthmeor beach, St Ives 4. Misty water spotty rocks

it didn't stop us getting out for beachcombing
and it didn't stay misty too long

early evening in St. Ives

Thursday 3oth June

a seaside inspired mosaic for TILT

Things I love Thursday

seaside piers, board walks, shiny shells, white coral
sea fans, sea urchins, mussels, ethereal seascapes
birds, shimmery wet sand and white surf spray

1st July

better late than never ... my calendar for July

image courtesy - rosewithoutathorn84

July wishes ... sunshine and time to enjoy it

Sorry it was a long one again but I had to catch up because the next month is also going to be another busy one with family coming to stay on Tuesday and the rest of the month spent bent over my sewing machine working on my entry for Festival of Quilts. I will be sharing the progress of my quilt at a later stage ... for the time being I need to make some serious headway with it!!!

I shall be at Festival of Quilts on Thursday 11 August

I don't leave Cornwall to go "up country" very often
so it would be nice to meet as many of you as I can on the day

please do let me know if you will be at FOQ on Thursday
it would be lovely to say "hello"

creative wishes


Lyn said...

I love your posts, they always make me feel like I am on Holiday!

Cathy Cullis said...

So many adventures and moments to treasure - thank you for sharing.... also as a child I was a big fan of the Flower Fairies (still am...shhh ha) - I love foxgloves too - but they always seem grow best where they find themselves a wild corner. best wishes Cathyxx

liniecat said...

Im a great advocate of using scrapstores, lovely to think theres one down your way too.
I have yellow foxgloves from who knows where in my urban garden this year!Obviously brought in by beautifully brave birds somehow,despite my cats!
Do like the autumncome spring piece, its very calming whatever season it intends to be!

Catharina Maria said...

Carolyn , thanks for all the beautiful art and things that you showing in your post .
The foxgloves are lovely and also your new art !
Love ♥RINI♥

Tricia said...

I'll be at Quilts 2011 on Thursday too... I've signed up for Michel Garcia's workshop on indigo but I'd love to meet for a chat/coffee...:)

Joanna said...

Brilliant! You have been having a great time, out and about with friends and hot chocolate and lemon CAKE!

The 'where their footsteps left no trace' exhibition must have been hugely poignant - wonderful to have seen it before it goes to Ground Zero. Those panels don't pull any punches do they?

Have a great weekend,


Pom Pom said...

That's so funny that you wore your slippers to the market! Oh, all of this sounds wonderful, Carolyn! Thank you for sharing!

PeregrineBlue said...

always so so delightful and with perfect photographs. i get so much out of your being. i thoroughly enjoyed the calendar-format-summaries. love to you and yours.

jan said...

Lovely photo's and artwork, I always love to read your posts. x

Krissie said...

Love your post.. thank you muchly for an armchair visit to st ives! its been a real treat!

Are you curious about me? said...

Wow! What a post, just wonderful, loved every moment, reminded me of wonderful holidays spent in sunny Cornwall. Thank you.

Carol said...

Thank you for showing us Roy Ray's work,stunning. I am going to FOQ on the Thursday,getting a coach up, we usually arrive around 11 am but would love to meet you sometime during the day.

Sandie said...

Lovely catch up post.
I particularly like the photo of the early evening in St. Ives with the huge moon.

Thank you for sharing.

Sandie xx

Dotty Bird said...

Your spring turned autumn emroidery is beautiful, I love the cow parsley seed heads, they do make the most amazing sihouette against the evening sky. Thanks for sharing your journey x

Nina Lise Moen said...

A wonderful post with beautiful pictures - as always! Your part of the world looks so peaceful, like it could be the setting of a wondeful movie.
I'll be at the Festival on Thursday too! No classes to take or quilts to show though; just enjoying my first Festival of Quilts with a group of friends.

Julie said...

Lovely catch up and your crow piece is beautiful, so delicate. xx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Wonderful mosaics on this post Carolyn - and your foxgloves pic is so pretty and the photo editing so clever. Well done. Lesley x

Evelyn said...

Lots of lovely images here!! You went to Tesco's in your slippers..........?????? LOL !! I think you're losing it!!

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I love Roy Rays work, in fct I have done a piece of my own work inspired by him. I would love to get down to Cornwall and see this new work. I too love foxgloves, I have had pink and yellow ones in my garden this year. Another lovely post for me to read to start my day off!:0)

Shoshi said...

Gorgeous post as usual, Carolyn, with gorgeous things in it!! I laughed at your description of going to Tesco's with your slippers on. As someone with M.E., this sort of thing is an everyday occurrence for me - no accident that the M.E. forum I belong to is called Brainfog!! Lol lol! (We have an ongoing thread of all the silly things we do!) I had a lovely picture of you going round Tesco's with your hair in curlers, slippers on your feet and a fag hanging out the corner of your mouth!!

We were in S.E. Cornwall recently having a lovely day out with my mum and dad, and I thought of you - we must make it a bit further down one day - I love Cornwall, and am always amazed how different it is from Devon, where we live. I adore your photos of Cornwall and can't get enough of them!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing Roy Ray's work - both somehow beautiful and gut-wrenchingly powerful.

Lynette (NZ) said...

Your stitched landscape is so lovely.

A time to dance said...

As always your photographs are wonderful ... I has some beautiful White fox gloves this year I will try and save you some seeds....

La Dolce Vita said...

beautiful post as always... and btw, you won my giveaway... so pop in on my email give me your snail mail addy... xo

jackie said...

I hope you are 'outrageously naughty', I'm sure its the only way to be.
I've been taking pictures of foxgloves in N. Wales this weekend.
Hope you feel better soon.

A bird in the hand said...

Your quilt is fabulous. The photos are fabulous. You are fabulous.

Get well soon!
xoxo Colette

KathyB said...

Love your sweet little hand stitched landscape. Also thanks for sharing with us the artwork of ROY RAY. Sounds like a powerful show. Wish I lived nearby. Your blog is packed full of great nature photos. Thankyou. Stop by and see my fiber art.

Donna said...

Hi, hope you have recovered from the flu. Love your blog and your work. Donna