Wednesday, 28 January 2015

music and memories ... WOW!!

my journal pages this week are inspired by memories of
going to see Phantom of the Opera in London
the day before Valentine's Day in 2013

my first page is an image I like from the programme
it's how the opera starts out ...
with Viscount Raoul de Chagny being taken by his nurse
to the auction of memorabilia on the stage of the Paris Opera House
music and memories can be so powerful ...
my journal, though playful, will be filled with memories of London

my first challenge this week is to "poke holes through the page with a pencil"

so here we are ... holes poked and pushed through to the other side ...

I glued down the little flaps on this side, painted circles round the holes
and then cut round them to give the page some shape

I cut the page at the bottom too ... monoprinted and added words
from the song "Wishing you were somehow here again"
words so poignantly painful when I'd just lost my Dad a month before ...

my gorgeous hubby took me to London to cheer me up
after sorting out Dad's arrangements and his memorial

as you can imagine, we had a most wonderful time
though there were also some very sad moments that took my breath away

when I was painting this page I added gilding flakes which I burnished into the paint

some of the paint passed through the holes onto the page with Viscount Raoul and his nurse

"draw fat lines and thin ... pushing really hard with the pencil"
before drawing ... I added some bunting cut from a magazine
then added some bunting triangles printed with lace
and I glued in the image at the bottom ...
of the girl looking up in amazement at my "circles and holes" ;o)

I drew pencil lines, fat and thin, around the girl
as the journal is already bulging it was hard to draw straight lines
I like this!
at the bottom of the page I stuck in my theatre ticket

and I glued our "interval drinks order" on the back of the ticket
with the Phantom's mask


yes, Mo, HRH the Duke of Edinburgh did resemble the Phantom last week (lol)

I also made an art tag of the Phantom to go with these pages ...
but forgot to take a photo of it (will add it here tomorrow)

(update ... here's the tag ...)

that's all this week ... to make up for last week being such a marathon post
please visit my friend Karen MISSY K for more wrecking joy

---------- ♥ ----------

I've got the decorator, plasterer and electrician in the house this week
utter chaos and furniture upheaval .. but needs must

I've been hiding in my studio all day pulling prints off the gelli plate
also stitching allotments
and preparing a mixed media tutorial on my textile blog

---------- ♥ ----------
thank you for reading and for all comments
and to all those who are "non reply at blogger"
with love and best wishes x


TwinkleToes2day said...

How funny, I've just finished my post saying i was looking forward to seeing what you had done this week! A little phantasm perchance? Lol
I was never lucky enough to get to see the Phantom of the Opera, especially with Michael Crawford & Sarah Brightman. But I enjoy the dvd. How fabulous that you got to see it and have the ephemera to share in your journal. I love your poked holes page and how you've painted round them and added some gilding flakes.
Your 'Lines' page is equally awesome. Your girl looks as if she is looking up from a window and the lines are the wood panels. SO effective!
Good luck with the building works and your tutorial prep. ((hugs)) xox

missy k said...

Love what you did with your holes page!!!! Ha! I hadn't actually think of attacking my book with scissors :)

I love how you have used your ephemera from your special trip too. Love ephemera.... such a nice word too.

Good luck with all your building work... it will all be worth it.

Looking forward to seeing your video even though I don't sew!!!!

Love Karen xxxx

Diane said...

I am so glad you are back. That allotment looks intriquing. Bet you'll be glad when the building wrk is finished xxxxx

PetraB said...

Your pages are awesome! The combination of the journal and your ephemera is intriguing. Funny how it went I did the holes in the page yesterday but I found that I am a rather neat and tidy journal wrecking person ... but love doing it! It is such good fun. Cannot wait to see your next page.
Good luck with your building work. It's always a bit of a nuisance but worthwhile in the end.
I am looking forward to seeing the progress of the allotment. It looks very interesting.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Now I'm singing the title song for Phantom in my head - thank you! Enjoyed reading your latest journal wrecking adventure and am joining you in the living in chaos adventure. Having to move all sorts of 'stuff' in my studio in order to replace my computer. Who knew one little thing would mean so much mess!

Tina said...

I relly love what you´re doing with your pages - great style

Lynn Holland said...

Your book is turning into a wonderful story of its own Carolyn. I'm really enjoying following along.
Lynn xx

Gina said...