Wednesday, 11 March 2015

partially chewed ... WOW !!

artist bear treads in some paint and makes a complete mess
in the journal this week ...

 so I went with a bit of an art theme
inspired by a beautiful piece of sculpture I saw in a London street
installed on a massive plinth on the pavement
I later discovered the work to be that of artist Emily Young
this is my own photo ... with street background removed
to really highlight the detail and nuances of this wonderful sculpture
 I don't know if this is still in situ ... but I discovered it in the region of
Holland Street, Southwark ... just a street or two away from Tate Modern
I printed up a smaller version for the journal on hand painted paper
dipped in wax and attached to my page with photo corners
you can see the edges of the page are "chewed"
the rings are inspired by a Barbara Hepworth sculpture
I am very lucky that I live near Tate's Barbara Hepworth Studio
to visit when I like and enjoy the many installations dotted around St. Ives
I included a photo of Barbara Hepworth in her studio
and one of her installations ... both waxed
one of them pre-printed with lace and red ink
you can see (higher up) the edges of the page have been "chewed"
but not swallowed !
it was rather yuk I have to say!
but I put the little pieces of paper in a little bag
and stitched it to the journal page
"partially chewed"
 my next pages are collaged with some royal stamps, the Post Office tower
and a map of Southwark (a borough of London) where we stayed in February 2013
we stayed in Great Suffolk Street which was very handy
for Tate Modern, the Millennium bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral
we visited St. Paul's ...

I love the lacy plane trees all around London
and the winter birch trees at Tate Modern
I've only just really begun to go through my London photos
I'm going to get some printed up and pop them in my book
with personal notes and memoirs
yes ... I am enjoying the journal project
and revisiting my old London stuff
and so pleased that I am visiting London again soon ♥


TwinkleToes2day said...

More fabulous pages Carolyn; they are all a lot of fun. Did you really chew that page?!
I love your waxed images, I love the feel of them - very silky. I would love to hear about the process for doing that if you ever have time.
I hope your week is going well and "the house is coming along nicely thank you"
Love n hugs
Mo xox

missy k said...

Amazing pages and photographs.

Stunned by the Emily Young sculpture... it's really impactful. I love the effect of the face pulling itself from the stone.

Inspired by the photo dipping in wax!

Making me what to break out my melt pot!

I chewed a page too (a bit bigger than your bit!!!) - it did not taste good! I've not done anything with it yet ha - I'm still digesting!) it is in my growing 'WOW' pile on my desk!!!!

London was great last weekend in the sunshine.... went up to meet Woody's new girlfriend (she's lovely!).

Enjoy your London break :)

Karen x

Angie Willis said...

Your photos are lovely Carolyn. I especially love St Paul’s seen through the beautiful branches and the silver birches at Tate.

Corrine at said...

Lovely,and fun pages. Hepworth was a marvel wasn't she. xox

Fuzzie Fingers said...

Chewed pages? Rather you than me. This journal is getting more unhygienic with every page. Lol! I love what you did with the Barbara Hepworth photo.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I must say that the very least the publisher of that book could have done would be to make that page taste like peppermint (or, even better, chocolate). Fun!!

Julie said...

OK, I don't think I would have chewed the page so well done for doing the job properly (proper job!). I've thoroughly enjoyed your London photographs and the sculpture is impressive. Enjoy your new London break.

Caterina Giglio said...

very happy to see you having such a great time in your journal, looks like you are breaking through barriers and opening to new possibilities... xoxo