Wednesday, 4 March 2015

a bit soggy ... WOW !!

this week's prompt in the journal was rather soggy

to "splatter" food and use the page as a napkin!
and one that I found quite hard to get my head around
until I decided to "splatter" some "red" foods
I got the page pretty soggy first and then
these are the dried red berries you get in a certain cereal
smeared and adhered ...
spreading the dyes as they softened back to being real fruit pieces

it looks worse than it is ... and a week later it's not gone mouldy
and I'm confident it won't ... so it will be ok in the journal
 I'm still enjoying the journal prompts
but it's been hard to find the time to do more than one spread this week
meanwhile ... I've been wondering how your bundles are going?
I couldn't resist the temptation to take a peek at mine today
there's still another four weeks to go until the opening
but I was surprised at how few insects were inside ... in fact I couldn't see any
just a pretty little green and brown snail that had crawled in for a peep

the bundle is very soggy (we've had lots of rain, sleet and hailstones)
and there is some colour run, image transfer and rust appearing
(no mould, so far, that I could see in the outer layers)
here is my little bundle keeper ...

a pretty little snail in my bundle
and some pretty colour runs and image transfer ...

I promise not to touch it again until 1st April
hope your bundle is looking good!
hope to see you again next Wednesday
for a bit more WOW (wreck on Wednesday)
"Wreck this Journal" with Karen and Mo


Fuzzie Fingers said...

Tut tut! Carolyn. I can't believe you peeked. That was one of the prompts in the journal I was worried about. You dealt with it amazingly. Your page is lovely. I wonder how many journals end up going mouldy.

TwinkleToes2day said...

There is a similar prompt in my journal too that I have been avoiding. You have given me the confidence to think again.

I enjoyed some shots of St Ives on the telly this evening as part of Red Nose Day's 'People's Strictly'. I've never watched it before but I'm glad I did.

Your bundle is looking lovely with those shades of pink and some image transfers. The wee snail is very cute, I wonder if it's a baby one.

Thanks for your comment on my recent pages, I'm glad you like the balloons, I'm quite proud of them.
{{Hugs}} xox

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hmmm - bundle peeking - isn't that against the rules? Oh wait - someone who wrecks a journal IS a rule breaker!!

missy k said...

Naughty naughty!!!! I've not peeked at my bundles yet.... I'm hoping by the time I retrieve them (3!) they will have dried out nicely!!!!!

Love how yours are looking already and relieved to hear no insects or creatures other than the sweet snail (inhabited?) were to be seen :)

I love what you did with your breakfast!!!! I actually chewed a page this week. yuk! Thought I best do it now before the journal gets too yukky.... Yum... pasties from Cornwall we had a few of those :)

Hope you have a great week....

ps I'm in London for the day next Saturday (meeting Woody and his girlfriend) are you up that weekend? x

Karen xxx

Corrine at said...

Yummy red food splatters or the thoughts of food splatters. xox

Julie said...

I've just realised it's only just over a fortnight till 1 April! I havn't peaked at my bundles (halo showing!) and from the outside they don't look as though much is going on but hopefully the rain we've had has got things moving. I might delay opening mine for a week or two as I was late putting it out.