Sunday, 7 August 2011

Quilting for Cornwall

Monday 25 July

outside in the lane
there was a bustle in the hedgerow
and sweet music carried on the breeze

the sound of piped and fiddled music
floated into the cottage

and then I remembered ...

it was the five year anniversary
of the John Knill Ceremony

and the traipsing up the lane to the Steeple
of the 10 little girls dressed in their white frilly frocks
the two widows dressed in black
the Master of Ceremonies
the Trustees of the keys
the fiddler
the piper
the Mayor
Uncle Tom Cobley and all
(everyone else)

... to carry out the ceremonial wishes of John Knill

it's a ceremony that has been taking place
in St. Ives every five years since 1801

and I would have traipsed up to the Steeple too
but I forgot what year it was
(I'm in my own little world of fluff and beads)
and anyway ... I was indoors quilting for Cornwall at the time

spreading out with all my favourite shimmery rosy reds

and choosing threads and beads

you can quite see why a girl could be a bit distracted

Wednesday 27 July

I had a Crow Day with my friend Jo
We had planned to work on our sketchbooks
for The Sketchbook Project
but the cottage quilt dominated my week and
I ended up taking the quilt to work on instead

it was a very hot day so we had a picnic lunch on the island

and afterwards visited St. Ives Society of Artists Gallery
and The Crypt Gallery
where the Penwith Printmakers were exhibiting

I particularly loved the work of Lyn Winters and Carol Lander
and was very pleased to meet Carol who generously shared
information on printmaking and talked about her work

I will do a post about this on my textile blog very soon

thank you Carol ♥

Friday 29 July

deadline day for posting the quilt ... thank goodness
and Friday brought an interesting surprise

the grandaughter of a lady who once lived in our cottage in the 1950s and 1960s knocked on our cottage door, out of the blue, and gave to us a copy of a beautiful painting of our cottage and cottage garden. It was painted by none other than St. Ives and Newlyn School artist Winifred Freeman (1866-1961). The painting had belonged to her grandmother, who was a friend of Mary Maud Winifred Freeman

Of course this sent me into a flurry of googling
and I was delighted to find that Winifred was

"cheerfully eccentric, would cycle in knickerbockers with her easel strapped to her back and smoked cigars in public"

good gracious!

Winifred Freeman

Winifred exhibited at The Royal Academy
and more recently, in 2008, there was an
exhibition of her paintings at Falmouth Art Gallery

As we have all the old deeds for the cottage going back to the early 1800s we were able to share some of the documents that related to this lady's grandmother and we were given some old photographs of her grandmother on Porthminster beach. We are hoping there may turn out to be some more old photos of the cottage. It would be so interesting to see what it looked like a few decades ago as already we have restored a lot of the Victorian character

Saturday 30 July

are we on the turn already?

a leisurely walk to the post office and some time to notice
the leaves are beginning to change colour and rosehips are a plenty

I've noticed a few other bloggers are of the same opinion
Penny made a lovely mosaic with her late summer finds
called "summer passing"

I love autumn time but I'm not quite ready for it yet ...
there's plenty of time ...
I'm not done with summer yet

when I got back from the post office I had a nice card from my friend Chris Gray waiting for me along with some of her butterfly geospun textile fabric (a very soft fibretex product) for experimenting with
I've used some of it to make beads with
and painted a sheet of it to use in my hearts
I will share the results here

Chris is going to be at Festival of Quilts
NEC Birmingham next week 11-14 August 2011
selling her beautiful hand dyed threads
and other textile goodies

Chris Gray
Butterfly Threads



this past week was another busy one ...
I've been posting regularly on flickr

Love Stitching Red

I had a custom order and made over 300 beads this week
I will be listing beads in my etsy shop over the next few days

and I have just a few skeins of yummy sari silk yarn left

in my shop

the week ahead is an exciting one
I will be at Festival of Quilts on Thursday 11 August
to see my humble effort hanging amongst the proper quilts
spending time with family that I miss very much
and working on custom orders for hearts

this is the mosaic I made for TILT

girly pink
Things I love Thursday

dried roses, pretty dollies dressed in pink, rosy cheeks, pink rose petals, summer bonnets trimmed with roses and pink cotton threads on vintage spools and reels


Andi's English Attic said...

