Wednesday, 30 November 2011

thanks ♥

last week we had some pretty sunrises
rosy pink mornings that glittered with stars

now the air has a chill as autumn wanes
and the sun disappears mid afternoon
it's been dark and rainy with a hint of sleet
against the window panes

autumn didn't really happen this year
it slipped by
I didn't really see the leaves fall
they were wet and soggy on the ground before I noticed

but I love autumn colour

so I made this mosaic for TILT
an autumn colour study
Things I love Thursday

warm autumn tones, mellow fruitfulness, pears, pomegranates, seeds, gorgeous autumn leaves by Margie and beautiful autumn stitching by Heike

please click on the links to see the lovely work of my flickr friends and faves:
1. red pears 2. no snow only frost 3. autumn wip 4. pomegranate

autumn walks have been few and precious
just a few snatched moments
on my way to somewhere else

these pink berries were a delicious find
on one of those rare moments recently

on the whole ...
I've been quite happy to stay snuggled up indoors
catching up with the many things on my "to do list"

so many things need my attention right now

my email box is loaded with mail I must respond to
(may I say "sorry ... I will get round to it soon!")

I may owe you a reply or a longer message
(may I say "soon")

and there are many things in blogland that I must attend to

I must say "sorry" to Cat
I won her giveaway ... it was ages ago!
and I will share it with you in the next post!

another thing is to thank Val of Slick Silver Jewellery
who invited me to be interviewed a short while back

Val very kindly featured my hearts

and beads
alongside her own very beautiful and distinctive jewellery

Val likes to work mostly in silver and anodised aluminium
which allows her to explore her love of art and design
with the materials of her choice

her jewellery is very popular and she regularly exhibits her work

and not just beautiful reds like these ...
but all colour combinations
and so many different designs

(these are my favourites)
isn't this bracelet ... so gorgeous!
Val's work can be found here if you would like to see more
(see ... I am helping you out with Christmas ideas!)

Slick Silver Jewellery

thank you Val ♥

and round about the same time
my friend Lesley Ninnes and I were interviewed
for the St. Ives Project by Andrea Hiltbrunner

like most people that visit St. Ives
Andrea fell in love with our beautiful seaside town and has a
longing to return one day and possibly settle hereback in September Andrea ran a series of articles and interviews with people that live and work in St. Ives, showing some beautiful photos of the town and the work of the various artists. It's worth popping over for a seaside treat if you are feeling you could do with some sunshine on a dark chilly day

Andrea Hiltbrunner's St. Ives Project

Lesley's paintings

I still have this really nice blog award to mention
it arrived absolutely ages ago from

Little Dotty Bird

and came as a very lovely surprise
thank you ♥

I haven't had one for a while
and usually I'm pretty rubbish at responding to these
racking my brains to try and think of seven things
about myself that you may find interesting
(mmmmm ... no ... nothing much comes to mind)

here are seven "nerdy" things instead ...

1. I've been enjoying re-runs of "Dad's Army" and "On the Buses"
but I do wish they would bring back "The Grimleys" as I love Noddy Holder, Brian Conley and Jack Dee (they are so funny)

look at the grafitti
2. I was a bit of a tomboy at school

3. ... and weirdly ...
I was very much like Darren Grimley in the seventies!!!!!
Gordon Grimley's brother, Darren, and I
had exactly the same red Liverpool FC schoolbag,
both liked cool heavy metal and had floppy hair (I still do!)

4. I once met Noddy Holder at The Marquee Club in London

5. I can't sing but annoy my family anyway by
"caterwauling" out of tune like Hilda Ogden

6. I drink real ale and bitters
and like to try all the ones with funny Cornish names
but my most favourite ones are
Speckled Hen and Newcastle Brown Ale.
My favourite Cornish ales are Proper Job and Scuttled
(to scuttle a ship is to deliberately sabotage one's own ship
for financial gain as in times of piracy and smuggling)

7. I've always wanted a metal detector

and now the really hard bit!
I'm supposed to link to ten blogs that I enjoy ...
but really there are hundreds of blogs that I love
so how to narrow it down to ten???
so difficult!!!
OK ...
here we go ...

1. Evelyn Flint Photography
2. Sophie Munns - Homage to the Seed
3. La Dolce Vita
4. Fibrefrolics
5. Contemplating the Moon
6. A Bird in the Hand
7. The Song of the Hare, the Dance of the Moon
8. Alice Fox Textiles
9. Gentle Whispering Hues
10. The White Bench

thank you Little Dotty Bird for my award ♥
now for my giveaway ...

I made these Christmas red beads for the winner
to go with the other things I mentioned in the last post
(and I also made a heart which I will have to photo tomorrow
as it got too dark to do it today ... sorry)

thank you all for playing along

thank you so much
for your incredibly supportive comments
I cried buckets writing the last post
and reading all your very kind words
they have helped me to get back
and I am grateful ♥

randomly pulled "out of the hat"
my winner is Martha

I hope to see you all again next time
thank you for visiting me

Carolyn ♥


Cathy Cullis said...

Super post as always - I made time to read today! I am glad... I've always wanted a metal detector also:)

terri bunn said...

wonderful newsy interesting blog again Carolyn. Loved reading you and Lesley`s interviews on Andrea`s site. and now about to spend the rest of the evening visiting all the blogs you mentioned. Bliss! see you soon
Terri x

Gina said...

Lovely post as always Carolyn.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Carolyn, you are such a busy bee! Love the autumnal reds and richness in your photos - thanks also for the links. Let's hope that we do meet up with Andrea next year. Have a good week. Bye for now. Lesley x

rl said...

I got my tea towels today (so fast from overseas)! I love them. Gifts for the children! I am also going to bring the card they enclosed and the towels to show one of the entrepreneurs in town. Thanks Caroline.
I loved Andrea's paintings. Wow.

Winterwood said...

do you know I wanted to settle in St. ives too... as soon as I got my teacheing go ahead, I applied to the teach in the primary school... and was sent a letter that I was one of hundreds of applicants who also wanted to live and work in that area... now I wonder why (not)!!!! I still hope to revisit the place one day even though I love so far away now!

Angie Willis said...

Nice to hear from you again. It seems ages and I've so missed the lovely reds.

Jill said...

How lovely to have your luscious posts to relish again Carolyn

Catharina Maria said...

Carolyn it is a beautiful red post and i love the heart and beats , it makes me warm .
Love ♥RINI♥

Julie said...

A lovely post and I enjoyed your interview. I've saved it to read again later when I don't feel so rushed. We got back from our hols yesterday and I cannot wait to be in St Ives again. See you soon xx

Anonymous said...

Right... I don't know where to start... Your blog is a feast for the eyes! I love the photographs and the jewelery (especially the hearts!). I'm sure I will be coming back. Wish you lots of inspiration.


Little Dotty Bird said...

You're welcome! I love your blog and your work is really inspiring for me. (and I also really want a metal detector and my bloke thinks I'm a nerd!) I would love to scour the shores and fields looking for treasure! xx

Dianne Adams said...

I absolutely love your blog! I'm always inspired when I visit. Lovely, lovely heart and beads as well as many other beautiful things to see.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Carolyn. Lovely post with beautiful photos. Your heart and beads are gorgeous. Happy Holidays!
best, nadia

Pom Pom said...

I wish you a most lovely Christmas, too! You are a blessing to so many!

Cathie said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Carolyn.