Thursday, 5 February 2015

WOT (Wreck on Thursday) happened?

left ... right ... left ... right ....

London conjures up so many iconic images in the mind
of soldiers and pomp, tradition and history

I had so much fun in my journal this week ... inspired by teddy
teddy dresses up in his favourite soldier uniform
what a smart bear he is ... march one step forward
the challenge on these pages is for "handprints and finger prints"
get them dirty then press down
black finger prints look a bit like a soldier's busby

so I made lots of messy black fingerprints and mono prints with gild
gosh I am so into gilding flakes at the moment ...

the colours in the mono prints (red black and gold) were inspired by
a kitty sticker which arrived on a parcel from Kirsty Elson

you can see that the kitty sticker is finger print shaped
and I love the colours in this mono print
which I printed over the top of the other mono print

the challenge for this double spread is "colour this entire page"

the page on the left is covered with paper I tea dyed and painted with madder and gold
then, once dried, I printed a recipe for angel biscuits on top
teddy feels hungry so he spends all day in the kitchen making
cakes, buns, jellies and a big apple pie
quite appropriate this week as I have the electrician, plasterer
and painter|decorator still working in the house ...
it's all coming along just lovely and I've been making lots of home make cakes
Victoria sandwich, lemon cake and chocolate cake with chocolate stars

Gina Ferrari would be proud of me ;o)

no buns though!

these are teddy's favourite sticky buns
painted ones on a collaged page ... with huge glace cherries on top
decorated with a soldier

this double spread is about making mess
"throw something"
a pencil ... a ball dipped in paint
I liked the idea of throwing paint ...
(so ...paint thrown and page closed to make squelchy patterns)

meanwhile ...
teddy ate too many of his favourite buns and is sent to bed feeling poorly
miss your next turn ... which reminded me of the underground
and how easy it is to fall asleep and miss your station

I got some lovely gooey sticky splodgy squidgy paint marks
a little like finger print markings ...

this is such a fun light hearted project ...

see the little dart mark (from a sewing pattern)
I played with the image ... with soft focus and textures
the marks are finger print shaped

[artistic licence is encouraged]
thank you for visiting to see this week's pages in my journal
I'm very much looking forward to next week's posting
which will include some very special personal hearts for valentine's day
I hope to be back to posting on Wednesday next week (WOW)
I've had such a busy week I ran out of steam yesterday ... x


Julie said...

Lovely to see you having a ball in your Wrecker. No wonder you're worn out with all the workmen and baking. Home made cake! Yum! xx

TwinkleToes2day said...

Any spare cake can be thrown this way! Just sayin'!
Your pages are wonderful Carolyn, they made me feel excited to look at them and felt pulled along with your words. The very rich red paint made excellent patterns and little teddy was very smart_except when he ate too many buns. Poor teddy.
I love the busby fingerprints. My father was in the Scots Guards and wore a busby. He said they were quite heavy and smelled terrible in the rain. They're artificial fibres these days of course. and much lighter.
I love what you're doing with your journal! ((hugs)) Mo x

Fuzzie Fingers said...

I love the way you take the prompts in the journal and elaborate on them. You are creating such beautiful pages. I think your journal will be the most beautiful 'wrecked' journal ever completed.

Wendy Watson said...

You have so much fun in this journal so I ordered one . . . poor little bear, just water biscuits today I think.

missy k said...

You and teddy had so much fun this week.... so many lovely details to search out and smile at!

Totally inspired, I want to get out my journal and play right now.... instead I must go food shopping.... but later :)

Karen x

Lynn Holland said...

Hi Carolyn
I can see you are having great fun with your journal and I'm having even greater fun following along. Teddy is so lucky having such wonderful adventures
Lynn x x x

Corrine at said...

Great fun in your wrecker journal. Love those blobs of red and the flicks of gold. Cake, send some along. xox

Magpie's Mumblings said...

After looking at these pages I am having a really hard time accepting the 'wreck' part of the equation. By no stretch of the imagination can this be called wrecking!!

Carmen said...

Oh my good grief! I am laying in bed, in the dark, tablet up to my nose, drooling over your images and then scrolling down see the one with the ghostly girl! My heart near shot across the room and there might have been a bit of escapee tiddle!

Calming down. Calming down.