Thursday, 1 September 2011

the shape of sweet little cottages ...

Home Sweet Home

Things I love Thursday

the shape of sweet little cottages, windows, doors
chimneys, rooftops, dolls houses and thoughts of home

thank you so much for visiting today

I'd like to tell you about rose tinted cottages ...

whimsical and quirky cottages

these little cottages featured on my quilt that I made
for Festival of Quilts recently

I loved stitching this!

I wanted to stitch something that I would be pleased to hang on my dining room wall so I chose neutrals of white, silver and pale grey tones with touches of red to match my own decor. I also wanted it to have a St. Ives feel and so I chose cottages and cobbles as a theme and used some of my own photographs which I transferred to fabric and quilted

the cottages are appliqued with machine and hand stitching
and I painted and dyed some of the fabrics myself

the white rooftop texture of the red cottage is
a polysatin fabric melted and then ironed flat
oooh ... I loved doing that!

I bet you've never seen such rose tinted cottages "in real life"
but I don't always like "real life"
I prefer my own little world of make believe

I pieced it haphazardly as I don't like measuring
I prefer just to see what happens ...

However, I really admire the work of artists who have a gift for piecing tiny bits of fabric together. I'm afraid I don't have the patience for it ... but I truly love to see it ... there are some amazing quilters who create intricate works of art!

this is a photograph I took of the granite archway in The Digey with a whitewashed cottage behind it. I added a texture to it and transferred it to cotton twice to get the depth of colour I wanted, then it was quilted and I added paint, chiffon and beads. I liked the shape of the windows on this photoI like to add tints and textures to my photos
and sometimes turn them into postcards

and adding a blob of pinky red to a cottage
to pretty it up is good for the soul

underneath each of the cottages I stitched cobbles
on melted distressed sheer fabrics

and sometimes I melted silver plastic from a carrier bag
which I then free motion stitched in a silver thread

I used photos of real cobbles
transferred to cotton and quilted in silver

the photos of the cobbles were taken at
The Wharf and Smeaton's Pier in St. Ives

I think this one is my favourite cottage
with it warm and cosy hand dyed silk velvet roof
and windows that look like little Cornish flags

and finally a harbour scene with cottages
I used a metallic wax crayon on the image which I set
by heating with an iron to add a shimmer to the water
and then I added stitch and beads

I really enjoyed stitching my rose tinted cottages
harbour scenes and cobbles

unfortunately ...

when I got to see my quilt hanging at Festival of Quilts
it was creased and didn't hang right

Festival of Quilts 2011
walking around FOQ I agonised over it for about an hour
discussed it at length with my friend Julie and
made a plan to correct one or two things when I got it home
in particular I plan to shorten the binding to one cm
and to weight it more at the bottom

happy seagulls
and then I think I will truly, truly love it

but it's too big for the space on my dining room wall
so I will be offering it for sale at some point

my hubby had the good idea for me to make a smaller
version ... maybe a section of it
he loves the cottages too ...
and that makes me happy

the seagulls on my quilt
inspired a mosaic for Mosaic Monday

on silver tipped wings
1. gull 2. St. Ives misty winter texture 3. hello
4. 4 peixe-espadas 5. state library seagulls 6. $11.99/lb

inspired by sunlight on silver tipped gulls wings
and the slippery silver scales of mackerel

the last few days have had a slightly more peaceful feel in St. Ives ... the sun has been warm but it's not as strong as usual ... there is a feeling of summer slipping slowly into autumn

back to Festival of Quilts and after seeing my quilt hanging so badly I needed a bit of retail therapy to cheer myself up so I got some lovely felt from Chris Gray's stall "Butterfly Threads" and some silk velvet, scrim, silk throwsters waste and threads from Stef Francis
Ineke Berlyn's book "Sketchbooks and Journal Quilts" from The Quilt Museum's stall as well as a few purchases I shared over on my other blog

such riches for autumn and winter

but the highlight of my day was meeting so many
many of my lovely blog friends
it was wonderful to meet you special ladies ♥

Julie Mackinder ♥ Miriam ♥ Carol McFee ♥ me
Margaret Roberts (Mags) ♥ Jackie Cardy ♥ Gina Ferrari
Chrissie Galley ♥ Viv Sliwka ♥ Margaret ♥ Sue Krekorian

Jackie (Dog Daisy Chains) made this gorgeous pendant
especially for me in delicious rich red
the velvet is so plush and beautifully stitched
and it's heart shaped too ... so me

I love it ... and I wore it on Tuesday
thank you dear Jackie ♥

"just a little something" she said ...
and darling Viv (Hens Teeth) gave me this gorgeous
stitched brooch in her beautiful inimitable primitive style
I so love her sweet whimsical stitched pieces
they are timeless

birdy love from Viv
thank you ♥

"just a little something" she said ...
and from Julie who is such a lovely lady
and always makes me feel very special
I had a bundles of lace which came
from someone she loves very much

thank you my sweet friend ♥

I came away from FOQ feeling very inspired and very upbeat
to have met so many blogging friends that really care
and I'm very much looking forward to going again next year

last week my parents came to St. Ives for the day
it was a real treat for me as Dad can hardly walk these days
and doesn't like driving all that way down to us
so they came on the train

we had a wonderful time together
enjoying the sunshine
and a ride out in the Cornish countryside
a very special day for me ♥

Well ... thoughts have turned to September
and I'm still trying so hard to cling to summer
we've had some lovely sunny days the past two weeks
and it's still very warm in St. Ives

autumn can wait and I will embrace it when it truly arrives ...

but I did make five little beads that look like berries
in my favourite tones of richest red
burgundy, cranberry and raspberry

I am pleased to say my little shop has been keeping me busy
I am going to be listing more beads later this evening
most likely after midnight as I've much to do tonight

I hope you may see some beads that you like ♥

my little shop

thank you for visiting
and thank you for all kind messages
left here and on flickr, facebook and email

creative wishes
Carolyn ♥


Gina said...

