Wednesday, 21 January 2015

a double helping of WOW !!

well ... I just never saw that coming ...
I started with flu on Saturday 10th January
I must have caught a chill on that foggy day in St. Just
I had to cancel so many lovely things I'd had arranged for the week
it's been so frustrating ... just as I'm getting going again
never mind ... these things happen!
this week I have a double helping of Wreck this Journal
to make up for missing last week's posting
(an image heavy post)
this is one of the "instructions" pages ...
I said to my Mum ...
"there's always so much to do and not enough time"
she got quite cross with me and told me I'd got all the time in the world
I think she misunderstood me ... I wasn't getting maudlin ..
but after a year of not being able to do much creatively
I am bursting at the seams with ideas and enthusiasm for my projects
so that is why I'm not that keen on "instructions" really
however instructions are open to interpretation
but still I may say "no" sometimes ...
1.  carry this with you everywhere you go - I will take it most places
2.  follow the instructions on every page - I will try
3.  order is not important - good one!
4.  instructions are open to interpretation - that's freeing
5.  experiment (work against your better judgement) - I like this!
as you can see I had a bloomin' lovely time playing in my book this week
flowers with imaginary blooms:
Tunnocks tea cake centre; crochet flower from an erosion bundle
roses cut from washi tape and a stamped heart from my friend MISSY K
the "materials" page:
monoprint with acrylics and felt pen and other "blooms"
suggested materials:
white things, office supplies, wax, found objects
ideas, gum, glue, dirt, saliva (yuk!) water and weather
plans, pencil, sticky things, sticks, spoons, comb
twist ties, lick, paint, grass, detergent, grease, tears, crayons
scissors, happenstance, gumption etc. ... you get the idea!
add your own page numbers ... starting here
page 63B ... I consider needs some more work
it's a bit "flat" | unfinished
I will revisit this page later
but this is one of my favourite pages so far ...
"crack the spine"
I  printed with lace using my favourite madder paint ...

and added one of my London collages at the bottom ...
and as for "cracking the spine" ... it's coming along nicely
but I'm saying "no" to leaving this page blank ...
because teddy won first prize in a gardening competition for his "blooms"
in spite of all the rain | sleet | hailstones we've had this week
in fact it's been quite stormy (with a massive lightning storm one night)

I digress ...
places I love to be ...
St. Ives
beside the seaside
it does rain a lot
so I put on my red wellies to stand on the journal ...
it was raining at the time ... so I did get some marks
back indoors ...
I made London crowns for the bears
and this page also includes a crown from another small London collage
which is very pink!
my last page this week is "pour, spill, drip, spit or fling your coffee here
except ... I mostly drink tea
I dripped tea ...
accidentally over HRH the Duke of Edinburgh on my page
so there we are ... you can see I had fun with the journal
more next week ... not quite so much perhaps
there is "all the time in the world" to share it
hope you enjoyed my pages
and thank you for visiting xx


Els said...

Wow .... I'm amazed
(plesantly ;-) !)

missy k said...

Totally brilliant!

I love everything.... those tunnock flowers are so cute.... wish they'd grow in my garden ;)

I think you have 'nailed' cracking the spine.... fab page!

and the bears are a d o r a b l e!

I enjoyed my 'double whammy' very much!

I want to get out my journal and play but its time for bed :(

Remember to take it easy until you are fully better !!!!

Karen xxx

TwinkleToes2day said...

What fabulous pages! You are inspiring me with my Anti Journal, Carolyn. I have a third page to post about and have started a fourth. You were right, they are great fun, except I didn't take the plunge myself, it was dear Lynn Holland that generously sent me a book to help my mojo reappear. And it has.
Your crowned teddies are super cute and the drip on HRH has made him look a little like the phantom of the opera, lol. I actually thought you had applied a mask before I read about the dripped tea, lol.
Hope you are feeling much better. Don't go out in fog. ((hugs)) xox

Gina said...

I love the freedom with which you've altered these pages, they are so much fun and so interesting. I lack the imagination for this type of work so I'm always in awe of anyone who can make it appear so effortless. Beautiful! Keep well Carolyn.

Privet and Holly said...

Oh gosh, I love this
so much! Just pure
joy and fun, which I
actually happened to
need greatly, today.....

I am hopeless at
following directions,
mainly because I am
impatient with that
sort of stuff and want
to get on with it : )

Keep creating!!!

xo Suzanne

Corrine at said...

Hope you are all mended. Loving your journal romp, such good fun. Glad you are photo bombing us, so good to see. xox

Julie said...

Loved seeing your journal so far, you've been very busy with it all and I can see how much fun you've had. Keep well and keep playing :-) xxx

Diane said...

I LOVE what you have done here. I can tell that you have been having fun. Your photo's are very lovely too xx

Helen Allen said...

Just popping over from Mo's Journal! What fun you tow are having. I love this post Carolyn it just carries you along with all the reactivity like a wave! We loved Mousehole too when we visited in October. You are so lucky to live by the sea. I look forward to seeing more of your anti journalling - such a fun concept!

Boo Martin said...

I'm visiting from my friend Twinkle Toes at Twinkles Twaddle. I love your journal. My favorite is when you said NO to leaving the page blank. I don't like to follow rules which is why I art journal. I can do whaever I want in it. Stop by if you get a minute.

Lynette (NZ) said...

So loving to see what you do in this journal - inspiring

Caterina Giglio said...

you are breaking out... and yes, I can see that you had fun... that is what it is all about.. grin.. xoxo

Tina said...

Love your pages - they are so great.

Laurie said...

Fabulous -- I did Wreck this Journal with my son a few years ago but yours is much more creative than mine was!! Still -- really enjoyed doing it!

Lynn Holland said...

Hee hee I'm here just out of sync but following along and LOVING IT.
I've got a book now and it's having a tartan theme as it seems to be filling my head. We might have a tartan carpet in the living room at some point.
Now I've been distracted with another little book and I've started up cycling that.
Crikey, no staying power me Carolyn. Butterfly brain should be my middle name.
Love Lynn xxx