Monday, 3 February 2014

on that winter day

  today I am remembering some happy time spent at Mousehole
for two very special winter days in December

it's relevant to mention my quiet time there because it not only
restored my balance and peace of mind at, what will always be, a difficult time of year
but it influenced my work for most of January as you will see ...
most years, my hubby and I like to go over to picturesque Mousehole to see the lights
but in 2013 it was an extra special time as we stayed overnight at The Ship Inn
which is a very old, quaint inn right on the harbour front

it gave us so much more time to relax and enjoy the moment
we began right away by sampling the mulled wine in the bar ...

"few things are more pleasing than a Cornish harbour graced with a good pub"
the tree and all the lights were so pretty
and the mulled wine made me quite merry ... even merrier than usual ... ha!!

so we had a little walk in the fresh air ... while we waited for it to get dark
we shared a bag of chips and peered through the windows of cosy shops and galleries

which were full of delightful Cornish goodies
and then ... as it got duskier

one by one ... the lights in the little village began to come on

  and before long it was proper dark

as you can see ... it was the 50th anniversary of the Mousehole lights

we walked all around the harbour and to the end of the pier
where it was incredibly blustery on the seaward side
we watched the huge waves for quite a long while until it felt bitterly cold on our faces

so it was back to The Ship Inn for a lovely meal in the restaurant ... and a warm cosy bed

the next morning ...

the sun was out ... but it was a weak winter sun


shimmering on the sea

and over the harbour and the village

we walked on the beach
and found sea glazed pottery and silver grey shells

winter shells

and ever since that grey winter day in Mousehole
my work and my hearts have been inspired by those winter shells
and the windy, stormy weather we have had over the past few weeks

Mousehole harbour in a jar

this is one of the shells that I found

on that winter day

how I loved stitching this one and now this little piece of Cornwall is
on it's way to a lovely lady thousands of miles away

and here we are ... it's now February
and not a snowflake in sight
just the occasional sleety shower and sometimes hailstones

so I've created my own snowy textures with melted chiffons and glittery fabrics

it's the beauty of snow that I love ... the pristine whiteness of the landscape
the quietness of falling snow ... the whisper ... the silence
the perfection of each snowflake

and this one too is off to a new home ... 

February often brings the snow
there is still the hope of it and I'm ready now ... I'm waiting!
my new pair of winter red wellies are customised ...
so let it snow ... one day soon ... before spring please

for the rest of today I will be wrapping shop parcels
finishing off some custom orders
 and stitching the final touches to this new stormy heart I am working on ...

and thinking about new hearts for Valentines Day
in my shop on Friday 7th February

hope to see you there and many thanks for reading (always) x


WinnibriggsHouse said...

Wow your photographs are stunning! And I love the hearts especially the stormy one. I am coming to Cornwall for the first time in May and am so looking forward to it. I can see I had better bring a few spare camera batteries.

Fuzzie Fingers said...

What a beautiful post, Carolyn. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Mousehole looks idyllic.

Redanne said...

Carolyn, your post is absolutely wonderful, so full of warmth and beauty. The pictures are absolutely fantastic and your beautiful creations are exquisite. Thank you so much for sharing these special moments! Hugs, Anne x

Sandies' Patch said...

Lovely,lovely post Carolyn!
Fantastic photos of the harbour,lights,Moon and Sun on the water!
Those craft shops/galleries........and did I spy one or two of your art/creations in there too?
Thanks for a cheering up on a grey day!
Sandie xxx

Starr White said...

thank you for sharing such a lovely place and the work it has inspired - beautiful as always

Diane said...

Its a dream of mine to see the lights in Mousehole. Fabulous photos and incredible hearts xxxx

Pom Pom said...

Oh, I love the scenes! I watch Doc Martin over and over because the setting really is a character! Your photos are lovely and so is your art.

Julie said...

One of these days we'll get down for the Mousehole lights. Your stay there sounds idyllic and I'm glad it did you good. I hope you're not getting blown away down there. The video of the high tide at the weekend looked rather sad.

Gillian Salmons said...

I just don't know what to say about such a beautiful post - words seem irrelevant

Barb Cady said...

Totally beautiful, I especially love that heart and the glimpses of the stormy one look intriguing! Your photographs of the sun over the sea are so atmospheric, I'm really glad you had such a lovely time at Mousehole. Thank you for sharing such lovely memories, a fabulous post. Xx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I can happily ship you lots of snow! I cleaned at least six inches of it off the car this morning and there's more to come later this week. I'm happy to share! Lovely, lovely photos in this post.

Erica said...

Carolyn, thank you so much for sharing your photos and your Mousehole holiday. It all looks so quintessentially Cornish - a place you obviously love. Maybe I shall get a chance to visit it one day to absorb its atmosphere!
Meanwhile our summer has not - so far- been as hot as usual, which I prefer.

sharon young said...

Oh Carolyn, what a wonderful post, your pics are so evocative, it makes me want to run away to Cornwall, we lived in Launceston and Boyton for 3 years in the eighties and it was best place I've ever lived, it broke my heart to come back to Surrey. Thank you so much for the memories.
Your snowy hearts are superb.

Fiona said...

My mum used to take me to see the Mousehole lights every Christmas and seeing your pictures makes me want to go see them again.

My little boy is only 5 and I bet he'd love them, might have to try and head back to Cornwall next Christmas.

PS. Beautiful pictures by the way.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Oh my, you surely do warm the cockles of my heart Carolyn. You are not only an artist in cloth & stitch but in 'pen & ink' too. Your prose is a joy to read :) Not only all that, your pictures are stunning! And all the Christmas lights in the harbour are so pretty, how wonderful that some are in the water and on the wall itself. It looks & sounds like a very therapeutic place to spend some time. I'm glad it did you good and it shows in the gorgeousness of those hearts. Now there's just three sleeps to see what you have up your sleeve for Valentines. With loving hugs, Mo :o) xx

Gina said...

That's beautiful Carolyn.

Leslie said...

Mm, love that Cornwall heart! And the pics of the old town are lovely. Wish I could visit...

Hastypearl said...

I'm so happy to be that lady thousands of miles away to have received a little heartish piece of you and Mousehole! You and my little heart are so special to me!xo Laura