The Festival of Quilts seems so long ago now. It was great to meet you and to see that fabulous rosy quilt for real.

Elizabethanne said...

Hello Carolyn
I love your little cottage quilt. It is perfect. I am like you when it comes to making quilts. I do not have the patince for all that accurate cutting. But I do envy those that do & love to see the works they do. Thank you for sharing with us.
Your Friend
Elizabeth XX

Lynn said...

Oh I so enjoyed reading your post and all the lovely pictures. What a special time it has been for you Carolyn and how nice that you take the time to share it with us. Thank you.

Twiglet said...

Great post - I love those quirky little cottages on your quilt. Lovely gifts too from Jackie and Viv - such talent!!

Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

Simply beautiful work xx

Julie said...

How lovely to have your parents visiting :-) I'm so pleased to hear you say you will be going to FOQ next year. Lots of beautiful gifts and shopping. ♥

éoline said...


PeregrineBlue said...

i am so in love with this latest project of yours and am thinking about embroidering my own special housie for my great big boho embroidered garland i'm making. thank you for chosing my house fabric garland to highlight in your mosaic. i have always admired your unique creativity and always get inspired to make something of my own from it.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day it was - meeting you and so many other blogger friends. I loved your quilt - spent ages inspecting all your clever techniques. See you next year!
Chrissie x

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Beautiful rich reds, silver and wonderful imagery! Love your Mosaic Monday, Carolyn and the September calendar pic too. Such nice gifts - and yes, Jackie's pendant is definitely you'! Lesley x

Diane said...

Your quilt is absolutely stunning - the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. That one row of stunning little cottages would make a great picture. Soooooo beautiful. I'm glad you had such a lovely time with your parents. xxxxx

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Another fantastic post. Your cobbles stitched are jewels and your cottages are so friendly and inviting. I love it that you don't measure, and you di it so well! It's so clear your love for ST Ives comes through in all you do. xox Corrine

audrey said...

Hi Carolyn.
All of your posts are wonderful, but I especially liked this one. I LOVE cottages ~ big and small ~ English cottages, cottages by the sea, cottages on hills and in valleys, painted white - covered in ivy! Your quilt is delightful and the colors are divine. I hope I don't miss it when you put it in your shop. I must check every day. I would love it hanging in my home. I try to decorate with a cottage feel. It is hard if you don't live in a REAL cottage.
So happy for you that you had such fun with your friends and your gifts are so beautiful and meaningful.
Sending hugs across the sea...
♥ audrey

AliceAndFlorence said...

Hi Caroline,
Your cottage quilt is so beautiful, the details, fabrics, colours, design! Need I say more.....I love to read both your blogs and am inspired by your originality and thoughtfulness towards your readers. Regards,
Wendy x

Ati. said...

Love the quilt with the little houses!!
And the beads you made And the scones with the clotted cream! I remember the taste of that delicious cake when I was in Devon many years ago :)

Angie Willis said...

I think your quilt is truly delicious and completely "you". Thank you for sharing it - it must have taken a lot of hard work and it was absolutely worth it. Your colours are beautiful - red is my favourite too!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, joyful post. I felt really uplifted by your wonderful words and pictures. I love your cottages quilt and all the details in it.

Gaby Bee said...

What a beautiful post. It's always fun visiting you. Your work is fantastic, Carolyn! This quilt is exquisite. Love all the wonderful details in your work, you are such an inspiration...

Hope your day is going great!
Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!

Barb Cady said...

Such a fabulous post, and I so love your quilt, am fascinated how you make the cobbles, they really capture the texture. You are so inspiring Carolyn, thank you. xx

bois-fleurie said...

This is the best blog I have read for ages. I've read and re read it. I love the cottages quilt,the theme and the resticted colours you have used.

Anonymous said...

Amazing quilt Carolyn. Love your cottages and cobbles, so typical of St Ives. And the colours are very you. I don't know how you can bear to part with it. It really is outstanding. Wish I could have seen it for real. Might try and make it down to next year's show. Thanks for another beautiful post.
Penny xx

Lynette (NZ) said...

Your cottages are so cool - especially appreciated the way you've shared your techniques for the cobbles/water etc. I am also very envious of your gorgeous new heart pendant. Enjoy wearing it as you head to autumn :-)

Peggy said...

Isn't it funny how we fret over the little things we think are "wrong" instead of enjoying the overall wonderfulness of the piece. Whose looking at a crease when there is so much more beauty to revel over.

Deborah said...

Lovely post. Your cottage quilt is beautiful.

Pomona said...

So many lovely things to look at! Your quilt is really, really beautiful - I just love the little cottages!

Pomona x

Tracy said...

Hi Carolyn
Just love your quilt of cottages! And your beads are gorgeous.
How is everything in sunny Cornwall? Well autumn is nearly upon you I suppose as we have just sprung I to spring.

Ellouise88 said...

Your cottages are absolutely adorable and the quilt is fantastic - I love it!

Lynn Taylor said...

Oh yes, I'd love to live in one of your gorgeous cosy cottages - great blog post - thanks!

Cathy said...

Lovly pictures, Thank's sharing all these photos you have done very hard work. your cottages are realy fantastic i love it