I want to be a Winifred!

Quilting for Cornwall? I LOVE your quilt. Fantastic.

I think you can be forgiven for forgetting a ceremony that only happens every five years. xx

Anonymous said...

Winifred sounds like my kind of gal:-) How amazing and what a lovely surprise for you. Love your quilt and its gorgeous colours.Wish I was going to the exhibition.Enjoy!

Evelyn said...

I can just imagine your excitement over receiving the painting ~ Winifred sounds like a fabulously interesting character!! Your quilt looks lovely too ~ I shall look forward to seeing it next week!

Anonymous said...

It's been wonderful catching up with you. Your blogs are some of the few that I adore. Your quilt is looking great and I can't wait to see it in all of it's glory! I loved the stories about Cornwall and Winifred. Your beads look delicious! Another great post. Connie :)

Connie Rose said...

Love it all, Carolyn...especially that quilt!!

A bird in the hand said...

You make me want to rush off the Cornwall, buy a cottage and make art... Thank you for my little day dream. xoxox

Sandie said...

I'm hoping to get to the Festival of Quilts on Thursday too, would love to see your quilt and you of course!
Have a great time/week,

Sandie xx

Julie said...

How amazing to touch with the history of your home :-) Your quilt looks fabulous, I cannot wait to see it on Thursday! Enjoyed the catch up :) xxx

La Dolce Vita said...

your quilt is fabulous and what a lovely gift and a connection to another artist who once lived in your space is a divine synchronicity!! love your girly mosaic!! xo

Pom Pom said...

Oh, Carolyn, you are amazing. I love the quilt. Those cottages are enchanting. Fluff and beads. You are funny! Thank you for the info! I always learn something here.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Sumptuous quilt and sumptuous colours in this post Carolyn - and like you I'm also a fan of Carol Lander's prints. Enjoy yourself this week at the Festival of Quilts and good luck too. x

artymess said...

Lovely post and quilt of my GCSE students has been so inspired with your work ...x

Anonymous said...

Goodness, you've been busy! it all looks glorious, as always. Look forward to seeing the quilt :-) And how lovely of someone to turn up with a painting for you.

Chris Gray said... always, I love the "through the window" look into your rosy creative world :-)

See you Thursday

x Chris

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderfully busy and creative week and what an amazing and incredibly generous gift to be given out of the blue. I do like the sound of Winifred!

missy k said...

Nice start to my day Carolyn!

Winifred sounds like fun!

Your quilt looks gorgeous and as usual you have been very busy :) Glad you are feeling better.

I agree about Autumn I think its going to be early this year....... so many leaves already coming down and little signs of it everywhere.

Love Karenx

Robin Olsen said...

I adore your cottage quilt! And how wonderfully it goes with your story of receiving the painting of your cottage.

noelle said...

The quilt looks fab! good Luck with the exhibition xx

Gina said...

So lovely to meet you today Carolyn. Your quilt is lovely.

Libertybelle said...

How lovely to find out about your cottage! I love your quilt- I so wish I could get to the FOQ to see it.


Thanks Margaret. I'll do a little post about it soon and also share some photos from FOQ


Cathie said...

WhAt a special, special gift -the cottage painting and visitor. Bringing an even deeper appreciation for you of your beautiful cottage. And that quilt..... So very Carolyn... So very St. Ives. Perfection!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beads!!! Sumptuous shop!! Aliteration day today, ha ha. I can't post this comment, btw. So, I'm going to leave it as anon.

Anonymous said...

PS. It's Debrina here!

Jean said...

Oh my, what excitement! How very cool. Enjoy the day!